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PowerFAIDS User Group. Troy Davis The College Of The Elms Nicholas Zinser Northeastern University. Agenda. Welcome & Introductions Current & Upcoming Releases Direct Loans & PowerFAIDS Contacts & Support. Welcome & Introductions. Introductions Name Institution

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powerfaids user group

PowerFAIDS User Group

Troy Davis

The College Of The Elms

Nicholas Zinser

Northeastern University

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Current & Upcoming Releases
  • Direct Loans & PowerFAIDS
  • Contacts & Support
welcome introductions
Welcome & Introductions
  • Introductions
    • Name
    • Institution
    • #1 question you want answered today
current powerfaids release
Current PowerFAIDS Release
  • The current PowerFAIDS release is 14.3A
    • Fixes significant problems found in the 14.3 release
      • Direct Loan processing issues resolved
        • Default Overpay Tag
        • No $0 disbursements included
        • Fixed an issue with previously disbursed funds disbursing again
      • Fixed Web Response files allowing them to be imported again
  • Any issues with 14.3A so far?
powerfaids 15 0
PowerFAIDS 15.0
  • Scheduled to be released this month
  • Normal upgrades included
    • Parameter Roll Forward / 2010-2011 Award Year Support
    • PROFILE Import / IM Need Analysis
  • Changes to PROFILE are big this year
    • PROFILE files are now XML based rather than a flat file
    • Support for International PROFILE has been included
powerfaids 15 06
PowerFAIDS 15.0
  • Beta testing
    • Client-side beta testing will begin shortly
    • If you can assist, it helps the PowerFAIDS staff
      • Contact powerfaids@collegeboard.org
    • Beta-testing involves the following
      • Upgrade your test database to 15.0
      • Upgrade to 15.0 on one client PC
      • Perform a series of processing steps (Parm Roll, PROFILE Import, IM Need Analysis, etc.)
      • Report back to PowerFAIDS with your results
      • 48 hour turnaround
powerfaids 15 07
PowerFAIDS 15.0
  • Beta testing is an important part of the release process
    • Allows for “real world” environments to show potential issues in the software
    • Gives the end user an idea of how the new release will perform
  • Northeastern has been involved in beta testing for nearly 2 years
    • Huge help in identifying performance issues and testing functionality
    • Not a large commitment of staff time
    • Limited to the small testing audience on staff
direct loan processing
Direct Loan Processing
  • Pop Quiz!
    • How many users are currently using PowerFAIDS to process Direct Loans?
      • How many are using the flat file to EDExpress?
      • How many are using the COD XML file process?
    • How many users will transition for 2010-2011?
      • When would you begin that transition?
    • How many users are hoping that FFELP will remain in some form after Congress reviews the bill?
direct loan processing9
Direct Loan Processing
  • Focus on supporting DL in some for in 2009-2010
    • Could give you time to work with a sample population
      • New students for Spring term
      • Part-Time students
    • Use this as a foundation to build best practices for the upcoming year
      • Coordinate G5drawdowns with your business office
      • Refine your selection sets for disbursements to match DL
        • Northeastern has gone through 5 versions!
      • Determine your cash management and recon-

ciliation practice

direct loan processing10
Direct Loan Processing
  • PowerFAIDS summarized their upcoming DL plans last week in an e-mail to the forum
  • They will continue to support both the flat file and XML formats for the upcoming year (15.x cycle)
    • The goal is to eventually offer only the XML option
      • If you currently use the flat file, have you thought about making the transition to XML?
  • FDSLP response files contain a lot of data which updates PowerFAIDS
    • Loan information
    • Promissory Note data
    • Credit decisions
direct loan processing11
Direct Loan Processing
  • A new file type has been enabled for import
    • Credit Override (CRCO) files can now be imported
      • Begin the COD import process as normal
      • Switch to “All Files” in the browsing window to see the CRCO files
      • Load as a normal response file
direct loan processing12
Direct Loan Processing
  • PowerFAIDS 15.1 DL Release enhancements
    • Enhanced reconciliation tools
      • Load COD SAS files back to 2008-2009
      • Load Reconciliation File for 2010-2011 onward
    • New view in the Student module to compare deposits
      • What you have processed with COD
      • SAS file data (what has returned from COD)
      • Disbursements from PF to the Business Office
      • What the Business Office has on their system
    • DL Net Disbursements will be fixed
      • Option to continue sending the gross amount will be


