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Mission Inn. Curriculum Philosophers. Curriculum Philosophers. Architecture. Curriculum Philosophers. Influences. Curriculum Approaches. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. Mission Inn: Architectural Influences. 400. 400. 400. 500. 500. 500.

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    1. Mission Inn Curriculum Philosophers Curriculum Philosophers Architecture Curriculum Philosophers Influences Curriculum Approaches 100 100 100 200 200 200 300 300 300 Mission Inn: Architectural Influences 400 400 400 500 500 500

    2. What was the name of the man who founded the Mission Inn in 1903? Frank Miller Arthur Benton Myron Hunt G. Stanley Wilson

    3. A Frank Miller

    4. What is the name of the circular staircase in the Mission Inn? Spiral staircase Round staircase Rotunda International Atrio International

    5. C Rotunda International

    6. Which of the following is not characteristic of California Mission style architecture, as evidenced in the Mission Inn? Arches Fountains Symmetry Pillars

    7. C Symmetry

    8. Who was not an architect credited with helping to build the Mission Inn? G. Stanley Wilson Myron Hunt Arthur Benton Frank Lloyd Wright

    9. D Frank Lloyd Wright

    10. What is meant by a rendering? A request for money owed A drawing in perspective of a proposed structure A study made in the planning of a structure A circular staircase

    11. B A drawing in perspective of a proposed structure

    12. Which saint is honored with an atrio in the Mission Inn? St. Patrick St. George St. Teresa St. Francis

    13. D St. Francis

    14. What cultural influences are evident in the Mission Inn? Spanish, Islamic, Asian, Arts and Crafts Spanish, Tropical, Asian, Arts and Crafts Spanish, French, German, Arts and Crafts Islamic, Danish, Asian, Arts and Crafts

    15. A Spanish, Islamic, Asian, Arts and Crafts

    16. What is the name of the tower built on Mt. Rubidoux? Friendship Tower Peace Tower Welcome Tower Riverside Tower

    17. B Peace Tower

    18. What cultures were referred to as the basis of California Mission architecture? Mexican and South American American and Canadian Spanish and Roman d. German and French

    19. C Spanish and Roman

    20. Who helped build and work on the California Missions? Californians Spanish soldiers Padres Native Californians

    21. D A Native Californians

    22. What is the definition of a landmark? A prominent identifying feature of a landscape A mark used by an architect to begin the first section of a building The rows of crops made by farmers during planting The boundary lines of a map

    23. A A prominent identifying feature of a landscape

    24. Specific Sites were chosen for the California Missions because of closeness to… Shopping areas for supplies Forts for protection from Native Californians Plenty of water, wood for fires, and fields for grazing herds and raising crops Government office buildings so padres could pay their taxes

    25. C Plenty of water, wood for fires, and fields for grazing herds, and raising crops

    26. What is a primary source? a firsthand or eyewitness account of an event when there is only one source available the first mention of an event information from an encyclopedia

    27. A A firsthand or eyewitness account of an event

    28. How many California Missions are there? 32 21 11 18

    29. B 21

    30. California Mission architecture was not only influenced by the Spanish, but also by the… A. Dutch B. English C. French D. Romans

    31. D Romans