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7 Effective Metrics of a PPC Ad Campaign

This ppt describes about seven relevant metrics of a pay per click ad campaign. It is presented by http://www.ppcadsmanagement.com/

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7 Effective Metrics of a PPC Ad Campaign

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  1. 7 Effective Metrics of a PPC Ad Campaign By www.ppcadsmanagement.com

  2. Introduction If you are a newcomer in the field of internet marketing, then it's necessary to understand each and every metric of a PPC ad campaign. To make maximum utilization of your campaign for enhancing your business and sales you need to pay equal attention to each metric of your campaign. The upcoming slides contain details of relevant metrics of a campaign.

  3. Click-Through Rate(CTR) CTR stand for click-through rate. It is the ratio of number of clicks by the number of times it has been displayed. It is expressed in percentage. If a CTR of an advertisement is 6%, then it reveals that for every 100 impressions, there are 6 clicks.

  4. Conversion Rate Conversion rate gives you a measurement of how many visitors have ended up by taking meaningful actions. It is the rate of conversion of traffic into buyers.

  5. Quality Score To improve the search result for their users Google have introduced a dynamic variable to maintain the relevance between the ad, landing page and keywords used. It is measured within 1 to 10. Google rewards those advertisers who have succeeded to maintain all the parameters successfully.

  6. Wasted Spend It gives you the measure of how much money you have wasted in per click that don't covert. If you want to prevent your advertising dollars from being wasted then you should make use of negative keywords. It is an effective way to check irrelevant traffic from your business and sends only potential customers. It improves the conversion rate.

  7. Cost Per Conversion The value of cost per conversion is really important for deciding the success or failure of your campaign. It is calculated by dividing total advertising cost by the number of conversions.

  8. Impression Share It gives you the measurement of how often your ads get displayed when someone searches for your keywords. For example an Impression Share of 50% reveals that for every 100 searches, your ad get displayed 50 times.

  9. Bounce Rate Your bounce rate reveals the relevance of your ad with your landing page. Lower bounce rate is usually great for your ad campaign. If your ad and landing page is capable enough to fulfill the demands of your audience then you surely achieve a low bounce rate.

  10. The expert pay per click consultants need to work hard on each and every metric of an ad campaign to meet the growing demands of their clients. They should keep themselves involved in constant research work and thus try in every possible way to enhance their client's business and sales.

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