    • New mnemonics to track data changes through the

entire process

direct loan processing13
Direct Loan Processing
  • PowerFAIDS 15.2 Release enhancements
    • COD will upgrade their XML schema again this Spring
      • New version will be 3.0c
    • All COD files will have to be processed using 3.0c
      • Not just DL – Pell, ACG, SMART, etc.
    • Enables DL origination & disbursement for 2010-2011 and 2009-2010 using the 3.0c schema
      • 2010-2011 Processing will not be available prior to 15.2
direct loan processing14
Direct Loan Processing
  • PowerFAIDS 15.3 Release enhancements
    • Import COD SAS files for 2010-2011
    • Standard reports to support DL reconciliation
    • DL Net Disbursement Anticipated Aid Extract
      • Can be used by the Business Office to plan for upcoming G5 drawdowns
    • Import Booking Notice (CRBN) files
    • Support for DL Rebuild File (2009-2010 and later)
    • But wait…there’s more…
direct loan processing15
Direct Loan Processing
  • PowerFAIDS 15.3 Release enhancements
    • Support for Promissiory Note (CRPN) files!
      • New staging table where you can load MPNs
      • Load MPNs to student records – even when no loan is packaged
        • Matching criteria will be set to process this data
    • COD is changing MPN processing in mid-2010 to support borrower-initiated PLUS & Graduate PLUS loans
      • Limited information is available
      • PowerFAIDS is pushing back MPN solutions until

that new process is in place

direct loans
Direct Loans
  • Open discussion
direct loans17
Direct Loans
  • Priority List
powerfaids direct loan
PowerFAIDS & Direct Loan
  • Use the conference sessions from this year’s PowerFAIDS National User Conference as a guide
    • Go to the PowerFAIDS Community Site for the presentations
      • Training -> National User Conference
powerfaids documentation
PowerFAIDS Documentation
  • The PowerFAIDS User Guide chapter on Direct Loans has not been updated to reflect COD XML processing
    • Scroll to the bottom of the document
    • Past all of the appendices
    • Keep going
    • Look for the “New Features & Changes” documents from the 13.2 release and onward
      • Contains all the setup information for DL
      • Make sure to check subsequent release notes for

changes or other updates

upcoming events
Upcoming Events
  • FSA Conference
    • Wednesday, December 2, 2009
    • Thursday, December 3, 2009
      • Presidential North Room
      • Time is TBA – check the conference schedule
  • PowerFAIDS WebEx Training
    • Register at the PowerFAIDS Community site
      • Session on COD & DL – 1/19/2010 at 2pm EST
new england powerfaids user group
New England PowerFAIDS User Group
  • A new listserv exists for the New England PowerFAIDS User Group
    • Go to http://lists.neu.edu/mailman/listinfo/nepfug
    • Subscribe using your e-mail address
    • Confirm via e-mail response your subscription options
  • This list will be used for announcements related to the User Group
  • PowerFAIDS Forum
    • pfaidsforum@cblist.org
  • PowerFAIDS User Guide
    • Press “F1” when you’re at the Welcome Screen in the PowerFAIDS Student module
  • PowerFAIDS User Support
    • 1-800-227-6734
    • pfaidssupport@cblist.org
  • Contact information:
    • Troy Davis
      • davist@elms.edu
      • 1-413-265-2249
    • Nicholas Zinser
      • n.zinser@neu.edu
      • 1-617-373-5830