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Tips to Maximize the Conversion Rate of your PPC Campaign

This ppt file reveals important tips to increase the conversion rate of your campaign. It is presented by http://www.ppcadsmanagement.com

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Tips to Maximize the Conversion Rate of your PPC Campaign

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  1. Tips to Maximize the Conversion Rate of your PPC Campaign By www.ppcadsmanagement.com

  2. Pay Per Click Advertising Pay per click advertising is a popular technique to enhance your business online. The success of your campaign is measured with the help of a relevant metric named ‘conversion’. Conversion rate gives you the actual measure of the visitors that are converted into consumers i.e. the number of leads you are getting from your campaign. Once you have set up your campaign you need keep track of each and every metrics of your campaign. Proper monitoring and testing will help you to maximize your conversion rate and ROI.

  3. Here you will get some tactics which you might follow to maximize your conversion rate: Make Use of Long Tail Keywords Long tail keywords are three to four word phrases which are most effective for increasing the conversion rate. This type of keywords brings only targeted traffic to your landing pages. Make use of high intent words along with your long tail keywords so that it can fulfill your objectives.

  4. Don’t Ignore Negative Keywords It is an effective way to stop receiving irrelevant clicks. It will filter out irrelevant traffic and sends on only target visitors into landing page and thereby increasing your conversion rate. Suppose if your are providing paid services then you can add ‘free’ as your negative keyword.

  5. Specify Your Desired Location Specify the location where you want your advertisement to get displayed. Geo-targeting provides you the option to select the desired location. It is another opportunity to check irrelevant traffic.

  6. Write an Appealing Ad Copy If you are giving any kind offers then you may highlight it in your adcopyto grasp the attention of the visitors. Try to make the text interesting so that it can insist your visitors to enter into your landing page.

  7. Create Separate Landing Page for Each Ad Group Don’t make your home page as your landing page. Create user-friendly landing page with relevant content. Don’t confuse your visitors, try to keep all the promises which you have made into ad copy.

  8. Keep Track of Your Quality Score If you are maintaining Google AdWords pay per click then the performance of campaign is measured in terms of Quality Score. You need to keep track of the Quality score of all keywords because the position of your advertisement depends on this dynamic variable. Remember that Google always wants to display the best to their users so you need to maintain the overall quality of your campaign to get the maximum profit from it.

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