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Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale. Her Life. Florence Nightingale. What work might this person be doing?. How can we tell that this person lived a very long time ago?. What sort of person do you think she is?. Florence Nightingale. Born in Florence, Italy 12 May 1820 A wealthy family.

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Florence Nightingale

What work might this person be doing?

How can we tell that this person lived a very long time ago?

What sort of person do you think she is?

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Florence Nightingale
  • Born in Florence, Italy
  • 12 May 1820
  • A wealthy family
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Florence Nightingale
  • Returned to England in 1821
  • Taught at home with her older sister
  • Florence was a very clever child

One of Florence Nightingale’s childhood homes – Lea Hurst, Derbyshire

The Nightingales spent part of the year here and part of the year in Hampshire

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Florence Nightingale
  • In 1837, when she was 17, she felt a “calling” to help people
  • She visited sick people at their homes
  • Her parents wanted her to get married
  • She had other ideas and travelled in Europe looking at hospitals
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Florence Nightingale
  • In 1854 the Crimean War broke out – England was at war with Russia
  • People in England heard that soldiers in hospitals were poorly treated.
  • Florence was invited to take a group of 38 female nurses to work in hospitals in the Crimea.
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Florence Nightingale
  • War finished in 1856 Florence returned to England.
  • She wanted to improve hospitals in this country
  • Conditions in hospitals began to improve

1883 Royal Red Cross

1907 Order of Merit

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Florence Nightingale
  • Florence died of old age in 1910
  • She was buried near to her parents’ home in Hampshire.

Florence Nightingale

Florence is remembered today as the person responsible for improving conditions in hospitals and making nursing an acceptable job


Florence Nightingale

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