what is ssl certificate actually stands for n.
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What Is SSL Certificate Actually Stands For? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Is SSL Certificate Actually Stands For?

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What Is SSL Certificate Actually Stands For? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The ssl certificate are important for securing our website and thus it built a bridge between the website and the browser. It is the certificate which allow the data encryption on the internet. Therefore, SSL Certificate allows minimum transfer of data, login credentials, social security, etc. This certificate is commonly used by the customers who have a website that comply with privacy and security requirements. It is most suitable with the websites who have login or sign in.\nhttps://www.microhost.in/ssl-certificates

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what is ssl certificate actually stands for

What Is SSL Certificate Actually Stands For?

The term SSL stands for secure socket layers which is the standard

implementation of establishing a secure bridge between the browser and

the website. Due to this certificate, customers can secure their website

from the hackers. The purpose of ssl certificate is for protecting your

website even if it does not handles the sensitive information in it.

The ssl is the backbone of our secure internet and protects all the sensitive

information that travels across the world's computer network. The SSL

Certificate provide the privacy, security, data integrity for both your

website and also your personnel information.There exist two kinds of ssl

certificate keys such as the private key and the public key.

Types of SSL Certificates

when it comes to ssl certificate classification

When it comes to ssl certificate classification, their comes two types of ssl

certificates. All of them have different features and prices included within

them. Therefore, to find Cheap SSL Certificate is not difficult. The types of

ssl certificates are given below as:-

➢ Extended validation- This is mostly preferred by the online users

because they come with most comprehensive verification checking.

➢ Organisation validation- In this, the domain ownership and the

validated certificates can be viewed on most of the major web


➢ Domain validation-It offers only a padlock in address bar but does

not show any organisation details because that detail not does exist.