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Backup & Restore Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Backup & Restore Services

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Backup & Restore Services
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Backup & Restore Services

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  1. Backup & Restore Services A service of United Technologies Corporation Copyright 2004, United Technologies Corporation

  2. Hmmm... What If... Your having a typical workday and everything seems to be going along just fine, when suddenly, your computer system goes down. “What the #!@*&!,” you say to yourself! We’ve been / got... Hacked! A system glitch A hardware failure “I was right in the middle of an important... Case!” Project!” Brief!” Web meeting!” You get the point!!

  3. AND... Let’s Face It... Like it or not... IT DOES HAPPEN!! Then, the conversation (usually with yourself) becomes... “Well, I shoulda...!” “I had the chance! If only I had backed it up!” “Everyone always says... ‘Back it up!!!!’ Whatsa matter with me?!” Okay, okay... Do we need to go there? Now you have the chance to do something about it... something very, very important to your business!!

  4. Okay... Enough!! Is it really necessary to belabor this point?? Yes, it is!! Do you realize how many firms turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to this?? Quite frankly... are you willing to put your firm at this degree of risk?? If you answer yes to this... best wishes... see ya!

  5. Let’s Face It... It happens! We’re supposed to backup our data and programs on a regular basis, but the fact is... we don’t! That’s where we come in!

  6. Just the Facts... FACT: Your customers / clients need a secure location where your data can be safely stored and retrieved! “Thanks, but... we backup everything to tape every night. Sorry, we don’t need your services, we’re quite secure with our backup regimen.” (respectfully) No your not!

  7. Just the Facts... • What about... • A hardware failure • A software failure • Improper handling of tape media & storage • A bad or faulty backup tape • Non-restorable data / scrambled data • Power failure / power surge / electrical outages

  8. Our Solution...Eliminate The Risk! • We’ll provide: • An online backup service so that you can perform a backup anytime you want or automatically scheduled • Files that are securely protected and they’re accessible ONLY BY YOU! They are fully encrypted! • Protection against viruses • It’s your data and our support people are at your disposal 24 / 7

  9. How does it work?Good Question! On a scheduled basis, or whenever you chose, your data is transmitted automatically, in a compressed and encrypted form, to our secure, State-Of-The-Art, Data Center over a T-1 or T-3 connection. (Meaning: the data is coded, safe, put in a protected environment using a fast connection.)

  10. How does it work?Good Question! • Encryption of YOUR data is important so that you are confident that the data remains 100% private to YOU — no one at Unitec can ever read YOUR data. • In the event that you ever lose your original data, or suffer a malfunction, you can restore YOUR data to your hard drive or network servers in its original format with a click of a button, 24 x 7 x 365 • After it’s complete, you’ll be notified via e-mail • A log will be kept so that you can see what was backed up

  11. In other words... • Secure • Encrypted / Private • Virus protected • Notification by e-mail • Fast and reliable • Flexibility And above all... PEACE OF MIND!!

  12. More Benefits! • It’s easy! • Use our wizard walk through help tools for beginners at first. After that, it’s click-click! • The backup tool will self install when your people sign on to the system! • Multi level security, so that NO ONE can access your data but you! • You’ll have a unique encryption key • Admins will only be able to gain access through a fingerprint identification tool (optional) • Full redundancy... backup of the backup

  13. More Benefits! • Data integrity • Each day, we’ll snapshot your data • The dataset will be placed off site in a secure and vaulted area (this is an optional service) • One maintained on site • One maintained off site • Your files will be compressed and what you pay for is compressed files... not uncompressed files

  14. For Techies! • We use Network Attached Storage (NAS). • The hardware on which your data is stored and available to you online is fully redundant as well as being 100% fault tolerant. • The network is designed to be a case / perimeter hardened, high security data center. • All of the equipment, operating systems and software are maintained daily by our engineers, ensuring maximum uptime and operating efficiency.

  15. In A Nutshell • Backup is continuous... Never miss one byte! • Restore your data fast when the need arises. • No tapes or other media to deal with! • Super secure and very convenient. • Cost effective.

  16. In A Nutshell • 24 x 7 x 365 availability! • 24 hour customer support. • We’ll custom design a web portal for your access. • Special archiving plans are available.

