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Three Lighting Fixture Ideas For A Very Glamorous Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Three Lighting Fixture Ideas For A Very Glamorous Home

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Three Lighting Fixture Ideas For A Very Glamorous Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Three Lighting Fixture Ideas For A Very Glamorous Home

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Three Lighting Fixture Ideas For A Very

Glamorous Home

Contemporary homes are designed in myriad themes, often blending the best of classic designs

and modern functionalities. One of the elements that you cannot miss is the lighting, and it is

more than essential to create a balance in every space. In this post, we will find three kind of

lighting ideas that would suit every interior space.


If you remember those classic large homes and mansions, you would probably think of the soft

and yet rustic lighting that chandeliers created. Chandeliers can fit any space and creating a

design is very easy and effective, even with minimal modern designs. From a stylish wood bead

chandelier to wrought iron designs, there is something for one and all. Just make sure that you

don’t overboard with the size, which can ruin the space use.

Pendant lights

The good thing about pendant lights is the fact that you can create a lot of effect for less. There

are very easy and cheap designs, which can work for basic theme, and also, you can choose to go

for both lighting and unfussiness at the same time. Make sure that you don’t use too many

pendant lights in the same house, because these work like center pieces of attraction.


Sconces can be both functional and stylish. There are classic crystal sconces that are meant to

add element of glamour to the walls, while the basic designs can add lighting and style in a

general way. With sconces, it is best to think of the overall objective, because these don’t stand

as independent lights and need to be supplemented with other fixtures and regular lighting


Check with a few good stores in your area or check online to find the best designs. Don’t miss on

playing with light colors to create that extra effect in every room.