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WebEHRS Mobile Training PowerPoint Presentation
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WebEHRS Mobile Training

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WebEHRS Mobile Training

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WebEHRS Mobile Training

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  1. WebEHRS Mobile Training

  2. Mobile Concept How does this tablet work?

  3. Mobile Concept When the mobile tablet/laptop is connected to the internet, all establishment information can be copied down from WebEHRS to the laptop. WebEHRS Server Mobile Tablet/Laptop

  4. When the Environmental Health Specialist performs a survey, they will take the mobile device/laptop along and fill the survey form out on the tablet. No internet connection is required.

  5. Mobile Concept When finished with survey(s) the EHS should connect to the internet to send those forms to the WebEHRS database. After executing the Finish procedure, the survey(s) will be available on WebEHRS. WebEHRS Server Mobile Tablet/Laptop

  6. Using the Mobile Laptop We will start by clicking on the Mobile Icon

  7. Users will start on the Login page. The device may have one or more user.

  8. Click on the user icon and then click OK or you can just double click on the user icon.

  9. User will need to enter the password. The generic password will be ihs12345. Then click OK.

  10. After entering your password, if you receive this error message, it means you have no internet connection. Click OK to continue.

  11. We are now on the main WebEHRS page.

  12. To change your icon, click Tools and then click Options.

  13. Once on the options page, click Users

  14. Click the Change Icon button.

  15. Click on the icon you would like, then click OK.

  16. Click the Ok button when you have finished.

  17. WARNING! Do NOT make changes to options in other tabs without assistance from CDP Customer Support.

  18. Click the folder icon to open the forms.

  19. On the open forms page, you have two options. You can Synch your data or perform a survey.

  20. Your open forms page may appear as below. To toggle between the different views, click the icon for the desired display.

  21. The Synchronize With Server button retrieves the most recent version of the forms. This happens automatically when you sign on with an internet connections.

  22. Help is also available on this page. This is help for the mobile application only.

  23. The Local Sessions tab will contain those surveys that have not been uploaded to WebEHRS.

  24. The Remote Sessions tab will not be used.

  25. Synching My Data Synching my data is the process of pulling down the establishment information from the WebEHRS system. This process requires the device to have an internet connection.

  26. To synch, double-click the Synch My Data form thumbnail, or select the Synch My Data form thumbnail and click OK.

  27. What is downloaded? This process will only pull those establishments and temporary establishments you have access to. It also updates support tables and history.

  28. This process will require your WebEHRS User Name and Password.

  29. Enter your User Name and Password. Click OK.

  30. Forgot Password is not available on the mobile device.

  31. After clicking OK, if no internet connection exists, mobile will not go beyond this screen.

  32. You will see a status dialog box working through the synching process.

  33. How often am I required to synch? After 20 days without synching, the user will begin to receive warning messages daily that they need to synch. After 90 days, users will not be able to perform surveys until a synch is performed.

  34. How often should I Synch My Data? This process should be performed before going out to do surveys. If you perform surveys daily then you should synch daily. This will guarantee that you have the updated establishment information.

  35. Once the synch is completed, you will be on the below screen.

  36. The screen will show two things: That your login to retrieve data was successful, and the date of the last successful synch.

  37. To close this page, click on File and then click Close.

  38. Now lets discuss the Tool bar. Click on the green arrow.

  39. This will cause the tool bar to appear. Let’s discuss each of the icons.

  40. The folder icon will open a new or existing survey.

  41. The disk icon will save the current survey into Local Sessions.

  42. The checkmark icon will finish the current survey. This will send the survey up to WebEHRS.

  43. The X icon will close the current survey. The user will be prompted to save.

  44. The keyboard key icon will allow you to use your keyboard or mouse to input information to the survey form.

  45. The pen icon will allow you to use your tablet stylus to input information to the survey form.

  46. The drop down by the pen icon will let you pick the color of your pen.

  47. The eraser icon will allow you to erase pen marks on the form or clear fields to re-enter data.

  48. The drop down for the eraser allows you to pick the size of your eraser.

  49. The paper clip icon will allow you to attach documents/images to survey form.

  50. Let’s perform a survey.