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imagine there is no country……… PowerPoint Presentation
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imagine there is no country………

imagine there is no country………

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imagine there is no country………

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  1. imagine there is no country………

  2. Lasha = Cairo Dhaka = Milan Delhi = Beijing Nairobi = London Beijing = Lasha And A travel b2b platform that requires internet only when information is asked by user. We are redefining how travel BIZ is done!

  3. Use internet only when required. All related information on business is stored on users computer. All relevant informations are centrally updated.

  4. a hotel with facilities. Dissolve the gap between suppliers and users. Related informations of a supplier can be loaded on an users’ computer. Advertisement direct to user and meant for him alone.

  5. Name of places Each place can have commercial information flow. Any amount of information can be regulated. Imagine having categorized information made available to you from Africa To Europe to Asia and from any country that you want to do business with.

  6. commercial rates for travel business. Faster completion of complex and multi-choice travel products to acquire best selling option for clients.

  7. View details leads to modification of already executed travel products. Avoid repeat work. Many a times already worked itinerary and travel requests can be resold to another set of buyer. Thus we can save huge amount of man hour.

  8. after pricing same system can also do operation. Transition from cost to service takes less than a minute

  9. E = mc2 We wish to be as common as this • How does it help? • A specialized sector like travel has a tool with limited internet option. • Our platform is country independent. • We on priority is adding China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and • South Africa in this platform to create the critical mass to provide • multiple choice to user. • 4. Within Asia in absence of any other equivalent business proposition we • wish to be first to distribute a complete travel business suite for any one • or every one who aspires to take travel as a profession.