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Exnora Travel Simply City

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Exnora Travel Simply City. Simple solutions for our city Fighting climate change series 2008. Simply City. Simply Walk Simply Cycle Simply Ride Simply Share Lead a better life - Simply. What’s going up. Oil price Number of vehicles on road Drivers honking

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exnora travel simply city

Exnora Travel SimplyCity

Simple solutions for our city

Fighting climate change series 2008

simply city
Simply City
  • Simply Walk
  • Simply Cycle
  • Simply Ride
  • Simply Share
  • Lead a better life - Simply
what s going up
What’s going up
  • Oil price
  • Number of vehicles on road
  • Drivers honking
  • Distance from home to work and leisure
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
what s going down
What’s going down
  • Speed of travel
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Health
  • Quality of life
  • Productivity and personal time
world s worst roads
World’s worst roads
  • Nearly one lakh people killed in accidents annually
  • About 15 times that many people seriously injured
  • Deaths per 10,000 vehicles in India: 14
  • Deaths per 10,000 vehicles in developed world: 2
reclaim the public space

Reclaim the public space

Cities and towns are for people

simply don t go
Simply Don’t Go !!
  • The first principle of “ExNoRa Transport SimplyCity is “Avoid unnecessary trips & travels”.
  • Don’t go out unless it is really necessary.
  • Today many things can be done from where you are, through e mail, telephone, mobile, SMS, instant messages, etc.
  • You can conduct meetings through Conference telephone calls , Video conferencing & discuss via e groups
simply walk
Simply Walk
  • Walk for work
  • Walk for pleasure
  • Walk for health
  • Walk to shop
  • Walk to claim your space
  • If you still won’t, you will lose your claim
rediscover pedal power
Rediscover pedal power
  • From Paris to Washington, Melbourne to Mumbai, bicycles are coming back in a new avatar.
  • This rental cycle scheme is in Washington.
  • Note the rider’s helmet.
safety remains a major issue
Safety remains a major issue
  • Cycling is green, but is risky at present in many places.
  • The Government has committed to improve safety under the National Urban Transport Policy.
  • Not much action yet.
  • Organise cyclists & demand space for cycles & cycle lanes.
simply ride
Simply Ride
  • Share your car
  • Offer a ride
  • Try to create Ride Matches at your office or educational institution
  • If you are in IT, write Ride Match software
  • Use SMS, Email & Community Net Works like Facebook, Orkut & ExNoRa and the Net to bring riders together
simply ride the bus or train
Simply Ride – the bus, or train
  • Ride the bus or train
  • Buy a monthly pass
  • Demand better buses and trains
  • Demand punctual and improved service
  • Demand courteous behaviour from crew
  • Demand expansion of public transport
  • Good public transport is your RIGHT
simply ride14
Bus passes help you take most buses

Avoid the hassles of buying tickets on board

Enjoy the convenience of hopping buses

Save time

Spend travel time usefully by reading a book

Train passes can be bought on any day for a full month or quarter

Second and First class passes are possible

Offers a cheaper option for many

Simply Ride
  • Walk Chennai
  • Cycle Chennai
  • Ride Chennai
  • Share Chennai
  • Green Chennai
  • Clean Chennai

People in other cities replace Chennai with your city’s name , like Mumbai, Kolkutta , Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore , Trivandrum, Jiapur, Lucknow, Bhuvaneshawar,Goa, Bhopal, Ahmedabad etc.

exnora travel simplycity chapter
‘ExNoRa Travel SimplyCity’ Chapter

Form ‘ExNoRa Travel SimplyCity’ Chapter in

Your Office, Flat & Street*

and create

‘ExNoRa Travel SimplyCity Coalition’

for the whole town


Facilitate networking between the various chapters

Students: Form

‘Student ExNoRa Travel SimplyCity’ Student Chapter

in your School & College

and create

‘Student ExNoRa Travel SimplyCity Coalition’

for the whole town


Facilitate networking between the various chapters

exnora simply city

Exnora SimplyCity

It’s our city

It’s our life

Contact: save.earth.exnora@gmail.com

India 044 42193596 & 044 24759477

other wings
Other Wings
  • Walkers Exnora
  • Cyclists Exnora
important websites
Important websites

Visit & Browse

  • www.88888.co.in
  • www.homeexnora.org
  • www.neerexnora.com
  • www.exnorainternational.org
  • www.safetyexnora.org

Important websites

Visit & Browse all these ExNoRa websites

  • www.homeexnora.org
  • www.99999.co.in
  • www.exnorainternational.org
  • www.neerexnora.com
  • www.safetyexnora.org
  • www.templeexnora.org
  • www.churchexnora
  • www.mosqueexnora.org
  • www.88888.co.in


www.5thpillar.org (Anticorruption movement)


ExNoRa International

098400 34900, 044 4213596, 24759477