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Seattle Community Network

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Seattle Community Network How to use SCN to send and receive Email. Using the PINE Email Service Text based Email Introduction At the end of this session you will be able to send and receive Email Steve Guest Budd Rice / Dave Collins Melissa Guest Seattle Community Network (SCN)

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Seattle Community Network

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seattle community network

Seattle Community Network

How to use SCN to send and receive Email.

Using the PINE Email Service

Text based Email

  • At the end of this session you will be able to send and receive Email
  • Steve Guest
  • Budd Rice / Dave Collins
  • Melissa Guest

Seattle Community Network (SCN)

the pine email service
The Pine Email Service
  • Text based interface
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Can be used over all dialup lines
  • Basic concepts are those of most modern email services
  • High level of functionality
  • Supports low end equipment
what is scn
What is SCN
  • Almost totally volunteer run ISP
  • Has strong principles
  • One of the largest ISPs in Seattle
  • One of the oldest ISPs in Seattle
  • Provides free email and web sites
  • Provides maillist and news groups
  • Supported by donations and grants
  • No Advertisements
e mail addresses
E-Mail Addresses
  • These are like most addresses:

a name and a place for delivery

  • Important that you type what you see because computers make bad postal workers
  • <name>@<computer name>


computer names
Computer names
  • <name>.<name>.<name>
  • or
  • domain names in the USA

org  Organisation

edu  Education

gov  Government

mil  Military

com  Commercial

the keyboard
The Keyboard
  • Return or Enter Key
  • Shift Key
  • ^ - Control Key (not the 6 Key)
  • Delete or Backspace Key
  • Auto Repeat
  • Any key
logging into scn
Logging into SCN
  • Choose “telnet”
  • The hostname is
  • At the login type YOUR user id
  • At password type YOUR password
  • Remember to press the enter key at each stage
the scn menu system
The SCN menu system
  • Text based - for speed and older machines
  • Menu driven
  • FreePort

from Case-Western University

  • Interface to all SCN’s services
change your password
Change your password
  • This is a “SCN Utility” - option 7
  • It is a “User Account Service” - 1
  • There is “Change your Password”
  • Follow the instructions

Old Password

New Password

Retype New Password

  • Try not to forget it
email pine
Email - Pine
  • There are two ways of getting to the PINE Email service.
  • Follow the menu for email


  • Simply type pine
  • Only on the first startup - you are asked some questions. In these cases simple press return
pine s read email screen
Pine’s Read Email Screen
  • On SCN, Pine always starts with a list of email you have been sent. (So this should be empty!)
  • At the bottom of the screen is a list of commands / options / things you can get Pine to do.
  • Look for the arrow keys on the keyboard - you will need these later!
sending email
Sending email
  • You “Compose” a message
  • m - will take you to the main menu
  • c - will then compose

(by the way - you can also compose from the read email screen, but we wanted you to see the main menu!)

an email message
An Email Message
  • Headers

To, From, Subject, Date

  • Message or Main Body

The contents of the message. What you wanted the person to actually read.

  • Header  Envelope
  • Message  Letter
type in an email
Type in an email
  • Choose who To:
  • Choose a Subject:
  • Type a simple message
  • Note that the bottom help section now has the “^”  Control keys
  • So “^x” will send the email.

Press and hold down the Control Key and then press the x key once

options while writing
Options while Writing
  • Postpone - put off the task until later (save what you have so far)
  • Cancel - put off the task forever
  • Get help - seek “on-line” help
  • Look at the bottom reminder lines for other options.
exit pine
Exit Pine
  • To stop the Pine service you type “q” at the main menu or the read menu
  • While Pine is stopped - email will still be accepted by SCN. Pine simply gives you access to the email and helps you create your email.
reading email
Reading Email
  • Start Pine
  • Look at the email information

Number, Date, From, Subject

  • Use up and down arrow keys to highlight a message - press Enter
  • Look at the bottom lines for options and see “i” goes back to the index
what can you do now
What can you do now?
  • Reply to a highlighted message
  • Forward a message
  • Save a message
  • Delete a message
  • Explore the other options
editing messages
Editing Messages
  • You might need to edit a message - change what is or was written
  • You have a cursor
  • Commands you might need:
    • Arrows keys move you around
    • Delete (or Backspace) erases the character to the left of the cursor
    • ^k deletes a whole line
    • ^u undelete what was deleted
    • ^j reforms the paragraph
what you now know
What you now know
  • Login to SCN
  • Start Pine
  • Read email
  • Write email
  • Manipulate email
  • Stop/Exit from Pine
  • Logout of SCN
there is more
There is more
  • This is a basic introduction
  • To help you, SCN has an email follow on system called PINENUTS
  • These are video tapes in the Library
  • There are help pages within SCN and Pine itself
  • Pine is a powerful email program
other details
Other details
  • Remember the SCN 45 minute limit per session
  • The Library has a 45 minute per day limit for Internet access
  • SCN has a limit on its mailbox size
other ways of emailing
Other ways of emailing
  • SCN offers other email services which are not covered here
    • forwarding
    • POP
    • IMAP
    • Web
  • Other services are being developed
contacting scn
Contacting SCN
  • SCN has a Help Desk(206) 365-4528 or
  • SCN has 40 dial-up lines(206) 386-4199
  • Or from most Libraries
thank you
  • We hope you will have many more happy hours using your SCN email account
  • Thank-you for your time