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CHINESE NEW YEAR. 中國新年. To begin with a little introduction…

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To begin with a little introduction…

Chinese New Year, the most important traditional Chinese holidays which is also called « Spring Festival »  or «Lunar new year», begins TRADITIONALLY on the 1st day of the first month Festival which is on the 15th day.

It marks the end of the Chinese solar calendar, that’s why their new Year doesn’t fall each day on the same date.

Every Chinese Year celebrates one of the twelve animals such as the snake, the rabbit… 2012 is the Dragon’s turn !!



A long time ago in China, villages’ population

wasterrifiedby a mythical uglymonstercalled

«Nian ».

The stories also include an old man whocounsels the villagers to ward off the evilNianby makingloud noises with drums and firecrackers, hangingredpapercutoutsand scrolls on theirdoorsbecause for somereason, the Nianwasscared of the colorred.

The villagers celebrate now the Chinese new year as the anniversary of the daywhen the Nianwasconquered.


In Chinese culture, firecrackers are supposed to removeevil spirits.

Before, theywereused to scare the Nian.

Now, they are also known for bringing fortune.


Hisimperialauthorityisrepresentedboth by hisfrighteningand bold appareance.

Dragons are believed to bring good luck in so far as it’s a symbol ofgreatpower, dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness.

People whoarebornunder the dragon’ssymbolare said to bestrong, self-assured, eccentric, intellectual and passionate, amongotherthings.

new year s dinner
New Year’sdinner

New Year’sdinner is an occasion for all familymembers to gatherat the oldestmember’s of the famaily.

That’s a very important eventfor theChinese whomakethisdinnerexceptionnal.

It’s a verysomptuousand bigdinnerwhichcontains, according to the tradition, foodingredients which are homophones with good words and things.

Fish is usually eaten on the eve of Chinese New Year. The pronunciation of fish makes it a homophone for "surpluses »





Lanterns are hanged in the houses, usuallyred with an ovalshape.

It’s a custom to buy new clothes, decoratehouses with flowers and expose an ancestorfamilyportrait…

The papercutoutsare made

traditionnally to ward off badevil

spirits from the house where


They exchange little gifts from the eldersto the smallerssuch as chocolate, sweets….

The redenvelopeswhich containslucky money for childrenare known for bringinghopefor the New Year.

Can Shenis the Chinese god of prosperity. He canbereferred to as Zhao Gongming (Chao Kung-ming) or Bi Gan (Pi-kan )


New Year Days

The second day: is the God of Wealth's birthday and the daywhen Married daughtersvisittheirbirth parents.

The first day: is the welcoming of the deities of heavenand earth

The ninthday: is a day for Chinese to offerprayers to the Jade Emperor of Heaven.

On the 13th day: people willeat pure vegetarianfood to clean out theirstomach due to consumingtoomuchfood over the last twoweeks.

The seventhday: is the daywheneveryonegrows one year older.

The fifteenthday: of the New Year is celebrated the Lantern festival moreover In Malaysia and Singapore, thisday is a different version of Valentine’s Day.


Where it iscelebrated?


Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territorieswithsignificant Chinese populations but also in Chinatowns elsewheresuch as …


Paris, London chinatowns …



chinese new year in paris
Chinese New Year in Paris
have you understood
Have you understood ?!
  • 1) What are the twoothernames of the Chinese New Year ?
  • 2) Whatdoesitmark ?
  • 3) Whowas the Nian ?
  • 4) Give 5 symbolswhichrepresentthe dragon !
  • 5) Whereisthe Chinese New Yearcelebrated?