Different Types Of Epoxy Materials For The Best Looking
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Try our metallic epoxy floor coating system for floors which provide a unique and classy look to your house with best key features and you can also install it easily by yourself with the help of some expert. \n

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Designer metallic epoxy floor coating

Different Types Of Epoxy Materials For The Best Looking


Designer Epoxy Flooring

Prepare to get inspired with our superior quality designer floorings. With immense

experience, we have been satisfying numerous customers worldwide. Our designer

epoxy floor

coating offers you largest collection of attractive and elegant floor coverings.

Working as a global designer epoxy flooring manufacturer in US, we employ highly

proficient people and use efficient quality materials to deliver commendable engineered


Just as our deliverables are robust, so is our pledge to satisfy customer’s needs. Whether it is

your large or small business, your beautiful house or any other place; our lightweight

concrete floorings are elegant for each place. Epoxy Plus is known to be the masters in

flooring. With each perfect deliver, we focus on evolving and creating an astonishing look.


Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Plus metallic floor coating is worth reliable and concrete. It is perfectly blended

epoxy with pearlescent metallic pigment. This metallic epoxy floor coating brings life to

your home, business, cafe or any other place. The perfect metallic fusion is self leveling,

allowing easy application and consistent floor surfaces. The actual application of these floor

coatings is what makes it worth life. With the help of notched squeegee, metal fusion can be

perfectly spread over to create more dynamic metallic effect.

Creative drizzling, blotching or color blending can make out even more creative floors.

Metallic epoxy floor coating is perfect for residential as well as commercial applications,

which can seek maximum attention. These floor coatings are durable, long-lasting and can

even survive tough weather conditions. You can create unique floor coatings with our

complete metallic epoxy floor coating kits.

Designer metallic epoxy floor coating

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings

Our polyaspartic garage floor coating are available in appealing colors and glosses. With

advanced chemical technologies, these garage floorings are UV, chemical and abrasion

resistant. Epoxy Plus’s perfect art formulation allows these floor coatings to be much

stronger than epoxy and also prevent them from fading, yellowing or chalking. We have best

class polyaspartic garage floor coatings that are easy to install, merely in one day. You can

get back to your work the very next day.

Abiding with trendy evolution in technologies, we can apply these polyaspartic garage floor

coatings even in temperature of -20 0C. So, you need not to wait for next summer. Our

polyaspartic floor coatings are not just restricted for garage. You can have wonder looking

and easy to clean coatings on any surface you want.

Metallic Color Pigments

Metallic Color Pigments are wonder effect pigments comprising of mica nano-particles

perfectly mimicking natural and pearlescent look of rocks and stones. These radiant

pigments are blended with epoxy binders. Our metallic color pigments are mixed up with

epoxy to reflect eye catching and shining coatings. Some coatings are even having

astonishing 3D appearance that projects wonderful illusions of swirling rivers, craters and

purling rivers.

Epoxy Plus’s beautiful and stunning coatings are ravishing with high-quality polyurethane

or epoxy resin that makes them more durable. These high-performance metallic pigments

are resistant to oil, chemicals, acids and even UV.