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  1. iBot • Components • LEGO MINDSTORMS® NXT (computer-controlled brick that acts as the brain of the iBot) • LEGO MINDSTORMS ® Ultrasonic Sensors (enables the iBot to see, measure distance to an object, and react to movement) • LEGO MINDSTORMS ® Vex Parts (basic building materials) Abstract iBot is essentially a replacement for the everyday seeing eye dog used by the visually impaired. iBot was designed to be a more efficient set of eyes for the blind, as it does not need to be fed, groomed, trained, or taken care of after its creation, unlike a live dog. The implications of using this robot do not include putting humans out of work, an important idea behind the design of iBot. Our hope is that iBot will change the lives of millions of impaired people around the world. The Robotic Seeing Eye Dog By: Kevin Bednar, Tim Glassberg, Sean Eustace, and Thomas Tarter iBot Mechanics Programming Flowchart Sensor 2, is there something in the way? Stop Sensor 2, is there something in the way? Go Forward Yes No Go Forward Conclusion As challenging as this project was, it was very successful. iBot guided its impaired owner down a city street, across a street with cars and other moving objects, around a stationary object, and to it’s destination. We had many setbacks in our development, including changing the components and even the software. Nonetheless, the iBot successfully acted as a robot seeing eye dog, guiding our blind individual down the model city street unscathed. Yes No Additional Benefits Guide dogs around the world are often mistreated, neglected, and underappreciated. Also, in many countries regulations or rules deny access to animals such as guide dogs in restaurants and other public places. Without dogs being used as guides both of these problems will be solved. The iBot was designed to solve more problems than just guiding the blind. Sensor 2, is there something in the way? Go Forward Yes No Go Forward Turn 90° Right Sensor 1, is there something in the way? Go Forward Turn 90° Left Yes No