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GOT COOKIES? ™ Your How-To-Guide for successfully using Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough in your chapter with 2 great progra

GOT COOKIES? ™ Your How-To-Guide for successfully using Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough in your chapter with 2 great programs! 1. Fresh-baked cookie store/business 2. Pre-portioned cookie dough fundraising tubs. Otis Spunkmeyer & DECA Relationship.

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GOT COOKIES? ™ Your How-To-Guide for successfully using Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough in your chapter with 2 great progra

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  1. GOT COOKIES?™ Your How-To-Guide for successfully using Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough in your chapter with 2 great programs! 1. Fresh-baked cookie store/business 2. Pre-portioned cookie dough fundraising tubs

  2. Otis Spunkmeyer & DECA Relationship • Otis Spunkmeyer and DECA have been partners for more than 20 • years with our first recorded transaction in 1987. • Our partnership includes the following: • Otis is the proud sponsor of the SBE Academy providing over $10,000 annually in 3 scholarship categories. • We also offer $5000 in scholarships to senior officers as part of the DECA Scholarship Program. • • Turn-key business building program providing a powerful teaching tool for your School-based Enterprise. • Provides students with real life business experiences such as managing, marketing, promotion and sales while generating profits for your Chapter. • • Regular ad program in DECA Dimensions and Guide. • Participation in the insert program with flyers that include relevant information about current promotions. • • E-mail blasts with upcoming promotions.

  3. 1. Otis Spunkmeyer fresh-baked cookie business

  4. Organizing Your Otis Spunkmeyer Business Plan • Think about the Otis Spunkmeyer fresh baked cookie dough program as a • small business within your organization. Preparation is the key to success! • Things to think about and determine when running your own business • include: • What are your business goals, i.e. raise X amount of $’s annually to fund various activities, gain financial and marketing experience, preparation for the workforce, etc. ? • What sets your business apart? • Start up costs and profit potential • Target audience • Marketing and Promotion • Staffing • Space and Operational Issues

  5. Achieve Your Business Goals With Otis Spunkmeyer Why Otis Spunkmeyer? • Otis Spunkmeyer is a well recognized brand that students know and love. • Our cookie dough is #1 in America!* • Fresh-baked cookies are universal favorites and create EASY SALES for your chapter. • Fresh Baked cookies are Impulse Items and the aroma of fresh-baked cookies will drive students, faculty and parents to your store translating into strong sales and repeat business. • The Otis Spunkmeyer fresh-baked cookie program is completely turnkey. We provide everything you need to run a successful cookie business including free loan of ovens and merchandisers. Various point-of-sale signage is available free of charge, along with packaging at reasonable prices. • The cookie dough comes frozen in pre-portioned nuggets that bake straight from the freezer to the oven. No mixing, scooping or thawing. NO HASSLE. • Otis Spunkmeyer continually provides exciting ideas and new products that keep the program fresh helping generate sales for your chapter. *FSRI BEST Report, 2008

  6. What Sets Your Business Apart? • You can customize your cookie program by season, holidays and/or sporting activities. • The fresh-baked cookie program is portable! The oven is light weight making it easy to transport to school events where you can bake cookies for the attendees. • Our program has potential beyond selling on campus. Provide a valuable service to parents and teachers by selling cookie platters for parties and special events. • Cookies make people happier and bring smiles encouraging a pleasant school environment. • The profit potential of fresh baked cookies is nearly 50% and will help fund a variety of your chapter’s activities. Otis Spunkmeyer’s fresh-baked cookie program has helped organization’s like yours raise more than $3M per year!

  7. Start Up Costs and Profit Potential Show me the dough! • To get started, you will need approximately $150. This includes the purchase of 2 cases of cookie dough and other supplies you may choose to get (i.e. pan liners and/or cookie bags). • Otis Spunkmeyer ovens and display cases are FREE on loan so you can create that warm fresh baked aroma of cookies and display them nicely. • Once you get started, you will see that Otis Spunkmeyer cookies are so popular that we suggest you keep at least 4 cases of product on hand. For this you may consider borrowing or renting freezer space from the cafeteria or home economics. You can also invest in a small chest size freezer. We also have a special program with Lowe’s that allows our customers to purchase freezers at a discount. Ask for your coupon when you sign up! • The Otis Spunkmeyer cookie brand is highly trusted by consumers so you can feel confident that you are giving your customers the best. • We provide a full, comprehensive turn-key program that allows you to capitalize on the impulse nature of cookies increasing purchases and repeat sales. • Make up to 46% Gross Profit with an average case of cookies purchased at $60 p/case and selling them 2 for $1.00. Start up costs are minimal. You can pull from current treasury funds or rally up donations from the student body and parents.

