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Question 4

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  1. How did you use new media technologies in the development of your project? Shamilla Simms 5229

  2. Research • In the research phase i used a number of online technologies to accumulate and present my relevant research.

  3. Slideshare • http://www.slideshare.net was a very useful tool which allowed us as a group to combine our research into one power point project and upload to the internet without fuss. It was very easy to use and proved useful on more than one occasion. The tool also allowed us to follow each other to share individual research which was incredibly useful when each person was set a different research task.

  4. Useful websites I used websites such as ‘Grime Daily’ and ‘RuffDiamondz.net’ to gather research about the genre and the artist history, aims and backgrounds to see if there was any useful information which I could use to generate ideas for our music video.

  5. Blog spot • Blog spot played a massive role in the development of my work as it is the social networking site that I used to record all of my work. It proved incredibly useful and easy to use as blog spot automatically saves work every two minutes making computer crashes irrelevant and didn’t hinder the working progress. • Blog spot was also useful as a platform to get peers to look at my work and videos to respond and help with criticism in the working progress.

  6. Microsoft word (version for macos x) • Microsoft word was far more efficient as a way of noting information and taking down research which we had found spontaneously and needed to record it somewhere we knew it wouldn’t get mixed up with other papers or go missing. As a competent microsoft windows user, transferring to the macos x version was pretty straight forward but nevertheless a vital tool.

  7. Construction • During the construction phase of working we used more specialist software and began using technologies we weren’t as familiar with to produce and construct our music video and ancillary tasks.

  8. Apple iMac • I was already pretty confident in using the mac computers as i had come to grips with them when producing my AS media project. However, this time around we encountered a number of issues with the mac computers and found that they weren’t as reliant as we had first found as we were continuously losing work and falling victim to the errors in technology.

  9. Photoshop • Photoshop was used to put together the ancillary tasks, including the poster and the digi-pack where images needed to be put together to create a one piece. Personally, i wasn’t heavily involved with the direct use of photo shop but was involved in making decisions on what it should look like. I became confident using photo shop in AS work and was not assigned a role which involved me directly using the software.

  10. Final cut pro / iMovie • We used iMovie when developing the pop video and quickly became very fluent in the editing, adding and removing sound and inserting audio so we decided to go a step further and explore the technologies available a bit more and began editing using final cut pro however this proved slightly difficult for us and took up a lot of time. As we were continually losing work we wanted to complete in the most time efficient way possible which proved, wasn’t to use final cut pro.

  11. Samsung HD digital camcorder • For our screen tests and location shots we used a Samsung HD video recorder which was very easy to use but for some reason was difficult to upload straight to iMovie as they weren’t compatible with the software. We had to upload it the footage onto iPhoto then convert the file to quick time and import to iMovie, this proved very time consuming so we looked for an alternative.

  12. iPhone 4s • After having the problems with uploading, we decided to use my iphone as it had a HD video recording camera on it which was a lot easier to use with the apple mac as they worked together in sync very easily. We found that the iphone had a better camera than the digitial video recorder as the lighting that the camera gave was a lot better.

  13. Canon E400d • When taking the pictures for the dig-ipack and stills for the poster, we used a canon camera which i had and have been very familiar with using for a number of years. Using a Digital SLR camera ensured that our photos came out as high quality and professional looking as possible.

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