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ROLLOVERS AGAIN ? Yes: 10 in 1 month!

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ROLLOVERS AGAIN ? Yes: 10 in 1 month! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ROLLOVERS AGAIN ? Yes: 10 in 1 month!. Here they are: 21/Oct LTI Graded Mitsubishi 4WD DC-PU 26/Oct FAC Graded Toyota Hilux 4WD DC-PU 30/Oct LTI/Ptd Blacktop Toyota Prado 4WD 9/Nov LTI Blacktop Mitsubishi 4WD DC-PU 16/Nov LTI Graded Toyota Hilux 4WD DC-PU

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Yes: 10 in 1 month!


Here they are:

  • 21/Oct LTI Graded Mitsubishi 4WD DC-PU
  • 26/Oct FAC Graded Toyota Hilux 4WD DC-PU
  • 30/Oct LTI/Ptd Blacktop Toyota Prado 4WD
  • 9/Nov LTI Blacktop Mitsubishi 4WD DC-PU
  • 16/Nov LTI Graded Toyota Hilux 4WD DC-PU
  • 18/Nov FAC Blacktop Toyota Hilux 4WD DC-PU
  • 19/Nov FAC Graded Toyota Prado 4WD
  • 20/Nov Dead Blacktop Toyota Prado 4WD
  • 23/Nov No inj. Graded Isuzu 4WD DC-PU
  • 24/Nov FAC Graded Isuzu 4WD DC-PU

DC-PU: Double Cab Pick-Up


“Having fun” on graded road

21/Oct LTI

Rollover !!


26/Oct FAC

Straight graded road Yibal

Rollover !!

Veered to the left.Pulled hard to the right &rolled: classic S pattern.


Straight blacktop Fahud-Nahada

Veered off to the rightOvercorrected, rolled 4xClassic S patternNO rollover bar

30/Oct LTI perhaps a Permanent Total Disability ??

Rollover !!


Veered off to the right.Pulled left but over-corrected & rolled 3x.Classic S pattern.9/Nov: LTI

Straight Blacktop near Fahud: NIGHT

Rollover !!


Straight Graded road Bahja

Rollover !!

Classic S-pattern: veered to the right, pulled left (overcorrecting) and then pulled right again and rolled. 16/Nov LTI


Straight Blacktop Nimr to Rima

Rollover !!

Not concentrating Trying to kill a fly! Overcorrecting: S pattern18/Nov FAC


Burst right rear tire

Car pulled leftLost control

and rolled

Straight graded road QA-Fahud

Rollover !!

19/Nov FAC


20/Nov Fatality & LTI

Blacktop road Fahud- Nizwa

Rollover !!

Car moved right at high speed. Driver over corrected and got into an S pattern:Rolled & Flipped.


Driver tried to avoid some potholes in the poor road: pulled left then right. S-curve pattern!

Straight graded road Thumrait-Marmul

Rollover !!

23/Nov No Injury


Junction Marmul-Thuleilat

Driver pulled into junction at too high speed. Rolled off the road.

Rollover !!

24/Nov No Injury

Common features of these rollovers:
  • Speed (80 km/hr can be too fast !!)
  • All are 4 WD high Centre of Gravity cars
  • 8 on straight roads
  • 8 classic “S” curves:
    • driver loses concentration and veers slowly left or right
    • wrong steering reaction: pulls hard left/right
    • wrong braking reaction: brakes whilst steering
  • 4 on blacktop roads at high speed
  • 1 tyre blow-out, 1 junction/speed
4WD are great cars:
  • They are strong (we think)
  • They can go anywhere (almost)
  • You (almost) never get stuck
  • You sit high (good view)
  • They are powerful & feel good (macho?)
  • They are comfortable
  • They can carry a lot of load and people


But 4WD:
  • Have a very high CoG: this means that they are more sensitive to rollovers.
  • They do not brake that well: they are very heavy.
  • They do not steer and corner that well: they are heavy and high.
  • They give a false sense of security: driver feels invulnerable at any speed.
  • They are powerful and can go very fast: much too fast for their handling ability.

Low CoG

Rollovers & Centre of Gravity

High CoG

Would you drive these cars in the same manner when taking a corner or bend ??? Of course NOT !!!4WD High CoG car: adjust your driving & speed.

When driving a 4WD:
  • Adjust your driving style. Combination of:
    • Speed
    • Steering: no sudden changes of direction
    • Braking: start braking earlier, keep more distance
  • Keep heavy loads as low as possible: NOT on the roof! High loads make the car more unstable.
  • Keep loads balanced to the centre/middle.
  • Passengers are also load: they change the stability of the car.
The classic “S” curve rollover:

Mistake 1: lost concentration car moves slowly to the right (or left)

Mistake 2: pull hard left could roll here already


Mistake 3: pull hard right


Mistake 4: braking & turning at the same time

The classic “S” curve rollover:

How to avoid it !!!

Mistake: lost concentration car moves slowly to the right (or left)

Good re-action: Roll-out into the desert. Do NOT pull your steering wheel. Hold it tight and straight with 2 hands. Brake slowly to full STOP. Do NOT panic.

How to protect yourself against rollover?
  • Use a 2-WD instead of a 4-WD if possible.
  • If you drive a 4-WD: adjust your driving.
  • Never make violent adjustments in your steering & your braking, you must avoid an uncontrolled skid.
  • Make sure a 4-WD has a roll-bar !!!!!
  • Wear your seat belts !!!!!

Your BELT can Save your LIFE