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North Seattle Community College PowerPoint Presentation
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North Seattle Community College

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North Seattle Community College

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  1. North Seattle Community College Food Services Background/Facts

  2. NSCC Food Services Overview • Comprised of Cafeteria, Espresso, Sandwich Bar, and Vending Machines • Espresso Bar and Vending are profitable • Cafeteria and Sandwich Bar lose money • Since FY05-06 $838,057 used to cover losses • Current cash deficit of $180,000

  3. Reason for Consultant Review • Current Food Services model is not sustainable • With future budget cuts predicted, college can’t continue to subsidize food services • Architect’s original concept: Build Student Center with food service component  Students voted “NO” • Need to look at alternate solutions

  4. Food Consultant’s Findings: • Current Cafeteria: • Dated equipment • Not central to campus, poor location/access • 1960’s design concept; too large/ elementary school cafeteria design • Cafeteria and espresso lack secure storage • Old and energy inefficient dishwashing equipment drives use of disposable tableware  doesn’t meet standards for sustainability in food service . • Annual sales/far below average for similar size colleges • Food cost is twice the industry standard for same size operations • Espresso Bar : • Current location has poor security for retail products • Sandwich Bar: • Improvised design with poor location and workflow

  5. Food Consultant’s Findings: Food Service operations • Inventory controls/security difficult with current layout • Inefficient layout dictates staffing strategy w/high turnover of PT staff; only 3 permanent FT employees for entire FS operations • Outdated service area and kitchen equipment make it difficult to maintain food quality • Poor layout leads to congestion at peak demand times; service extremely slow - Sales increase possible just by increasing throughput • Limited service in evening hours

  6. Food Service Goals • Attain financial and operational efficiency • Provide a broad variety of consistently high quality foods • Optimize the ability for customers to purchase food quickly • Expand service to evening students without substantially increasing labor costs • Increase the overall security of food products in both retail and production areas. • Develop a food services operation that is economically sustainable.

  7. Scenarios Considered • Keep all food service in Campus Center • Divide the food service locations Close the cafeteria, replace it with an Emporium in the Tech Building. • a. Espresso stays where it is • b. Espresso is expanded to include the sandwich bar/deli and takes over the “Green Room” • Move all, combined foodservice to the Tech Building • a. Campus Center kitchen is decommissioned • b. Campus Center kitchen continues to operate as the support kitchen for the Tech emporium • Close Cafeteria and expand Espresso • Hire outside management • Vendors with mobile units • Do nothing (not really an option)

  8. Scenario Costs

  9. Recommended Scenario Completely replace Campus Center Food Service withan expanded Emporium in the Tech Building supported by the existing Campus Center kitchen • Offers advantage of consolidating food service into one location near the center of campus traffic flow • Maintains the current kitchen which eliminates many design challenges inherent in building support kitchen in the Tech Building • Supported with a modest kitchen upgrade in Campus Center including developing secure dry and refrigerated storage and upgrading kitchen equipment

  10. Next Steps • E-Team will make final decision based on College Council input and survey results

  11. Your Questions?