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Study Spanish online - Free Spanish lessons PowerPoint Presentation
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Study Spanish online - Free Spanish lessons

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Study Spanish online - Free Spanish lessons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Spanish Institute is a highly regarded Spanish Language School specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture through a 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 or 24 week Intensive Immersion program in Mexico. Explore our website for more details.

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Online language courses are affordable and easy to learn. As you all know that in this age, the World Wide Web is playing a great role to enhance your Spanish immersion and boost your dialect. Visit a language course tutorial online that are free. Registered yourself to one such website with your email and on a daily basis you will get email related to Spanish language learning.


Carefully following the steps suggested in the email sent by the service provider will enhance your language ability. Today, thousands of students, business professionals and housewives are getting involved in language learning course online.

  • Most of them have found great results in their speaking and writing capacity within few months. You can start this great method and can learn different Spanish dialects and can become better than native Spanish speakers.
  • Learn Spanishas much as you can and try to communicate with Spanish citizens who can help to correct your learning method. You can also take a private tuition and soon you will find great changes in your speaking ability and communication.

Study Spanish:

The Institute is constantly upgraded with the latest in teaching equipment and materials, as well as, state of the art facilities. The Spanish Institute of Puebla is also strategically placed within walking distance of most of the tourist attractions of Puebla including: The Catedral, The Zócalo [main plaza], the Theater, the market, many museums, many colonial Churches, the library, the Post Office, and many restaurants and cafes.



Our Classrooms are equipped with ergonomic adjustable chairs, large desks, large whiteboards, overhead projectors, fluorescent lighting, WiFi, acoustic walls, etc.


Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab is equipped with Multimedia, with the latest in software packages; programs ranging from pronunciation practice to vocabulary building. All our computers are connected to the Internet with a T2 connection for research, e-mail, sending photos to your family and friends back home, and updating social network sites.



Our facility has three terraces for relaxing or studying in between, before or after classes. Purified water (at no charge) is available all the time in our facility as well as coffee, refreshments and snacks.


Video / Projection Room

Our video/projection room is equipped with a theatre style audio system as well as a Big Screen TV. The room is used for special presentations and for classroom viewing of videos or movies. We also have VCR/TV combos and DVD players so students can watch Spanish movies from our wide selection of movies.

Do you want to speak Spanish? The Spanish Institute of Puebla will help you speak Spanish. Based at Puebla in Mexico, it is specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture.
Equipped with the latest teaching methodologies, facilities and experienced professors, it is the only American-owned Spanish Language School. The institute will not only teach you speak Spanish, but you will also learn to think and express yourself in Spanish. You also get the opportunity to live in and visit the culturally rich city of Puebla and its surroundings. So if you wish to speak Spanish.
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