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  1. Beliefs Write a sentence that articulates your beliefs about providing your SPED students with FAPE. Write a sentence that articulates Leona’s beliefs about providing SPED students with FAPE. Post your “sticky” by emailing: Or visiting this link:

  2. TLG Belief To honor the ‘whole child’, all students have the opportunity to learn grade-level standards in the least restrictive environment through IEP directed accommodations and modifications, general and specialized instruction, school-wide interventions, and individualized support.

  3. RtI and SPED

  4. Your SPED Coordinator • Who is your SPED coordinator? • How frequently do you collaborate with your SPED coordinator about instructional issues? • What role does your SPED coordinator play in scheduling? • How does your SPED coordinator monitor grades for SPED students throughout the block?

  5. You and SPED • What role do you currently play in supporting SPED scheduling? • What role do you currently play in supporting teachers with SPED modifications? • What role do you play in supporting teachers with grading SPED students? • Should you play a role in scheduling SPED students? • Should you play a role in supporting teachers in making modifications for SPED students? • Should you support teachers in grading their SPED students?

  6. SPED students • What does the pass/fail rate for SPED students look like on your campus? • How are SPED students graded and monitored throughout the block? • How do SPED students engage with CBE? • How are SPED students scheduled? • What specific challenges do your SPED students encounter with math?

  7. SPED and AIMS • Do SPED students count for AMO? • Do SPED students count for growth calculations? • Does a SPED student need to pass AIMS to graduate?

  8. The Situation Room… Javier is a 10th grader with an IEP for a learning disability in the area of reading. He is currently taking Algebra 1B. The teacher approaches you in Week 8 to discuss giving Javier a “P” for an elective class in lieu of a letter grade for math and requests to have Javier placed in Algebra 1B for the subsequent term.

  9. The Situation Room… Jessica is an 11th grader with 2 credits. When you administer the Galileo Reading Benchmark she earns a score of 24%. An English teacher approaches you to discuss a SPED referral for Jessica. Jessica is currently earning a 16% in her class and was identified by STAR as reading at a 3.8 grade equivalent.

  10. The Situation Room… Alex took Algebra 1A last block. He had perfect attendance, turned in all of his work, but only earned a 56%. Alex is in your office requesting a schedule change from his re-placement in Algebra 1A with the same teacher. His other classes include English 9B, World History A, and PE.

  11. If you have questions… Heidi Sinkovic 480-209-2314 Please complete the survey: