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Police Clearance Certificate

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Police Clearance Certificate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Police Clearance Certificate. Designed and Developed by LABCAL BIOMETRIC TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd. What is PCC ?.

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Police Clearance Certificate

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police clearance certificate

Police Clearance Certificate

Designed and Developed by


what is pcc
What is PCC?
  • PCC – Police Clearance Certificate. A PCC is an official document issued by police or government agency of a country to enumerate any criminal records that the applicant may or may not have. Criminal records may include arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings
manual process to get pcc
Manual Process to get PCC

Applicants’ Role:

  • The applicant has to visit the PCC issuance office to get the information for applying the Police Clearance Certificate.
  • The applicant has to pay challan in the authorized bank branch or E-Seva Center and need to visit PCC issuance office and submit the required documents along with application form and challan.
  • Then applicant will be allocated a date and on that date the concerned officer will visit the applicants address to verify the credentials.
  • The applicant has to visit the PCC issuance office and collect the PCC after complete verification.
manual process to get pcc4
Manual Process to get PCC

Department Role:

  • After receiving the required documents and application form with challan from applicant, the department will delegate the applicant’s form to the concerned Police Station and another copy to the Intelligence Department.
  • At the Police Station the concerned officer will do a field survey to verify the details and antecedent history of the applicant and will send their feedback to the PCC Issuance department.
  • Intelligence Department will verify the applicant from the records available and will send their feedback to the PCC Issuance department.
  • Based on the Inspector feedback and Intelligence Department feedback Authorized person of PCC Issuance Department will verify and issue / reject the PCC.
short comings in manual process
Short comings in manual process?
  • Applicants end:
    • Frequent visits
    • Lack of proper information
    • Delays
  • Department end:
    • Traceability
    • Lack of sync between departments
    • Duplication of work
    • Man hour cost
    • Administration cost
the need for automation
The need for automation
  • One point of contact to secure the information for applicants and as well as department.
  • Easy traceability for both with an option of auto feedback.
  • Saving time and man power cost.
automation process
Automation process

Applicant End:

  • User friendly and an educative platform to the applicant to know the complete details and process to get PCC.
  • Applicant can apply for PCC from India or abroad.
  • Single visit to the PCC branch either by the applicant or the designated authorized person to get the PCC.
  • Auto feedback feature enables applicant to trace their status through e-mail.
automation process8
Automation process
  • Automatic e-mail will be sent to the Applicant on following stages
    • Application submission
    • On verification
    • PCC Accepted/ Rejected
automation process9
Automation process

Department End:

  • Each applicant will be identified by unique id(Application Number) which is auto generated by system.
  • Applicant can be monitored based on unique id(Application Number) at any point of time.
  • Letter with applicant details can be generated on selected dates with unique Letter Numbers to Intelligence Department and Inspector of Police.
  • The department can have access as well as update of the latest information concerned with the entire hierarchy involved in issuance of PCC.
  • Various report based on parameters required by the department will aid them getting up to date information.
  • Intelligence Report
    • Letter to Intelligence in given format
  • Inspector Report
    • Letter to Police Inspector in given format
  • Abstract Report (within the given date range) displays the count.
    • New applications
    • Pending from Intelligence
    • Pending from Inspector of police
    • Cleared from Intelligence office
    • Cleared from Inspector of police.
    • Authorized applications
    • Certificate generated
    • Over all Pending certificates.
  • Challan Reports (within the given date range)
    • Name, challan date, challan number, Designated branch details and amount.
    • Consolidated amount.
  • Note file
    • After Issuing PCC, details will be maintained within the note file.
benefits to the p ublic
Benefits to the Public
  • It’s a web based application and can be accessed anywhere even when applicant is not in India.
  • For the applicant it will be a time saving utility provided by Police Department.
  • Avoids multiple visits.
  • Application can know the status through auto feed mechanism at each level the application moves.
benefits to the department
Benefits to the Department
  • Reduces repetitive tasks
  • Easy traceability of applicant status
  • Pre-formatted and automatic letters to Intelligence and Police Department
  • Administrative cost benefit
  • Various reports to ascertain data
home page
Home Page

Required Documents from INDIA/ Abroad for applying PCC

Instructions for applying PCC

Displays current status of application

New Registration Process

Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Download application forms if lost/ misplaced

registration form
Registration Form

Registration Form displayed to applicant

acknowledge details
Acknowledge Details

After successful registration Acknowledge details will be displayed

Automatic Generated Application Number

pcc application demo22
PCC Application Demo

Department End

login page
Login Page

This page can be accessed by department only and requires

user name and password to access the PCC.

home page24
Home Page

To Know the Application Status



(count of particular)

Department Information


new applicants
New Applicants

These are new applicants

For “new applicants”, Department user need to specify Zone and Inspector of Police. Once Application is submitted, an e-mail will be sent to applicant and application will be moved to “submitted applicants”.

submitted applicants
Submitted Applicants

These are submitted applicants.

Submitted applicants information will be send to Intelligence and Police Department

letter to intelligence and police dept
Letter to Intelligence and Police Dept.

Letter can be generated for submitted applicants

by selecting From Day and To Day

under verification applicants
Under Verification Applicants

Under verification Applicants can be selected to enter the feedback and remarks from Intelligence /Inceptor of Police department.

feedback from departments
Feedback from departments

Feedback from individual departments can be


verification completed applicants
Verification Completed Applicants

Verification completed applicants can be either sanctioned or rejected

authorized applicants
Authorized Applicants

Sanctioned applicants will be moved to authorized applicants. Authorized Applicants are ready to issue PCC.

authorized applicant
Authorized Applicant

PCC can be issued by selecting the designated officer.

police clearance certificate36
Police Clearance Certificate

Automatic Generated PCC Number

note file
Note File

Note File for Office use

contact us
Contact US

E-Mail (Sales and Service Team)




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