indian affairs bureau of indian affairs and bureau of indian education n.
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Indian Affairs (Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education) PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian Affairs (Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education)

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Indian Affairs (Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Indian Affairs (Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education). ASAP Presentation Anchorage, AK - December 2013. What is ASAP?. Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) is a centralized all-electronic payment and information system;

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Indian Affairs (Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education)

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    1. Indian Affairs(Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education) ASAP Presentation Anchorage, AK - December 2013

    2. What is ASAP? • Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) is a centralized all-electronic payment and information system; • It allows grantee organizations to draw from accounts pre-authorized by federal agencies • It is Internet Based and User-Friendly, Similar to Internet-Based Home Banking or Bill Payment Technology • It is highly secure and 508 compliant • In Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) implemented FBMS (Financial & Business Management System) interface with ASAP. All grantee organizations are required to enroll in ASAP.

    3. ASAP Registration • To register in ASAP you need the following: • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS). To Obtain a DUNS number, contact Duns and Bradstreet at 866-970-2536 or online at • Register DUNS in the System for Awards Management (SAM) at • Enroll in ASAP using active DUNS. • Vendors are responsible for maintaining /renewing their registration in SAM yearly by logging into (See SAM’s online handbook at for more rules/regulations). • Any questions or problems when renewing your SAM registration should be directed to the SAM help desk which can be accessed by visiting or calling 866-606-8220.

    4. Registering your DUNS in ASAP • The DUNS used by the grantee organization to register in ASAP will be associated with their ASAP ID. • Organizations with multiple DUNS numbers may need to register each one separately in ASAP. • Only one DUNS number can be associated with an ASAP ID. • To correct DUNS in ASAP, organizations need to file an Organizational Action Request form with the Treasury to change it. • Tribe should contact Jo Ann Metcalfe to begin process to make any changes to the organization’s name, DUNS, or TIN. There are specific procedures to follow to submit the OARA form.

    5. ASAP Enrollment Process • BIA Federal Enrollment Initiator identifies the Recipient Organization (RO) and enters the information cited on the enrollment form into ASAP. • Unique DUNS, TINS and email address are required. • Role of the Point of Contact is critical to the enrollment process. • On the same day IA enrolls a recipient, Treasury sends an automated email to the recipient’s Point-of-Contact to review all their user information, It is important the POC reviews all information submitted to Treasury and accepts or makes necessary changes. • The recipient has 30 daysto complete their part of registration with Treasury. RO Point of Contact confirms information entered by the Agency's Enrollment Initiator and identifies the recipient organization’s officials (Head of Organization, Authorizing Official, Financial Official, etc.)

    6. ASAP Enrollment Process (cont.) • ASAP allows 31 days for each named role to do their tasks. • If the recipient has not completed their part of the enrollment with ASAP, the file is deleted and the recipient organization must begin the enrollment process again with the BIA. • When the recipient completes the enrollment, they become “Active” in ASAP. There is a 7-10 business days wait before funds can be drawnwhile ASAP verifies recipient financial information.

    7. ASAP Enrollment Form

    8. ASAP Key Roles

    9. How are Funds Made Available? • Awarded funds are transmitted from FBMS to the Treasury’s ASAP on-line application. • BIA Certifying Official (CO) certify the funds in ASAP. • Funds are available for drawdown by recipient organizations.

    10. ASAP Common Issues • Grantee organizations are required to enroll with each individual Federal Government agency/bureau that they receive grants using the Agency’s Location Code (ALC). The ALC for BIA is 14200699. • The funds cannot be certified by BIA’s Certifying Officers due to bank data errors. • Bank data errors could result from banking information not being linked or bank/bank account number has been changed. • ASAP Account Maintainers will notify and assist the recipients to resolve the bank data errors and funds are certified afterwards. • If recipients/grantee organizations are not able to see their awards or the amount of award is incorrect; they should contact their awarding officials.

    11. Bureau of Indian Affairs ASAP Contact Information • Michelle McCormick Self-Determination Officer / Financial Assistance Lead (612) 725-4588 • Kathleen Sigurdson Financial Specialist / ASAP Troubleshooting (703) 390-6565 • Jo Ann Metcalfe Grants Specialist / ASAP Enrollment Initiator (505) 563-3308

    12. Treasury ASAP Contact Information • Richmond Federal Reserve Bank, 804/697-8384 • ASAP Password Resets • Last Name and Email Address Changes • RFCs Day-to-Day Operational Support • Kansas City 855/868-0151, Press 2, then Press 3 • FMS ASAP General Information and Program Updates •

    13. Q/A and Wrap-Up