  17. Okay... now that you have my undivided attention... How?!

  18. The UNITRON Backup & Restore Services Have you run your data through The UNITRON? Copyright 2004, United Technologies Corporation

  19. Getting Started Wizard

  20. FastBit Technology

  21. Tamper Proof Blocking

  22. Silent Mode Operation • The UNITRON Client now supports a Silent mode that will allow the program to run silently in the background without displaying any Windows or Task Bar icons.  • This allows the administrator to set scheduled backups to run silently at a low priority to accomplish users backups throughout the day.

  23. Multiple Version Restoration

  24. Automatic Online Upgrades • All version upgrades to Unitron can be distributed to all end-users automatically after completing a backup. • When new versions of the client software are available, the update patches can be placed on the server to allow client to automatically get updated to the latest version. • All update patches are created with the same FastBIT technology to reduce transfer time. • Upgrades happen seamlessly without any user intervention required.

  25. UNITRON™ Event Manager

  26. E-Mail Notification The client software can be configured to send an e-mail to any user(s) upon any successful backup or a backup with errors or warnings. A summary of the attempt is sent in the body of the message and the complete log file may be attached as an option.

  27. Backup Sets UNITRON features the ability to create an unlimited number of backup sets. Since backup sets can be scheduled to run independently, a user can configure multiple backup sets to run at different times. For example, a backup set containing all data files can be configured to run at the end of each week and another backup set containing a single database file can be configured to run multiple times per day. All file versions will still be immediately available for the user to restore.

  28. Advanced Encryption In order to secure every user’s data from prying eyes, all data is stored in an encrypted format and all communications between the client and server are encrypted. Users can choose between DES, Triple-DES and Blowfish encryption algorithms. The software is available with exportable levels of encryption for International customers.

  29. UNITRON™ File Filters

  30. Enhanced Scheduling Enhanced scheduling options have been added to the client software to help automate the backup process, ensuring that the user data is backed up on a regular basis without requiring user intervention. The new scheduling capabilities allow users to configure backups at any time, multiple times per day or even before Windows Shut Down. Additionally, any third party scheduling application can be used to run the backup application by scheduling simple command line calls to run an automated backup.

  31. UNITRON™ UNITRON™ System Tray Control

  32. Log File Review • All backup and restore transactions are thoroughly logged on the client and the server applications. • The user can quickly review and print the client logs from the client application. • The server maintains a Master Log of all general user activity and records detailed information for each user to help track usage and aid in technical support.

  33. Configurable 3rd Party Tools UNITRON supports the ability to run any 3rd party application(s) before or after a backup or restore action. For instance UNITRON can be configured to run a virus scanner before the backup and run a defragmentation utility after the backup. A virus scanner can also be configured to run after every restore process.

  34. CPU Utilization

  35. Customizable Toolbars UNITRON supplies useful toolbars for users to quickly access commonly used functions. The toolbars can be customized and displayed based on the users individual preference.

  36. Okay now admit it... Have you protected your data with The UNITRON?!

  37. Unitec... Let us show you how!!

  38. Appendix ACorporate Overview

  39. United Technologies Corporation Corporate Overview

  40. Unitec Background • Founded 27 years ago • Headquarters located in Hazelwood, MO • Privately owned • 175 internal employees • 1,550 contract employees

  41. Practices • Backup & Restore Services • Customer Relationship Management • e-Business • eAI (integration) • Enterprise Security • Physical Asset • Data Level • Network Level • ERP • SAP • PeopleSoft • Oracle • Hardware Maintenance & Support • Methodology Development • Outsourcing • Portal • Robotics • Supply / Demand Chain • Staff Augmentation • System Integration

  42. Highlights • Grown from a regional firm to a nationally recognized consulting organization. • Highly experienced, industry experts with an average of 16 years plus of relevant experience (Technical, Functional, Business). • Our goal is to successfully implement the solution quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. • Build long lasting partnerships.

  43. India We are all over North America!

  44. A Few Of Our Clients

  45. Contact Us... United Technologies Consultants 7201 Lindbergh Blvd. Hazelwood, MO 63042 314 731 4422 636 458 4444 Contact us by e-mail at: Copyright 2004, United Technologies Corporation

  46. This page intentionally left blank.