Breast augmentation surgery has increased nearly 64 percent since 2000.
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Breast augmentation surgery has increased nearly 64 percent since 2000. Girls younger than 18 who got breast implants nearly tripled between 2002 and 2003. Stephanie Kuleba. Under Aged and Under the Knife: Teenage Plastic Surgery. By Kenzie Hruby.

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Stephanie Kuleba

Under aged and under the knife teenage plastic surgery l.jpg

Under Aged and Under the Knife: since 2000.Teenage Plastic Surgery

By Kenzie Hruby

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Cosmetic vs. Reconstructive Surgery since 2000.

  • Cosmetic Surgery

    • Principle purpose is to improve the appearance

    • To improve self-esteem

  • Reconstructive

    • Performed on abnormal structures of the body

    • To improve function, but may also be done to approximate a normal appearance.

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Plastic Surgery and Teenagers since 2000.

  • FDA guidelines suggest waiting until 22 years of age

  • For most surgeons, 16 or 17 is not an unreasonable age for many procedures, but each decision must be approached on a patient-by-patient basis

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Rhinoplasty since 2000.

  • Makes up more than 50% of teenage plastic surgeries.

  • To straighten the bridge, remove a hump, reshape the tip or open breathing passages.

  • Generally not performed until 16 years old.

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But is that old enough? since 2000.

  • Composed of bones of the nose, upper lateral cartilage, and lower cartilage

  • Growth of the nasal bone is completed around 14 or 15 for girls, a bit later for boys

  • New studies showed that anteroposteriorgrowthcontinues in both males and females after skeletal growth is complete

  • Hyaline cartilage continues to grow, even after surgery


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    Breast Augmentation since 2000.

    • Breast development can continue into the late teens and early twenties.

    • Breast augmentation has a very high complication rate

    • Based on the implant makers own studies, the FDA concluded that about 40% of augmentation patients have at least one serious complication within three years after getting their saline implants.

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    • Breasts since 2000.are tear-shaped glands that cover a woman's pectoral muscles and are suspended over the rib cage, held in place by supporting ligaments and muscles

    • Types of implants:

      • Subglandular: directly behind the mammary gland and in front of the muscle

      • Subpectoral: under the pectoralis major muscle. Because of the structure of this muscle, the implant is only partially covered.

      • Submuscular: placement puts the implant behind the chest muscle wall.

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