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THE PRESIDENTS. William Taft Teddie Roosevelt Woodrow Wilson. William Taft/Early life. Born September 15, 1859 At age of eighteen, met future wife Taft attended Yale college Married Helen Herron in 1886 Met Roosevelt in 1898 Was overweight all his life. William Taft/political life.

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the presidents


William Taft

Teddie Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson

william taft early life
William Taft/Early life
  • Born September 15, 1859
  • At age of eighteen, met future wife
  • Taft attended Yale college
  • Married Helen Herron in 1886
  • Met Roosevelt in 1898
  • Was overweight all his life
william taft political life
William Taft/political life
  • He was a chosen successor of Theodore Roosevelt
  • He was to carry out Roosevelt’s policies and enforce them to the same extent that Roosevelt did.
  • Although he resented to be the president, his anger towards Roosevelt caused him to run for the 1912 election
  • He once got stuck in the bathtub during presidency.
theodore roosevelt political life
Theodore Roosevelt/Political life
  • Assistant secretary of the navy
  • Vice President for McKinley
  • Presidency from 1901 through to 1909
  • Regulation of industry
  • The square deal
  • The square deal was his terms for the regulation of industry
  • He was the youngest president to take office in the nations history in 1901 at the age of 43
theodore roosevelt private life
Theodore Roosevelt/private life
  • At age 22, Roosev elt married his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee on October 27, 1880- She died exactly 4 years later
  • In 1886, Roosevelt remarried to his childhood sweetheart, Edith Kermit Carow
  • He was also part of the freemason society
  • He was an extremely work orientated man, and he sought what he called “The strenuous life”
  • He took up boxing, running, tennis, hiking, polo, horseback riding, jujutsu and skinny dipping in the Potomac river during the winter
  • Roosevelt was slightly blind in one eye, because of a boxing match that detached his left retina
  • He read on average, several books a day
theodore roosevelt prepresidency
Theodore Roosevelt/prepresidency
  • Born New York City, October 27, 1858
  • Home schooled by Parents and Paid teachers alll his life
  • Was deficient in math, Greek, and Latin.
  • Matriculated at Harvard College in 1876
  • He graduated Magna Cum Laude.
  • His father’s death in 1878 was a major blow to him and he revamped his educational efforts and did well in, Biology, and was already an accomplished naturalist and published ornithologist
  • An ornithologist does research on birds
woodrow wilson political life
Woodrow Wilson/political life
  • Was the 28th president of the united states
  • Democratic
  • Designed the Federal Reserve Program
  • Reelected in 1916
  • Second election focused on World War 1
woodrow wilson political life continued
Woodrow Wilson/political life Continued
  • Created the Espionage Act of 1917
  • Created Federal Farm act 1916 which allowed farmers to borrow 50% of land value and 20% of improvements
woodrow wilson private life
Woodrow Wilson/ Private life
  • He stood 5’11
  • Was 175-185 pounds
  • Had blue eyes and brown hair
  • Had bad teeth
  • Born in Staunton Virginia, in 1856
  • He was thought to have a slight touch of dyslexia
  • Married twice to Ellen Axson Wilson and then to Edith Galt Wilson
  • He was the chosen president for the 100000 dollar bill. The bill never went into circulation.
  • He was born on December 28, 1856
  • Died February 3, 1924
woodrow wilson prepresidency
Woodrow Wilson/Prepresidency
  • Spent the majority of his childhood up to age 14 in Augusta, Georgia
  • Graduated Princeton College in 1879
  • Later that year he began attending university of Virginia for law school (1879)
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  • Worlie and Ragels Museum of History, Conde High School, District 56-1, 57434, 130 SW 3rd St. Conde, South Dakota.
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