  8. Otis Spunkmeyer + Lowe’s

  9. Your Target Audience Since Everybody Loves Fresh-Baked Cookies, your target audience is anyone who is on campus or who visits the campus. Market your fresh-baked cookie program to students, faculty and parents and sell during high-traffic times. Students/Classmates - Good for your everyday sales before school, after school or in between classes. Teachers - Can use as rewards for good attendance or grade point average. Parents - Promote take home sales by offering to bake cookies for their special events and gatherings. Booster Clubs and other school activities - You can rent out your oven or go to the event and bake cookies onsite for purchase at the event.

  10. Marketing and Promotion • Tackle your target audience from all angles. • Determine your selling days and communicate this to your target audience. EXAMPLE: Cookie Fridays. • Display and merchandise your product and keep it fresh! • Post signage around campus so your customers know when and where they can purchase and are aware of any promotions. • Advertise through word of mouth, flyers, school website, Twitter, FaceBook and other social networking vehicles and take home letters to the parents. • Have a sign up sheet for collecting phone numbers and email addresses so you can text and email customers about specials or limited time only products. • Otis Spunkmeyer offers FREE point of sale materials that are proven to help increase awareness of your program and cookie sales. • Posters • Ceiling Danglers • Counter Cards • Crew buttons

  11. Marketing and Promotion (Cont’d) Attract business by marketing and promoting your program and products. • Offer special promotions that tie into • specific events and holidays: • Birthday gifts • Mother’s/Father’s Day • Valentines Day • Spirit Days • Christmas Holidays • Seasonal (spring, fall, etc.) • Or it’s as simple as just offering Special pricing (Example: 3 cookies for $1 in December only!) • Cookie of the month • Cookie Club – buy 10 get the 11th FREE. Free promotional and recipe ideas through our O-riginals program

  12. Marketing and Promotion (Cont’d) Otis offers several business-building programs that you can use to help grow sales and profits • Otis O-riginals - allows you to decorate cookies for specific gatherings, seasons and/or holidays. Sprinkles and icings can be purchased from Otis Spunkmeyer. • Cookie Packaging - bake off cookies by the dozen or half dozen for take home sales or catering events. • Cookies for a Cause - limited time only cookies that were formulated for specific causes (see more on next page).

  13. Cookies for A Cause Otis Spunkmeyer is Making the World a Better Place One Cookie at a Time! In total, Otis has committed to a minimum $160,000 cash donation, along with in-kind product and equipment donations to 3 worthy organizations. You, too, can get involved in these worthwhile promotions by selling these special cookies during the limited time offer. Generate excitement for students and encourage “giving back” by holding an event of your own and collecting donations for these charitable organizations. Details on promotional cookies on the following 2 pages.

  14. Your Chapter Can Bake A Difference with the Pink Cookie Join the Fight! In September and October, Otis Spunkmeyer is using cookie money to help save lives and increase breast cancer awareness. Join the fight by offering the Pink Cookie during the promotional period. • The Pink Cookie is a perfect way to get students and your entire school involved in a worthwhile cause. • Have a Pink Party! Show your support for increasing Breast Cancer Awareness • by baking and selling the Pink Cookie. • Develop a card that students can take home communicating the Pink Cookie • promotion. A great way to generate parental involvement and take-home sales. • Only available Sept 1 – Oct. 31.* • Item # 58815 “Pink looks good on you.” -Otis Ask us about additional promotional ideas to help you generate awareness to this limited time offer. *Only available where DSD services **POS Kit includes a counter card, display pricing tag and button. Click on the link below to download the order form.

