what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product n.
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Evaluation Question 6 PowerPoint Presentation
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Evaluation Question 6

Evaluation Question 6

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Evaluation Question 6

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  1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

  2. From this project, I have learnt that a lot of time, effort and thought goes into the production and creation of these types of products. There is a very long list of things you need to consider and incorporate into your piece in order for it to be at all successful or professional. Without certain aspects, designs or pieces, the magazine will look very boring, unfitting and never reach your target audience.

  3. In this project, I really had to explore creative programming such as Photoshop and fully understand it’s capabilities and even limitations, although few. I had to be confident and learn to create exactly how I desired. The main programme I had to focus on using was Adobe Photoshop. I used various versions of the programme to create my work, varying from Elements 2.0 to CS5. This shows my confidence in the programming and how I can find my way around even the worst of programmes to create something successful. I first had to play and explore with the most basic of tools such as selection tools, brush and eraser. Without these basic tools, nothing could have been created. I then started exploring better tools such as gradients and learning how to transform images (resize, skew, rotate etc…). This was then followed by playing with layering effects and advanced masking etc. By experimenting with all these tools, I could use the full potential of the programme and make everything I created look very professional and confident. Not only was this programming used to create the main cover etc, it was also used to create more imagery for my whole project (for example, borders for videos, mood boards and diagrams for theories)

  4. Another use of technology in this project was the use of internet media. These were all websites that could host my work in different, effective or ineffective ways. Blogger was the main one at use, as it hosted all of my work (including this very post). It is the place where I hold all of my work and information, leading to many posts and other sources/hosting websites. I was already familiar with the website, as I already hold a blog myself, and is very easy to navigate around. It did prove to be a little difficult when importing/embedding images into the blog, however it could all be sorted with a bit of time and effort. Another use of online media was using the video hosting website YouTube. This famous website is extremely easy to navigate around, although creation and uploading of videos can be a long process so you have to plan sufficiently and be organised. (For example, the 2 process videos I created each took around 3-4 hours to render, upload and process. I do however think YouTube and use of video technology is an extremely useful form of presentation. It’s a very effective method for keeping a viewers attention, if things are moving most of the time. If people are staring at a still screen, their eyes tend to wander out and they may miss important pieces of information. Whereas if you created a moving visual piece to present a piece of week, people’s eyes would be wandering WITH the work they are being presented. Again, I was already aware of YouTube and it’s uses as I used it on a daily basis to run my own YouTube channel, from experience I know it is a very simple hosting site to use.

  5. Some other programmes that were used was Scribd and SlideServe. These 2 programs were used to present documents I created with Microsoft programming such as Word and PowerPoint. These were very useful for if I wanted to upload a piece of work rather than convert everything to plain text and post on Blogger. It also looked a little more interesting. I did however notice flaws with the two hosting sites, especially Scribd. They both distorted the documents quite a lot and for Scribd, it even displaced most of my work, hid text behind pictures and just overall ruined the quality of my documents, which was really frustrating to see on my blog. The only positive I can think of for these sites is the fact it gives me another method of presenting my work, although poorly.

  6. I also found out the, seemingly obvious, fact of how using digital related media (such as Blogger, YouTube and even Facebook) to obtain opinions and data is a much better approach to gather responses and feedback for a product. This is because people prefer to have the option of being anonymous or at least having the option to only give their first name or a nickname. This is so people don't feel uncomfortable if giving negative feedback, which is why people do not like being personally approached in real life. If people are approached in real life and asked to evaluate something in front of the person who made the product, they may feel inclined to only say positive things. Even if asked if there could be any improvements, they may still hesitate on the truth. So, by using comments and feedback from online and other digital media, people are more likely to speak their mind in comfort, without fear of being disliked or pressured.