self service portal for your employees using web based applications l.
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Self-Service Portal for your Employees PowerPoint Presentation
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Self-Service Portal for your Employees

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Self-Service Portal for your Employees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Self-Service Portal for your Employees - Using Web Based Applications

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employee self service portal
Employee Self-Service Portal
  • An Employee self service portal based on SharePoint is a technology available as a web based application that allows team members to gain access to their human resources files such as personal records.
  • These virtual tools are becoming more popular with companies as employees become more comfortable using web based applications and businesses look for improved ways to easily manage their human resources needs with new technology.
  • The efficiency of these web applications allow companies to move away from the storage of unnecessary files and instead offer necessary human resources items through a digital form.
employee self service portal3
Employee Self-Service Portal
  • There are a variety of features available to your company through an employee self service portal:
    • Ability for a team member to update their personal information including address, contact details and next of kin.
    • Ability to allow the employee to apply for leave and submit a time off request directly to the management team for approval.
  • Some employee portals even include features which allow team members to update their direct deposit banking information, view payroll records and digital images from both current and past pay periods, assist with career planning and discuss appraisals.
employee self service portal4
Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Benefits to the employees:
      • Better options for communication with the management team.
      • Improved collaboration between employees and departments.
      • Easy access to a variety of human resources documents and files.
  • Employees will appreciate the convenient tools including social networking applications, training items, mobile office capabilities, a comprehensive staff directory and a space to provide employee feedback.
employee self service portal5
Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Finally, employees will appreciate working in a more organized business environment. As well moving from long request processes to a self service portal that will help them with their own request at their own time.
  • The employee self service portal will increase operational productivity, organization and efficiency throughout your organization.
employee self service portal6
Employee Self-Service Portal

Your human resources team will also appreciate the multiple applications and helpful tools that will assist with their daily responsibilities and save time and energy. 

By utilizing a web based employee self service tool, you will empower your team members to take more responsibility for their performance and career development.

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