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Questions, questions, questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Questions, questions, questions

Questions, questions, questions

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Questions, questions, questions

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  1. Questions, questions, questions Do you know how to ask the “good” ones?

  2. Think through the following questions. • How old is Thomas? • How does the fact that Thomas knows nothing about how his arrival, affect his first few hours in the Glade? • What day did Thomas arrive in the Glade? • Which question(s) would appear on a comprehension quiz and which would facilitate strong discussion?

  3. What about these ones? • Who is the first person Thomas meets? • What are two slang words that Thomas learns on his first day? • How might the way that the Gladers treat Thomas reveal their survival strategy in the Glade? • What is the name of the event that Thomas sees and hears through the glass? • Which question(s) would appear on a comprehension quiz and which would facilitate strong discussion?

  4. And finally… • Who gives Thomas the tour? • How do you think Newt’s tour of the Glade and Maze would have compared to Chuck’s? Explain. • What is the name for the people who explore the Maze? • Which one of the characters would you want to ally yourself with and why? • Samesies…

  5. Based on what you have seen… Discuss the following with your neighbor partner: • What is the difference between a quiz question and a discussion question? • What makes a good discussion question?

  6. Open up your googledoc.s • Locate your “Maze Runner Daily Work” file. • Add a new entry, beginning with today’s date, 10/9. • Label today’s entry as DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. • Then, place your iPad face down so that you can listen for you instructions.

  7. Practice • Based on your understanding of Chapters 9 & 10, create 3 questions that you think would generate meaningful discussion. • Remember: they should also capture what is most important/memorable from yesterday’s reading! • Look over your three questions. Rank them from 1-3 in terms of what you predict will be their effectiveness. Your best question should be #1, your weakest #3, etc. • When you meet with your partner, you will take turns sharing your questions, each starting with your #1 question. • The person with the lighter hair shares first. • Find your mirror partner.

  8. evaluate • Look over your questions and reflect on how the discussion went with your mirror partner. What went well? What didn’t? What surprised you? • Share your reflections with your proximity partner or the people in your row.