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CRC Advisory Committee Overview

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CRC Advisory Committee Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CRC Advisory Committee Overview. Colorectal Cancer Advisory Committee 6/21/06 Meeting Overview. Meeting Outcomes. Advise on colorectal cancer risk assessment tools Advise on science related to diabetes and colorectal cancer

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crc advisory committee overview

CRC Advisory Committee Overview

Colorectal Cancer Advisory Committee


Meeting Overview

meeting outcomes
Meeting Outcomes
  • Advise on colorectal cancer risk assessment tools
  • Advise on science related to diabetes and colorectal cancer
  • Receive update on progress toward achievement of MCC Colorectal Cancer Priority
  • Review and discuss the MCC Strategic Plan for Colorectal Cancer
colorectal cancer risk assessment tool
Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

Used in Early Detection Pilot

  • Language modified for easier comprehension
  • Format changed to improve flow of questions
  • Clarified definition of 1st degree relatives
  • Clarified signs and symptoms
    • Abdominal pain & weight loss removed
  • Designed for clinician to complete with patient
    • Decreased to 2 pages
diabetes and colorectal cancer
Diabetes and Colorectal Cancer
  • There is an association between Colorectal Cancer and diabetes, not enough evidence to call it causal
    • Continue to monitor the science
  • Link is not strong enough to warrant changing public health messages right now, including messages to both the public and providers
  • Screening for everyone 50 and older. Focusing on diabetics alone may be a confusing message
  • Emphasis on increasing access to Colorectal Cancer screening
mcc colorectal cancer strategic plan
MCC Colorectal Cancer Strategic Plan

Objective #1:Increase the proportion of healthcare providers that recommend appropriate colorectal cancer early detection.

Summary of Strategies

  • Measuring screening and follow-up rates
  • Disseminate MCC Early Detection guidelines
  • Repeating Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice Survey
mcc colorectal cancer strategic plan6
MCC Colorectal Cancer Strategic Plan

Objective #2:Continue to increasehealth plan commitment to colorectal cancer screening.

Summary of strategies

  • Determine effectiveness of provider incentives related to increased screening rates
  • Collaborate with healthcare purchasers on screening issues
  • Collaboration between special populations and Health Plans
mcc colorectal cancer strategic plan7
MCC Colorectal Cancer Strategic Plan
  • Objective #3:Increase awareness of colorectal cancer risks, and testing for early detection.

Summary of strategies

  • Addressing disparities and understand barriers
  • Promote education on combining CRC & Breast cancer risk assessment screenings
  • Develop effective measures for documentation of outcomes
future focus of the mcc s colorectal cancer strategic plan
Future Focus of the MCC’s Colorectal Cancer Strategic Plan
  • Focus on appropriate follow-up for abnormal screenings
  • Focus on primary providers referring for appropriate screening based on the MCC guidelines
  • Collect information on public awareness programs
  • Develop effectiveness measures for public awareness programs and disseminate results
what should mcc organizations do
What Should MCC Organizations Do?
  • Review revised Strategic Plan (see handout)
  • Identify activities appropriate for your organization
  • Implement with MCC partner(s)
  • Report activities on the next MCC Progress Report