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Metta Centre Address: Dyankuti Vihar, Banepa, Nepal. PowerPoint Presentation
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Metta Centre Address: Dyankuti Vihar, Banepa, Nepal.

Metta Centre Address: Dyankuti Vihar, Banepa, Nepal.

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Metta Centre Address: Dyankuti Vihar, Banepa, Nepal.

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  1. Metta Centre Address: Dyankuti Vihar, Banepa, Nepal. We welcome the affiliation of the Metta Centre to A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace and  hope that the cultural enrichment by  the Director and children of Nepal can be truly reciprocated.

  2. Introduction Nepal is situated between China and India. Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world with nearly half of its population living below the poverty line. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. General Feature of Kathmandu valley: It is the smallest but most unique circular valley commanding an area of about 570 square kilometres. It’s situated at a height of 1340 metres above sea level. Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur are the three districts located within this valley region. Kathmandu, the capital city, forms the urban core of the valley while Patan and Bhaktapur are other sister towns having almost similar functions. The total population of Nepal is approximately 23 million.

  3. Dear All, I have known Piya and his Princesses for several years and have the greatest admiration for their achievements and I have much love for them as people. Currently they are in need of assistance to help them survive. If you feel the cause sufficiently worthy maybe you might consider supporting us. No matter what you might have learned through the media the cost of providing these children with a safe environment is 53UKp a day or $1. Surprised ? Don

  4. Help needed The Metta Center is a non-governmental organisation based in Kathmandu, Nepal that cares for children's education, rights and basic needs.  It was established in 2000 A.D with the objective to provide a home and education to those children who were orphaned poor or very underprivileged. At the beginning the Centre enrolled five children from various parts of the country.  Our establishment allows us now to enrol up to 16 children. Presently there are 12 children aged between 6-14 , who are living in the residential centre. We provide them with a home, clothes, medicine, food and education. Most of the children who came to our children’s home can neither read or write but in 5 years they excel in education .  Looking at the present difficult financial situation we will not able to continue providing  our services in the near future, therefore, we appeal for the kind contribution and donation towards the education fund so that those children can continue their education and to be responsible future citizens.  Piya

  5. Mission To aspire to build a cohesive, resilient and dynamic society for our young charges. We are dedicated to constructing firm foundations in our young so that they can become strong pillars of society. We would like to create socially responsible individuals who play an active part in ensuring he or she will be as self- reliant as possible and will never be a social burden. Such an individual will also play an active role in helping those who are unable to help themselves and who may need assistance.

  6. Specific Goals 1. To provide free education for orphan children and youth. 2. To educate illiterate village community & impoverished women. 3. To establish a group of skilled and creative people to work towards the welfare of society 4. To launch action- oriented programmes in the area of social, cultural and other humanitarian & relief activities.

  7. In Brief -A non-profit making initiative to strengthen and empower the rights of the child. -An independent and non-partisan social movement against child labour. -A commitment in action rather than a charitable organization for the welfare, development and dignity of children, especially those who are without parents. - A community education and empowerment process in order to assist orphan children to become a reliable source of hope for the future.

  8. Vision We aspire to build a strong and united community to abolish poverty and illiteracy so as to achieve happiness, harmony, prosperity and progress in our society. To guide a child who is an inherent component of society for his/ her fundamental human rights by providing free education, health care, love, respect and protection. Areas of Focus Children Development Program Youth Development Program Woman Development Program Community Development Program Cultural, Student, Youth Exchange Program Environmental Program Voluntary Promoting and training Program

  9. Yearly cost for all children (x12) $4320.00 Monthly cost for all children $360.00 Daily cost for all children $12.00c Daily cost per child 1$ 53UKp Makes you think !!!!!!!!!!!!! If you feel that you would like to assist please feel free to e-mail ( N. Ireland) Or ( Nepal )