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Lotus and Beliefs

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Lotus and Beliefs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lotus and Beliefs Lotus and Beliefs In India Lotus and Beliefs Vishnu In India, the Lotus also represents birth. Vishnu puts forth from his body a single giant navel on which Brahma, the lotus-born Creator is seated. This lotus has 1,000 golden petals from which mountains

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Lotus and Beliefs


In India, the Lotus also represents

birth. Vishnu puts forth from his

body a single giant navel on which

Brahma, the lotus-born Creator

is seated.

This lotus has 1,000 golden petals from which mountains

rise and waters flow.


Lotus and Beliefs

The Hindo Goddess Laxmi

The Hindu goddess Laxmi, is also called

Padma, Kamia and Kamalasana, all names

for the lotus. She emerged from a lotus

which sprang from Vishnu's forehead.

Vishnu himself is pictured holding a conch,

a wheel, a mace and a lotus in his four hands.


Lotus and Beliefs

Lotus Goddess

A statue unearthed at Mohenjo-Daro

showing a wide-hipped goddess,

lifting her breasts with her hands

and wearing lotus blossoms in her



Lotus and Beliefs


Legend says that when the

Buddha was born, he walked

seven steps in ten directions and

with each step a lotus flower

appeared. Look closely at the

soles of his feet when you see

a statue of Buddha — you may

see the imprint of the lotus.


Lotus and Beliefs

In China,the lotus was honored as the plant

of summer. One of the eight immortals holds

a lotus, the "flower of open-heartedness" or

a lotus-pod wand. It was an emblem of purity,

fruitfulness and creative power.


Lotus and Beliefs

The Buddhist sutras believe that the lotus has

four virtues: scent, purity, softness and loveliness.


Lotus and Beliefs

In China, the envelopes given to the family

at a funeral are impressed with the outline

of a lotus. And in rural areas, people still burn

incense to the Spirit of the Lotus.


Lotus and Beliefs

In Chinese Buddhism, the lotus became a symbol

of purity. "Bathing in the clear water of the spiritual

pond, the lotus' roots dig deep into the soil." It

represented being able to distance oneself from



Lotus and Beliefs

The lotus became a popular symbol in Chinese

folk custom. Pictures showing fat dancing babies

holding lotus leaves or flowers are purchased in

the hope that people will give birth to several

boys in succession. And since lotus leaves protect

the goldfish under them, the lotus also symbolizes

abundance year after year.


Lotus and Beliefs


The lotus was an important

symbol in Egypt.It was

associated with the sun

because it opens in the

morning and closes at night.

Horus, the sun-god was often

depicted sitting on a lotus.


Lotus and Beliefs

The lotus was also the flower of resurrection,

used in funeral rites and depicted on tombs.

Mourners would pray that the deceased would

have the chance to bloom again, "like a water

lily reopening."


Lotus and Beliefs

The water lily appears all over the tomb of King

Tutan-kamen which was built in 1361 BC. Water

lilies adorn the tops of columns. The oar King Tut

is using to row to the land of rebirth is made in the

image of a half-open water lily.


Lotus and Beliefs

A beautiful woman who resembles Cleopatra

offers the water lily she holds in her to another

woman to sniff.


Lotus and Beliefs

In North America


Lotus and Beliefs

In North America. A Star Maiden came down

from the night sky and wanted to live with the

Dakota. The chief, Red Strawberry Man, sent

his son with the maiden to

consult the tribe's advisor

who lived across the lake.

While rowing across the lake

in the darkness, the son's canoe

hit a log and the Star Maiden

tumbled into the waters. In the

morning, the first yellow water lily

appeared at the same spot.