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Medbox a mobile app for your health

MEDBOXTM– A Mobile App for your Health

In today’s digital world, people need every information and services at their fingertips. Be it

ordering of groceries or traveling to somewhere; be it managing finance or managing own

health. That’s the reason, various mobile applications came into spot-light of the masses. A

mere window on a smart phone, which works like more than a website using internet.

Due to increase in population & affordability to spend more, Healthcare Industry has been

growing in terms of increasing health services, revenue & employment generation. Thanks

to the technological advancements because of which the use of medical digital devices are

increasing day by day. People in today’s digital world need more & more information on

their smart phones. Currently in case of accidents & at times of emergencies, it is very

difficult to get the right information about the right medical services providers, people

generally rely on the information & references provided by their friends, neighbors & other

family members. For this, though, there are numerous applications and websites available

on the internet but due to insufficient data, the information provided cannot be verified if

they are true. Moreover, they are not complete & integrated from users point of view.

MEDBOXTM - a product of b2c digital pvt ltd., has introduced a complete & integrated

healthcare solution to provide complete information of all healthcare services provider like

nearby doctors, Hospitals, testing laboratories, pharma stores and, least to talk about ,

provides best of the health tips to manage your health.

Medbox a mobile app for your health

MEDBOXTM provides services to all the major verticals of healthcare industry i.e. Doctors,

Hospitals, Laboratories, Diagnostic Centers, Pharmacy Stores & emergency services.

“We started this application with a vision to provide direct & easy access to all the

major verticals of healthcare industry to common people. After its successful launch &

impressive audience, we envision expanding our application services emergency

services, medical insurances, etc.”says Mr. Suyash. K – Co-Founder & CEO, b2c digital

pvt. Ltd.

Their services includes searching for the right doctor, finding locations of clinics on map,

booking online appointments, store personal medical health records, search for pharmacies

and diagnostic centers according to users geo-locations, book lab tests, order medicines by

prescription uploading, looking for blood in emergency etc.

Their first version was launched successfully on September, 2015 & after that there have

been many improvements since then. “Since our 1st version, we have requested our users to

give more inputs & reviews. With the help of our technical, marketing & research team and

also our dedicated users which include patients, doctors, laboratories & pharmacy stores, we

have updated this new version with a complete different perspective. We are sure that this

new version will not only provide easiness in using the application, but also motivate the

people to use the application in finding answer for any health related queries”. Says K.

Sohaon–Co-Founder & MD of b2c digital pvt. ltd.

MEDBOXTM has a large database of doctors, patients, hospitals etc.. In any database,

security is the most important concern. MEDBOXTM follows global level healthcare

standards like “HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)”, LOINC,

SNOMED CT, HL7, CMS – ICD-10 & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Govt. of India),

This means that your data will be 100% secured once you enter it in the MEDBOXTM


Just dial 0781 9999 222 to download the app now. Or click on the link below.

MEDBOXTM– A FREE healthcare app is now available on: