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Midterm Question 4

Midterm Question 4. t 0. t 1. SuperFrame. medium busy. PIFS. SIFS. SIFS. D 1. D 2. point coordinator. SIFS. SIFS. U 1. U 2. wireless stations. stations‘ NAV. NAV. DFWMAC-PCF I. t 2. t 3. t 4. PIFS. SIFS. D 3. D 4. CF end. point coordinator. SIFS. U 4. wireless

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Midterm Question 4

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  1. Midterm Question 4

  2. t0 t1 SuperFrame medium busy PIFS SIFS SIFS D1 D2 point coordinator SIFS SIFS U1 U2 wireless stations stations‘ NAV NAV DFWMAC-PCF I

  3. t2 t3 t4 PIFS SIFS D3 D4 CFend point coordinator SIFS U4 wireless stations stations‘ NAV NAV contention free period t contention period DFWMAC-PCF II If only PCF is used and polling is distributed evenly, the bandwidth is also distributed evenly among all polled nodes.

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