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How Office 365 increases productivity PowerPoint Presentation
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How Office 365 increases productivity

How Office 365 increases productivity

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How Office 365 increases productivity

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  1. How Office 365 increases productivity SBASE TECHNOLOGIES

  2. Office 365 from tech giant Microsoft is the cloud version of traditional Microsoft’s office applications and of other productivity services. The services from the company offer a wide range of options that are more suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that leverage the profitability and productivity. In today’s tech world where competition exists at its peak, cloud-based solutions have become the primary option to run any business for rapid growth. The services of cloud such as Office 365 assist entrepreneurs to be accessible to their business from anywhere and provide sufficient competitive edge in the IT industry.

  3. Either it’s merely checking an email on a smartphone or sharing documents over laptops, Office 365 enables to be in touch with the business from any remote area just on an Internet connectivity. The real competitive advantages come from how well the entrepreneurs and employees made use of Office 365 in their working environment.

  4. Here are some remarkable features of Microsoft’s Office 365 to increase the productivity of the business:

  5. Microsoft Online Exchange: Microsoft online exchange drastically increases the range of accessing all the emails, contacts, and calendars. Users can access all the business related emails, manage contact details and can share schedule information from anywhere around the globe using a desktop, laptop or any other smart devices such as smartphone and tab. The Office 365 concentrates completely on business critical information and makes it accessible from everywhere with the internet enabled smart devices.

  6. Skype for Business: Using Skype always stay connected with the employees, colleagues, and clients from any rural location. Microsoft Skype for business makes it possible to carry out project meetings with the clients and employees regardless the location where they are. These meetings can be held in many forms like PC-to-PC calling, web conferencing, and in another form which connects with clients and allows sharing documents, messages, and screen.

  7. SharePoint and OneDrive for Business: Using this feature, users can upload files, can create documents and share those with the colleagues and clients from anywhere. It not only supports uploading and storing documents but also facilitate in editing documents on the go. These files are programmed to sync automatically so that the user not only see an up-to-date document but also share the editing of errors with colleagues and work with them from anywhere.

  8. Switching your business from the existing environment to an off-site environment might not be an easy task to do or an easy decision to make, but Office 365 offers many affordable and mix-to-match subscription plans. These plans allow in migrating few business resources on a cloud so as to explore the benefits of the Office 365.