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stop listening to your fears sales training

ASHER is a global leader in developing sales strategies that increase profits and decrease turnover. Our team has improved the skills of over 12,000 sales professionals around the world. We specialize in sales and marketing education, strategic planning facilitation and business development process workshops. We also focus on sales aptitude by offering the CPQ, an assessment that helps select candidates ideally suited for sales and coach current team members to greater success. Learn more at: http://www.asherstrategies.com

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stop listening to your fears sales training

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  1. Stop Listening to Your Fears – Sales Training Increases Confidence and CommissionsEvery salesperson has faced it. You walk into a new prospects office and instead of being filled with confidence the butterflies start flying in your stomach. As you sit and wait for the buyer your mind starts to go blank. You can feel that little edge of panic settling in. Sales training can help you overcome these fearful moments and give you solid techniques to close deals.Why Your Mind Goes BlankHave you ever wondered why your mind goes blank at the worst possible moment? This is most commonly caused by a few factors:Lack of PracticeNot Being Adequately PreparedFailure to learn replacement strategies for your fear response.Not receiving proper sales training.Which of those 4 factors do you see missing in your life right now? Do you have a plan to change it?How to Overcome Sales Fear and Start Making Higher CommissionsThe starting point must come in the form of proper sales training. It is not enough to simply buy a book, read it, and hope for the best. You need to take the information you are learning and start practicing. If you must, practice in front of a mirror to start. Recruit your spouse, friends, or another family member and practice the techniques and skills with them. Practice helps to ingrain the skills you learn and to make them second nature when you walk into stressful situations.Ask your sales manager if they have any sales materials or work with a specialist in sale process consulting. You may be surprised your company has training seminars, courses, and other assistance you were never told about. Often everyone assumes you are doing fine unless you ask.Practice and training will help you overcome most fears, but there is one more culprit you need to conquer.

  2. Start Listening To Yourself to Launch Your SuccessWhen you start feeling fear creeping in listen to yourself carefully. What exactly are you saying internally? What words are you using? Most likely you are using a dialogue of fear, lack of confidence, and picturing negative outcomes. Start focusing on words like success, abundance, power, joyful, and any other positive words you can conjure up. Even if all you can do is take a moment and try to picture the handshake at the end of a successful sales call, it will help. Use your mind to start picturing the outcomes you want, not the ones you fear. Every negative word you use has a positive replacement. Why Sales Process Consulting and Training Is EssentialAre you too close to the problem to see solutions? This is a problem almost every one of us faces. We cannot see the way to make the necessary changes. When your company brings in a sales process consulting team to evaluate you and give you sales training do not be resistant. Grab onto the opportunity and seize the growth. You will be amazed at how a little extra training and a few minor changes to your thinking can transform your career. It can be the difference between being an average producer and the company sales star.

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