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Chinese New Year Decorations in Shanghai PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese New Year Decorations in Shanghai

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Chinese New Year Decorations in Shanghai - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chinese New Year Decorations in Shanghai.

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During the 15 1/2 -hour flight, Tai Shan ate his way through 40 pounds of bamboo, 3 pounds of pears and 2 pounds of apples. He was still munching when Nicole Meese, his main keeper during his 4 1/2 years at the National Zoo, handed off responsibility for his care to her Chinese counterpart, Wu Daifu.


translation exercise
Translation Exercise
  • A: When did you mover out of the dorm?
  • B: I moved out in February.
  • A: Who’s the woman sitting next to Little Wang? I can’t recall.
  • B: I don’t know her. I have never met her before.
  • A: I am going to be traveling for a year. Please remember to clean the house once a week.
  • B: No problem. I won’t forget. Have fun. Call my cell phone if you need anything.
  • 費先生是高小音的中學同學,在高小音的生日舞會上,他是最後一個請李友跳舞的人。今天他給李友打電話,約李友這個週末去跳舞。李友說下個星期有三個考試,所以這個週末不能去跳舞。
  • 费先生是高小音的中学同学,在高小音的生日舞会上,他是最後一个请李友跳舞的人。今天他给李友打电话,约李友这个週末去跳舞。李友说下个星期有叁个考试,所以这个週末不能去跳舞。


  • 费先生问下个週末行不行,李友说她下个週末要从宿舍搬出去,得打扫、整理房间。费先生又问下下个週末行不行,李友说更不行,她要跟男朋友去纽约旅行。费先生可能还要约李友别的时间去跳舞,可是李友说他的手机没电了,费先生就不能再说什麽了。
directional complements in the construction
Directional complements in the把 construction
  • 把電腦拿下樓來。
  • 把襯衫拿下樓來。
  • 把椅子搬上樓去。
  • 把桌子搬上樓去。
  • 把冰箱搬上樓去。
  • 把電視搬上樓去。
  • 把床搬上樓去。
  • 把电脑拿下楼来 。
  • 把衬衫拿下楼来 。
  • 把椅子搬上楼去。
  • 把桌子搬上楼去。
  • 把冰箱搬上楼去。
  • 把电视搬上楼去。
  • 把床搬上楼去。

Satirist Hu Ge,producer of hugely popular videosmocking CCTVand filmmaker Chen Kaige, has struck again with another viral hit. This one, a critique of Internetcensorship, stars several online celebrities and mocks a popular nature program, Animal World (动物世界) by introducing a new species, “the Apartment Dweller,” whose habitat is a high-rise apartment and whose primary activity is surfing the web. The video (in Chinese) follows the Apartment Dweller as they encounter numerous dangers and are “protected” by humans who prevent them from downloading movies, watching “yellow” (porn) sites, and other risky behavior. Those who suffer from the contagious disease of “thinking,” have their content “reviewed” in multiple layers and are forced to wait. The actor portraying this particular “thinking” breed is none other than best-selling author, race car driver and hottest blogger Han Han.


宅居動物 (zhái jū dòng wù )


China ushers in the Year of the Tigeron Sunday, kicking off a week-long celebration marked by festive fireworks and family gatherings.

But conservationists warn that unless China and a dozen other countries act urgently, wild tigers will vanish from the planet by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

A century ago, more than 100,000 big cats roamed the Earth, but stocks have plummeted: scientists say there are now just 3,200.

China, once home to thousands of wild tigers, has fewer than 50.

China’s Year of the (Endangered) Tiger



The Chinese government is considering taking meat from pet animals off menus across the country, raising concerns among dog farmers who have relied on the industry for generations.

The draft proposal to ban dog and cat meat has drawn an angry outcry from regions where the dish is popular.

Opponents say the ban would destroy local culinary traditions.

  • 王朋在學校的宿舍住了兩個學期了。他覺得宿舍太吵,睡不好覺,房間太小,連電腦都放不下,再說也沒有地方可以做飯,很不方便,所以準備下個學期搬出去住。
  • 王朋在学校的宿舍住了两个学期了。他觉得宿舍太吵,睡不好觉,房间太小,连电脑都放不下,再说也没有地方可以做饭,很不方便,所以準备下个学期搬出去住。


  • 他找房子找了一个多月了,可是还没有找到合适的。刚才他在报纸上看到了个广告,说学校附近有一套公寓出租,离学校很近,走路只要五分钟,很方便。公寓有一个卧室,一个厨房,一个卫生间,一个客厅,还带傢具。王朋觉得这套公寓可能对他很合适。
double in a sentence
  • V+了+Numeral+MeasureWord+N+了(actionhasbeencontinuingandisexpectedtolastintothefuture)
  • A:你開出租汽車開了幾年了?
  • B: 一年半了。
  • 弟弟寫電子郵件寫了半個鐘頭了,不知道還要寫多長時間?
  • 他病了三天了。


  • 衣服我已經買了三件了,夠了。
  • 這封信我已經看了兩遍了,不想再看了。
  • 我打扫房子打扫了一上午了,想休息一下。
  • 衣服我已经买了三件了,够了。
  • 这封信我已经看了两遍了,不想再看了。


  • 你上維和大學上了多長時間了?
  • 你在你現在住的地方住多長時間了?
  • 你学中文学了多长时间了?
  • 你上维和大学上了多长时间了?
  • 你在你现在住的地方住多长时间了?

Enjoy the "Year of the Tiger" –

it may be our last

Unless China and a dozen other countries act urgently, wild tigers will vanish from the planet by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

i ntensifier even
intensifier連 (even)
  • 連+N/Pron+都/也+V(positive/negative)
  • 我姐姐的孩子很聰明,連日本話都會說。
  • 我弟弟學中文學了一年了,可是連 「天」字都不會寫。
  • 我姐姐的孩子很聪明,连日本话都会说。
  • 我弟弟学中文学了一年了,可是连 「天」字都不会写。


  • 昨天學的生詞我連一個也不記得了。
  • 你怎麽连药都忘了吃?
  • 昨天学的生词我连一个也不记得了。


  • Heevenforgottorememberhiswonphonenumber.
  • Heevenforgottobringmoneywhenhewastreatinghisfriendstodinner.
  • Theapartmentdoesn’tevenhaveakitchen.
  • Hisbathroomdoesn’tevenhave(tap)water.
  • Hisbedroomissotinythatevenabedcannotbeplacedinit.
  • Hislivingroomissosmallthatitcannotevenseatfivepeople.
v lack capacity for to
V+不下 (lackcapacityfor/to)
  • 這個客廳大是大,不過坐不下二十個人。
  • 這張紙寫不下八百個字。
  • 這個冰箱放不下兩個西瓜。
  • 这个客厅大是大,不过坐不下二十个人。
  • 这张纸写不下八百个字。
  • 这个冰箱放不下两个西瓜。