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Holistic Health Park A Wholesome Prescription for Jodhpur PowerPoint Presentation
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Holistic Health Park A Wholesome Prescription for Jodhpur

Holistic Health Park A Wholesome Prescription for Jodhpur

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Holistic Health Park A Wholesome Prescription for Jodhpur

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    1. Holistic Health Park A Wholesome Prescription for Jodhpurs Mission 2020 Prof. Ram Harsh Singh VC, Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur & Dr. Vipin Bihari Gupta Head-Pharmaceutics, LMCST, Jodhpur

    3. The Emergence of Idea WHOs forecast in favor of holistic, herbal and green products. Brain storming sessions of National Seminar on Academia-Industry Partnership jointly organized by RAU & JIA on 20th & 21st March 2004. Coming-up of Ramky Pharma City near Visakhapatnam. Herbal Farming initiatives of Nandan Agro Farms, Hyderabad. Ever expanding Ayur-Tourism of Kerala.

    4. Green Facts Current Global Market: US$150 billion (As per WHO) Projection for 2050: US$5000 billion (As per WHO) Chinese Foreign Exchange: Rs 22,000 Crores Indian Share: Rs 500 Crores Chinese Plant Resource: 30% Indian Plant Resource: 30% Indian System: Time tested, trusted and well structured Chinese System: Not so well trusted and structured Some Recent Greens: Ranbaxy, HLL, Colgate

    5. Potential Benefits Improved Healthcare Huge employment generation through direct and indirect jobs. Economic boost to the region. De-dissertation.

    6. Advantage Jodhpur As per Ayurved low-humidity climate is considered better for health. Maru Bhumih swasthya karanam- Charak Stressed climatic conditions favors formation of secondary plant metabolites, the substances of medicinal values. Henna, Guggulu Low humidity climate is ideal for herbal manufacturing activities. Drying, grinding, microbial spoilage

    7. .advantage Jodhpur Ample transportation connectivity: Railways, Airport, Dry port. Industries of similar character e.g. Handicraft & Guar gum are already thriving. Its already a tourist destination. Has potential for emerging as an International business hub for west Asian region due to Indias improving relationships with Pakistan.

    8. Execution Strategy Government owned PSU: Central and/ or state govt.(s) may fund the entire project and lease-out the facilities to the user for the recovery of the money spent. A company in itself: A company in the name of Holistic Health Pvt. Ltd. may be floated and selling of its shares could generate money. Private Owned Subsidiary: Project could be handed-over to private infrastructure developers on built, operate and transfer basis.

    9. Land & Location 1000 Acres Opposite to RAU campus, Karvad Project is a blend of commercial and holistic acumens. RAUs proximity would provide Academic impetus and help maintain its holistic nature. Set-up ideal & vibrant ambiance for embarking Academia-Industry Partnership.

    10. Fiscal Aspects Investment in Infrastructure Development: Rs. 500 Caror (@Rs. 100 caror PA for first five years) Revenue Generation at fully developed stage in 2020: Rs. 5000 caror PA (0.1% of speculated 1000 billion USD global market) From Herbal Farming: Rs. 2000 caror From Manufacturing: Rs. 2500 caror (@ Rs. 25 caror per company from 100 companies) From Ayur-Tourism: Rs. 500 caror

    11. Growth Projection (% fractions)

    12. Indian Export of Neutraceuticals

    13. Nandans Initiatives

    14. Ramky Pharma City Promoters: Ramky Group & Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Limited. Master Planner: Jurong Consultant, Singapore. Land & Location: Near Visakhapatanam, over 2000 acres of land to offer total solution for around 100 companies. Common/ Sharing Infrastructure Facilities: QA Laboratory, Training Facilities, Library Facilities, Business Facilitation Cell, Workshop Facility, Material Ware House, Solvent Tank Farm & Recovery Facilities, Communications, Truck Terminals, Bulk Container Depot,Effluent Conveyance System, Treatment Plant & Hazardous Waste Management Facility.

    15. Health Tourism in Thailand

    16. Amul No. of Producer Members (Employment): 2.28 Million Turn Over: Rs. 27457 Million Milk Collection: 1.86 billion liters (02-03)