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Bureau of Indian Affairs. Evolution of the BIA. Established 1824 (oldest agency in the USDI)

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Evolution of the bia l.jpg
Evolution of the BIA

  • Established 1824 (oldest agency in the USDI)

  • Mission: “To enhance the quality of life, to promote economic opportunity, and to carry out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of American Indians, Indian tribes, and Alaska Natives."

What the bia does l.jpg
What the BIA does…

  • Manages 66 million acres of land

  • 52.7 million acres are reservation land (jointly managed)

  • Liason between US Gov’t and 562 tribes

  • Provides educational services to 46,000 Indian children

  • Encourages economic development through tourism/recreation

Recreational opportunities l.jpg
Recreational opportunities

  • Hunting (~ 300,000 visitor days annually)

  • Fishing (~800,000 visitor days)

  • Museums & other attractions

  • Lodges, Hotels, Campgrounds

  • Casinos

Slide6 l.jpg

Kee-Na-Ta Resort & Casino

Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon

Slide7 l.jpg

Skywalk, West Rim Grand Canyon, AZ

Hualapai Indian Nation

Four agencies involved in water based recreation l.jpg
Four agencies involved in water-based recreation

  • Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Bureau of Reclamation

  • Army Corps of Engineers

  • Sea Grant

Federal water project recreation act of 1965 l.jpg
Federal Water Project Recreation Act of 1965

Ordered reservoir-managing agencies to provide recreation.

  • Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Bureau of Reclamation

  • Army Corps of Engineers

Tennessee valley authority l.jpg
Tennessee Valley Authority

  • A regional development agency that:

    • is the largest public power company in the United States,

    • manages the Tennessee River watershed,

    • fosters economic development in the Tennessee Valley Area.

Creation of tva l.jpg
Creation of TVA

  • Created in 1933

Tva recreation areas l.jpg
TVA Recreation Areas

  • Manages about 100 recreation areas, campgrounds, & boat launch sites in 49 dams & reservoirs


Recreation areas l.jpg
Recreation Areas

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area (formerly TVA – now FS)


Tva recreation areas18 l.jpg
TVA Recreation Areas

  • Ocoee River Gorge 1996 Olympic whitewater kayak course

  • Ocoee River whitewater rafting area - 200,000 visitors per year

Usdi bureau of reclamation l.jpg
USDI Bureau of Reclamation center

  • Second largest producer of hydropower in the U. S.

  • Largest water supplier in US.

Establishment of br l.jpg
Establishment of BR center

National Reclamation Act of 1902

Authorized the Secretary of the Interior to develop hydropower and irrigation projects in 17 western states.

Hoover Dam turbines

Recreation at br sites l.jpg
Recreation at BR sites states.

  • Manages 8 National Recreation Areas

  • Constructed over 600 reservoir sites

  • Manages 348 reservoirs (most permit recreation)

  • Recreation sites are frequently managed by other government agencies after construction

  • 90 Million visitors/year

Recreational facilities l.jpg
Recreational Facilities states.

  • Visitor centers and guided tours at major dam facilities.

Hoover Dam

Recreational activities l.jpg
Recreational Activities states.

  • Water-based recreation

Waterskiing on Lake Mead, Nevada.

Slide30 l.jpg

Black Canyon Dam, ID states.

1,100 acre reservoir

Altus lake and dam ok l.jpg
Altus Lake and Dam, OK states.




ATV use


Army corps of engineers l.jpg
Army Corps of Engineers states.

  • Fifth largest electrical supplier in the US.

  • Largest hydropower supplier in the US.

Lake Sonoma, CA.

Mission l.jpg
Mission states.

  • Constructing and managing water control facilities.

  • Constructing military facilities for the U.S. Army.

Military construction

Creation of usace l.jpg
Creation of USACE states.

  • Bunker Hill fortifications built in 1775 by first Chief Engineer.

  • Constructed West Point Military Academy in 1802. Managed it until 1866.

Bunker Hill

Sonoma lake ca39 l.jpg
Sonoma Lake, CA states.

  • Campgrounds

Campground at Sonoma Lake, CA

Sonoma lake ca40 l.jpg
Sonoma Lake, CA states.

  • Hiking trails

Sonoma Lake trail system

Sonoma lake ca41 l.jpg
Sonoma Lake, CA states.

Views from trails.

Upper mississippi river l.jpg
Upper Mississippi River states.

Manages 13 locks & dams in MN, WI, & IA

Purposes: Navigation (commercial & recreational), flood control, wildlife management

Upper mississippi river44 l.jpg
Upper Mississippi River states.

Lock control building

Upper mississippi river45 l.jpg
Upper Mississippi River states.

Dredge boat “William A. Thompson” and relocation of dredged materials

Upper mississippi river46 l.jpg
Upper Mississippi River states.

Guttenberg waterfowl ponds at Lock 10

(Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge, IA)

Upper mississippi river47 l.jpg
Upper Mississippi River states.

Forest management in 28,000 acres of shoreline.

National sea grant college program l.jpg
National Sea Grant states.College Program


  • Conduct coastal research

  • Educate public about coastal issues

    SG is NOT a land manager

NOAA Research Vessel

National sea grant college program act of 1966 l.jpg
National Sea Grant College states.Program Act of 1966

  • Established a Sea Grant program in each coastal state.

  • National administration by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

  • State administration at state’s land grant college.

National sea grant college program51 l.jpg
National Sea Grant states.College Program

Ny sea grant l.jpg

Great Lakes District states.






Marine District


Stony Brook



NY Sea Grant

Topics l.jpg
Topics states.

  • Recreation & tourism

  • Coastal businesses & facilities

  • Fisheries

  • Coastal erosion

  • Exotic species

  • Coastal habitat protection

  • Seafood safety

Coast watch program l.jpg
Coast Watch Program states.

Great Lakes surface temperature monitoring program

Recreation tourism program l.jpg
Recreation & Tourism Program states.

  • Conduct tourism and recreation-related research.

  • Communicate research results to the public.

  • Facilitate tourism planning and development efforts.

Recent recreation related efforts l.jpg
Recent Recreation-related Efforts states.

  • Birdwatching

  • Charter boat business

  • B&B business

  • Monitoring recreation trends

  • Sportfishing motivations