truth and ultimate questions questions for the classroom l.
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TRUTH AND ULTIMATE QUESTIONS: Questions for the classroom. PowerPoint Presentation
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TRUTH AND ULTIMATE QUESTIONS: Questions for the classroom.

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TRUTH AND ULTIMATE QUESTIONS: Questions for the classroom. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TRUTH AND ULTIMATE QUESTIONS: Questions for the classroom. Adrian Brown EFTRE Edinburgh 2001. U2 - Elevation. “Love, lift me out of these blues Won’t you tell me something true? I believe in you”. U2 & RE.

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u2 elevation
U2 - Elevation

“Love, lift me out of these blues

Won’t you tell me something true?

I believe in you”

u2 re
U2 & RE
  • Christianity in action outside of the established church structures – a prophetic voice with the ear of the Pope, the G8 summit and the President of the USA.
  • “Something transcendent is going on at our gigs” - Bono
  • The arts as a window on the transcendent?
  • The ‘kingdom of God’ as a better way of understanding what is at the heart of Christianity?
be true to real religious life
Be true to real religious life

“The word became flesh and dwelt amongst us . . . And the church turned it all back into words again !”

truth questions and the elephant
  • How do you know it is really an elephant you have got a hold of some part of?
  • Is there really one elephant?
  • Who says, and why?
  • Carefully handling disagreement is vital
the changing state of re
  • Towards a more ‘liquid’ RE
  • A lot of ‘solid’ work so far, but not very responsive to issues of truth claims in different religions, and to the questions that our students want to examine?
  • QUESTION FOR THE CLASSROOM: Are we able to address in RE the dynamic and changing religious landscape?
the legacy of socrates
The legacy of Socrates

“The unexamined

life is not

worth living”


Skills that are useful to our students once they leave us.Skills that will enable them to make their own religious journey with knowledge, insight, even wisdom.Skills that will keep them looking for truth.

the big questions
Is there a God?

What is God like?

How can I know anything?

What is truth?

What is a human being?

What happens when I die?

How should we live our lives?

What is right and wrong?

How do we develop as good people?

How and where can I be happy?

The BIG questions
worldviews in dialogue an alternative to the six major world religions approach
Worldviews in dialogue: an alternative to the Six Major World Religions approach?
  • Perhaps our conceptual language might change to more explicitly include humanism, existentialism, theism, deism, nihilism, Eastern pantheistic monism, ‘New Age’, materialism, hedonism….
telling stories in re
Telling stories in RE
  • The stories found in the great religious traditions
  • The story of each child
  • The teacher’s story
  • The story of our culture
  • Thus, dialogue between all of our stories