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Metallic Epoxy Pigments PowerPoint Presentation
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Metallic Epoxy Pigments

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Metallic Epoxy Pigments

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Metallic Epoxy Pigments

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  1. The Merits of Epoxy Flooring Epoxy flooring is increasingly gaining popularity due to its durability, low upkeep and alluring look. The epoxy flooring is used in factories, warehouses, laboratories, plants, commercial business, etc. Epoxy flooring was earlier used in the finished basements, kitchens, bathrooms, screened porches, living spaces and so on. In the recent years, homeowners have realized that designer epoxy flooring looks very chic and is a good option to be used on the floors of residential apartments. Apart from the stylish appearance of the epoxy floors, they are long lasting and require low maintenance. There are benefits of choosing the epoxy flooring. Some of the merits of choosing this type of flooring are enumerated below. 1.Long Lasting: The main advantage of using metallic epoxy pigments is that it is durable and is wear resistant. 2.Resistant to Chemicals: This type of flooring is resistant to the corrosive effect of chemicals and thereby makes it a perfect choice to be used as the floor material in plants and warehouses apart from being used in the residential apartments. 3.Protective: This type of coating is also resistant to impact, slippage, fire and so on and thereby protects the employees in a factory or the inmates of a house from accidents. 4.Low Upkeep: When a concrete floor is coated with epoxy coating, it is not porous anymore since the floor is well sealed with the coating. This gives it a smooth finish and makes its upkeep easier. 5.Easy Installation: This type of flooring can be installed easily and thereby the owner of a factory or any facility can cut down on the renovation time and does not suffer loss in his business due to stopping production for floor installation.

  2. 6.Augments Production: This flooring being resistant to wear and tear can ideally be used in warehouses, factories and plants where heavy vehicles are used in transportation. Epoxy flooring permits easy material movement without damaging floors. Thus enhances productivity in business and is very cost-effective in the long run. 7.Alluring Look: Epoxy flooring exhibits a high gloss shine and finish and is available in an array of styles and colors. Choose one according to your taste. 8.Enhances Brightness: Since an epoxy floor coating sports a high gloss finish, it reflects light and thus is suitable to be used in rooms to increase the amount of light in it. 9.Hardy: The epoxy converts into solid polymer, becomes strong and safeguards against breakdown of chemicals. Thus to enjoy the numerous benefits of the epoxy flooring, you can choose it for your garage, basements, house or office floors. Now the polyaspartic garage floor coatings are gaining high popularity and are being considered to be a good alternative for the epoxy floors because of their fast cure rates and the ability of being applied at a temperature range between -30F and 140F. Like epoxy flooring they are also resistant to wear, abrasion and chemical resistance. Despite all the merits of the polyaspartic floor coating, think several times before buying the metallic aspartic floor kits for your garage or basement coating, because of its high price and less durability compared to that of epoxy floor coating.