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The European Tourist Perspective DERTOUR Mr. Kevin Keogh VP Marketing & Sales PowerPoint Presentation
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The European Tourist Perspective DERTOUR Mr. Kevin Keogh VP Marketing & Sales

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The European Tourist Perspective DERTOUR Mr. Kevin Keogh VP Marketing & Sales - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The European Tourist Perspective DERTOUR Mr. Kevin Keogh VP Marketing & Sales. Part one 1. Who is DERTOUR? 2. In which market do we operate? Part two 1. How do we operate? 2. Our Insights. 2. Tour Operators. Travel Agencies. Others. Package Tours mainly shorthaul.

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Part one1. Who is DERTOUR?2. In which market do we operate?Part two1. How do we operate?2. Our Insights



Tour Operators

Travel Agencies


Package Toursmainly shorthaul

Component Toursmainly longhaul

Leisure Travel

Business Travel


Destination Management

- New World Travel - USA/CAN

- DER Viaggi - Italy

- Go Caribic - Dom. Rep.

- Mediterranean Travel Service

E, P, GR, MA. TN, TR, BG

- DER Asia Tours Thailand

- DERTravel Service - Great Brit.

Service agencies

- REWE Touristik Destination Management

- DER Ireland Ltd.

- Tourcontact

- Deutscher Reisering

- Protours


- Prima Urlaub

Tourism Division of the REWE Group


component and longhaul tour operator by products
Component and Longhaul Tour Operator by Products

DERTOUR features individual components which can be combined as requested by the customer:

Hotels - Car rental

Apartments - Mobile homes (RV.)

Round trips - Ferry tickets

Cruises - Rail tickets

Houseboat vacation - Event tickets

Flights - Excursions


Part one1. Who is DERTOUR?2. In which market do we operate?Part two1. How do we operate?2. Our Insights


part two

Part two

How do we operate?

Some facts

Co-operation with Tour Operators

Development of the Activity product

How to achieve growth in mature markets? (product, price, promotion, place)

some facts
Some facts

Market leader for holiday trips into Ireland

Ireland programme for more than 40 years

Long term interest and investmentt in the positive development of Irish tourism

Comprehensiveprogramme including:

air transport, car rental, motor homes

coach tours, car tours

city/resort hotels, guesthouses, B&B‘s, self catering, castles, manor houses

activity programmes (cycling, golfing, Hiking, multi-activity)

inland boat cruising

One, two and three day excursions

Part Two – How do we operate?


co operation with german tour operators
Co-operation with German Tour Operators

long term partnership – (reliability, efficiency) (no one night stands)

accept tour operator conditions



brochure contribution

fair play throughout the year (contracting, operations, sales promotions)

well trained staff (in product management and reservation)

partners must have a good understanding for our needs and market

awareness for and quick reaction to market changes (trends, prices)

Part Two – How do we operate?


the activity product basics

Part Two – How do we operate?

The Activity product: Basics
  • New Products: (combinations) first steps: create and develop a product in dialog, then promote it with the Tour Operator.
  • Type of Activities: – walking, cycling, riding: market niche

(not too unique):

  • Customer Expectations: signposting for activities walking/cycling/riding trails (on streets) at international standards
  • Infrastructure: signposting for places of interest, panorama views on the coasts and other areas
  • Golf: very trendy but Tour Operator conditions not met (net rates, confirmed tee-times.)
  • Access: Airport connections not sufficient, i.e. transfer from/to Dublin often not provided by suppliers
growth in mature markets
Growth in mature markets?

run faster

deliver best value for money (in competing markets)

stiff competition: pressure on rates and margins

 price related focus

run differently

create new products with focus on holiday/destination experience

 product related focus

Part Two – How do we operate?


run faster price
Run faster (price)

value for money and competitive rates:

at any time!

for every distribution channel, i.e. also for tour operators

in the perception of the prospective customer who compares offers carefully, constantly and globally!

Adapt and React to changes quickly

Part Two – How do we operate?


run differently product
Run differently (product)

good products

offer full product range (Transfer) of the region to make it a complete holiday experience (Network)

Huge potential for a wider customer base such as families

maximum flexibility for experienced customers

Product innovation/differentiation

Put focus on destination as a whole, not on one (your) product alone

innovative ideas that help to

put together the intrastructure of a region,

package it to a unique holiday experience

that attracts a broad target group (Soft Adventure)

and hopefully new customers, expanded Customer Base

Part Two – Our insights


run differently product18
Run differently (product)

Past examples of innovative ideas in international tourism

cruising in Ireland

Landrover Tours from Dublin to the North and West of Ireland

(Vagabond Tours)

special offers for specific target groups (kids free)

added values in the region (destination vouchers)

Icehotel in Sweden (Quad and other Tours)

green fee cards for 5+ Golf Clubs together

Ideas for Ireland and its Regions?

package attractions of region (excursions, activities, culture, history)

kids free offers

destination vouchers

commissionable green fee cards

Include Transfers (also from Dublin)

Part Two – Our Insights


action points run differently product
Action points run differently (product)

Clarify, what is it that makes your region (destination) special or unique?

Try to create a package consisting of your product and the most popular tourism services offered in your region

Look for and create new product innovations with regional partners

Network and share Promotion and Sales opportunities, even with competitors

Combination of sightseeing and activities, i.e. acitivities „soft“ + culture „soft“ + scenery

Activities should not be too extraordinary ( group)

Part Two – Our Insights



brochure generates about 92% of total turnover

competitive rates throughout the contracted period

attractive brochure (high quality photographs - emotions, desire)

genuine description

marketing and tactical campaigns to create awareness for Ireland

joint marketing campaigns – in contrast to direct marketing campaigns only -> use TOUR Operators as YOUR distribution channel in Germany

knowledge of markets, local perception, potentials, requirements, target groups)

awareness for and quick reaction to market changes (trends, prices)

positive/important role of Failte Ireland

lack of support of Irish suppliers for joint campaigns!

Part Two – Our Insights




DERTOUR knows Germany

You know Ireland

Let’s put the pieces together!