  15. Choose Your Staff • Supplier: That’s us! Our direct ship delivery allows orders to be placed and delivered to the location of your choice on a weekly basis. • Accountant: responsible for reconciling cash drawer, paying bills from the supplier and tracking profits. • General Manager: oversees all aspects of the business (usually the Advisor but perhaps there is a standout student leader). • Bakers: Designate 2 just in case one is out. • Sales Associates: Promote the fresh-baked cookies by word of mouth, hanging posters and passing out flyers. • Marketing Manager: Maintains the website, sends text and email messages, arranges specials (i.e. cookie of the month, cookies for causes, etc.) and develops flyers. • Warehouse Manager: Responsible for tracking inventory (cookie dough and supplies), placing orders and receiving orders.

  16. Join Otis Spunkmeyer in this worthy cause and sell The Holiday Joy Cookie during November and December and make a child’s life a little sweeter!

  17. Growth Opportunities The opportunities for students to learn, grow and develop as business people are numerous with the Otis Spunkmeyer fresh-baked cookie program. • Provides students with a chance to learn real life business experiences such as managing, marketing, promotion and sales. • Allows students to set and meet goals by raising enough money to attend conferences. • Gives chapters without school stores a way to generate funds for activities. • Our Cookies for A Cause program can help students realize the importance of giving back. • Encourages teamwork to get the job done. • Inspires leadership and organizational skills. • Creates a happy environment by spreading the joy of fresh-baked cookies.

  18. Additional Product Options Available Otis Spunkmeyer is a leader in the sweet baked goods industry. We have a wide variety of products that will help maximize profits for your chapter. • Muffins – multiple flavor options to choose from, and • select varieties available in reduced fat options. (muffins • only available for on campus sales.) • Brownies – decadent and chewy brownies. No baking • required. Arrive frozen in aluminum trays that you thaw • and serve. • Pretzels – naturally a better-for-you choice. Serve them • salty, sweet or plain…your choice. 12 pretzels come • with “cinnamon and sugar” and “salt” packets.

  19. 2. Otis Spunkmeyer pre-portioned cookie dough tubs

  20. Organizing your Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Tub Selling Event First things first…Develop a plan of action for your event. • Call us to find out if you are within a delivery area. We may be able to accommodate • you even if you are outside of our “normal” delivery area. • Select a local charity to support (OPTIONAL) • Promote your fundraising event • Launch your tub sale event • Tally and place your order • Schedule your distribution day • Distribute your product • “Thank you” goes a long way • Present the donation to your charity (if you executed #2 above) Otis Spunkmeyer will provide you with the tools you need to have a successful fundraiser for your organization.

  21. Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Tub Sale “Giving back never tasted so good.” -Otis 40% Profit Margin! • Partnering with a local charity means • Helping students realize the importance of “giving back”. • Warming the hearts of others with fresh-baked cookies. • Impacting your community and helping change lives. • Providing students with opportunities to generate free • PR and advertising around a great cause. • Gaining community service credits.

  22. Promote and Implement your Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Tub Sale Consumers love Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough and one of the only ways they have access to purchase for their personal use is through a fundraiser. • Take advantage of this niche selling opportunity. • Hang postersaround school campus to promote fundraiser. • Attend all school activities during your fundraiser selling period and bring the order form so attendees can order on the spot. • Add your fundraiser to your website. Send text messages, post on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks to excite community participation. • Sell to family, friends and neighbors. • Hang posters in local businesses. Purchase extra tubs of cookie dough and choose a weekend to set up in front of a business to sell those extra tubs. • Collect email addresses and phone numbers on all orders so you can email and text when cookie dough will be ready to pick up. In doing this, you are also building your database for your next tub event.

  23. Distribution for your Otis Tub Fundraiser • We are the only cookie company to offer the convenience of Direct Ship Delivery (DSD) • With Otis Spunkmeyer’s DSD, a friendly Otis rep – • Delivers your products in tip-top condition on an Otis freezer truck • Stages and organizes the product by flavor in the location of your choice • Walks you through the line while confirming your order • Answers any questions you may have about the distribution process • All you have to do is help pull orders • We maintain 53 Sales Centers throughout the U.S. that have the ability to deliver product directly to you* *A third party carrier will deliver product in cases where DSD does not reach.

  24. Please view our OTIS EASY! Fundraising Delivery Video found on the DECA website!

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