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MAIN COMMITTEE OFFICERS DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES September 2012 Officers’ Training Workshop Len Morrissey Tom O’Toole. Objective.

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MAIN COMMITTEE OFFICERS DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESSeptember 2012Officers’ Training Workshop Len Morrissey Tom O’Toole

  • To identify key duties and responsibilities of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Membership Secretary, and Secretary in order to strengthen the leadership skills necessary for a productive committee.
know astm rules and regulations
Know ASTM Rules and Regulations
  • ASTM Regulations
  • Officer Handbook
  • Committee Bylaws
  • Parliamentary Procedure
    • ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’
robert s rules are used when
Robert’s Rules are used when…..
  • Seeking resolution to a controversial issue (e.g. handling a negative vote)
  • Requires a formal vote count (e.g. voting on a not persuasive negative)
  • Business must be conducted in a formal and efficient manner (e.g. main and subcommittee meetings).
how to make a motion
How to Make a Motion
  • Member makes a motion
  • Another member seconds the motion
  • Chairman calls for discussion of the motion
  • Chairman calls for vote on the motion
how to amend a motion
How to Amend a Motion
  • Original Motion is withdrawn
  • Takes precedence over the main motion
  • Motion must be seconded
  • Requires a majority vote
  • Can be reconsidered
  • Can be amended to second power
how to call the question
How to Call the Question
  • Make motion
  • Must be seconded
  • Is not debatable
  • Is not amendable
  • 2/3 vote needed,
    • If successful, vote on motion on the floor
    • If not, continue discussion
table vs postpone
Table vs. Postpone
  • Table – appropriate when something else of immediate urgency has arisen
  • Postpone – to a certain time or event
  • Postpone indefinitely – Intended to kill the motion

**All require a majority vote.**

facilitate committee administration
Facilitate Committee Administration
  • Appoint Subcommittee Chairmen and Liaisons
  • Fill Vacancies
  • Appoint Special Purpose Ad Hoc Committee
  • Plan Meetings
  • Ensure Executive Subcommittee Duties are fulfilled
facilitate committee administration cont d
Facilitate Committee Administration (cont’d)
  • Appropriate Committee Funds
  • Delegate Responsibility
  • Monitor Subcommittee Meetings
  • Respond to Circular Letter Ballots
  • Assist in inquiries on standards
inquiries on standards
Inquiries on Standards
  • ASTM membership and staff are prohibited from offering official interpretation of standards
  • Official responses must follow Section 16 of the ASTM Regulations
  • Inquiries can be handled informally by subchairmen and technical contacts
  • Be clear that the response is a personal opinion
  • Do not use ASTM stationery for the response
chair executive and main meetings
Chair Executive and Main Meetings
  • Ensure Organized, Informative Reports
  • Facilitate an Efficient Meeting
  • Introduce and Welcome New Members
conducting an efficient meeting
Conducting an Efficient Meeting
  • Meeting Preparation
    • Prepare Agenda
    • Review Correspondence
    • Review Minutes & action items from previous meeting
    • Contact Staff Manager
  • Understand the basics of parliamentary procedures
  • Manage meeting time effectively.
oversee the standard development process
Oversee the Standard Development Process
  • Establish a Good Line of Communication with ASTM Intl Headquarters (Staff Manager) and Subcommittee Chairmen
  • Ensure Proper Consideration and Documentation of Negatives
  • Ensure that Consensus is Reached
  • Ensure Standards are Up to Date
prepare to substitute for chairman
Prepare to Substitute for Chairman
  • Know ASTM Rules and Procedures
  • Assist Chairman With Duties
  • Prepare to Conduct an Orderly and Productive Meeting
  • Keep Abreast of All Committee Operations
  • Be prepared to serve as Chairman in absence of Chairman
perform special duties and assignments
Perform Special Duties and Assignments
  • Based on Committee’s Bylaws, there can be several Vice Chairman positions
  • Explore and Assign New Activities
  • Review Requests for New Standards, Ensuring that Industry Needs are Addressed
  • Review Scopes of Subcommittees
perform special duties and assignments20
Perform Special Duties and Assignments


  • Keep Bylaws Current With Society Regulations


  • Recommend Award of Merit Recipients from the Committee
  • Administer Committee Awards Program
  • Honorary Members
other duties
Other Duties
  • Liaison
  • Publicity
  • Symposia
coordinate all membership issues within the committee
Coordinate All Membership Issues Within the Committee
  • Update Committee Rosters through Headquarters and in Accordance with Committee Bylaws
  • Process Membership Applications via web based Roster Maintenance
  • Utilize Electronic Membership Rosters
  • Report on Committee Membership Status to the Executive Subcommittee
  • Print out Main Committee sign in sheet
coordinate all membership issues within the committee24
Coordinate All Membership Issues Within the Committee
  • Monitor Classification and Voting Status of Committee Members
    • Is the committee in balance?
  • Monitor Inactivity
    • Voting Members Not Returning Ballots
  • Initiate and Coordinate Recruitment Efforts
    • Membership Promotion
  • Review Status of Affiliate Members Annually
    • Executive Subcommittee Approval Needed
prepare executive sub main committee
Prepare Executive Sub & Main Committee:
  • Assist Chairman in preparing:
    • Agenda
    • Minutes
    • Correspondence
    • Communicates with Subcommittee Chairmen
coverage of meeting
Coverage of Meeting
  • If you cannot attend, find a replacement
  • Brief your Replacement on the Agenda
  • Inform replacement of any potential “hot topics”
perform administrative tasks for committee meetings
Perform Administrative Tasks For Committee Meetings


  • Record Attendance
  • Record Minutes
  • Identify Voting Members
  • Have pertinent documents available
perform administrative tasks for committee meetings30
PerformAdministrative Tasks For Committee Meetings


  • Prepare minutes of main and executive subcommittee meetings
    • An accurate summary of the decisions and conclusions reached
    • Record all motions and vote counts
    • Assignments that were made
    • Note if follow-up action is required
    • Note time of adjournment, next meeting date, time, and location.
  • Collect and consolidate any germane reports
  • Submit minutes to ASTM International Headquarters for posting (in a single file)

Len Morrissey


Tom O’Toole