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Chinese New Year PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year
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Chinese New Year

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  1. Chinese New Year 春節 春節 By Russ Rapaport

  2. Chinese New Year Food • Chinese New Year food symbolizes: • Prosperity • Good luck • Health • Long life

  3. Food • Traditional Chinese New Year food • Dumplings • Spring Rolls • Chicken

  4. Symbolisms • Lai-see Envelopes-Money is placed in these envelopes and given much like the spirits of Christmas . • Lucky Character-The single word FOOK or fortune is often displayed in homes and stores. • Flowers are an important part in the New Year. In old china, much use was made of natural items in celebrations and in daily life. One of the most popular flower used is the plum blossom.

  5. Symbolisms • Plum Blossoms-stand for courage and hope. The blossoms burst forth at the end of winter. • Chinese Lunar Calendar- The Chinese calendar will sometimes show the dates of the Gegorian (Western) calendar and the Chinese Lunar calendar. The Gregorian dates are made in Arabic numerals. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on the moon.

  6. Traditional Celebration • Out of all the traditional celebrations, the Chinese new year is the most important. This is the time for the Chinese to congratulate themselves on a great year, and welcome in the new. Expressions heard at this time are GUONIAN: to have made it through the old year. Also BAINAN: to congratulate the new year,

  7. Sweeping of the Grounds • Preparations for the Chinese New Year in old China started in advance of the New Year's Day. The 20th of the Twelfth Moon was set aside for the annual housecleaning, or the "sweeping of the grounds". Every corner of the house must be swept and cleaned in preparation for the new year.

  8. Family Celebration • On the last day of the old year, everyone is busy either in preparing food for the next two days, or in going to the barbers and getting ready for the New Year’s Day. Tradition stipulated that all food be ready before the New Year’s Day.

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  10. By Russell Rapaport