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Social Studies Internet search center activity Answers

Social Studies Internet search center activity Answers. USA State Flags and Symbols. The bear symbolizes great strength and the star refers to the Lone Star of Texas

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Social Studies Internet search center activity Answers

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  1. Social Studies Internet search center activityAnswers

  2. USA State Flags and Symbols • The bear symbolizes great strength and the star refers to the Lone Star of Texas • The palmetto tree represents Col. William Moultrie’s heroic defense of the palmetto-log fort on Sullivan’s Island against a British fleet attack. • A bison Challenge: 35 Slide 1

  3. Maps and Globes • How a place’s geography has changed over time in relation to its history • A measurement of how far north or south a place is from the equator • Political map Challenge: Answers will vary Slide 2

  4. A Brief History of Jamestown, Virginia • The colonists were “gentlemen adventurers,” who didn’t know how to work and refused to cooperate among themselves and with the natives. • Tobacco • Rebecca Challenge: Find gold, find a route to the South Seas, and find the lost colony of Roanoke Side 3

  5. Liberty Bell Facts • The State House Bell • 86 years old • 1835, while tolling for the funeral of Chief Justice John Marshall Challenge: 2,055 lbs Slide 4

  6. The American Presidents • 1789 – 1797 • He was the first president to die in office after serving only one month. • Supreme commander Challenge: Abraham Lincoln Slide 5

  7. Time Zone Converter • 3:00 A.M.* • 4:35 P.M.* • 8:37 P.M.* Challenge: 5 hours* *While Daylight Saving Time is not in effect. Slide 6

  8. Capitals.com • Nassau • Phnom Penh • Quito • Rome Challenge: 60°30’N, 9°30’W Slide 7

  9. About Daylight Saving Time • Benjamin Franklin first conceived the idea in 1784. • It gives us more hours of daylight and it saves energy. • Hawaii, Arizona, and the Eastern Time Zone portion of Indiana Challenge: Summer time Slide 8

  10. The White House for Kids • Six • President John Adams • 130 guests Challenge: East Room Slide 9

  11. The American Civil War Experience • July 1 to 3, 1863 • On April 9, 1865, Lee surrendered at Appomattox. • Union General William T. Sherman Challenge: Abraham Lincoln Slide 10

  12. Totem Poles: An Exploration • Cedar trees • In Victoria, British Columbia, Canada • It is authentically made by Native Americans and blessed by the elders. Challenge: The expression implies that the low man on the totem pole is the least important or lacks status, but in reality, the most intricate and best-carved figures are placed at the bottom end of the totem pole. Slide 11

  13. The Cherokee Trail of Tears • 800 to 1,000 miles • Through the winter of 1838 • More than 4,000 Challenge: Cherokee rose Slide 12

  14. What is Underwater Archaeology? • They study the past from shipwrecks, as well as sunken dwellings and ports. • A Swedish battle galleon, which sank in 1628 on her maiden voyage • Ship worms, which feed on wooden wrecks, live only in salty water. The Baltic Sea and the Great Lakes have low salinity. Challenge: An amphora is a large ceramic container used until the 16th century to store goods. Slide 13

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