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  1. HANDBOOK INDEX Page INDEX 1-2 ABOUT M.A.H.A. DISTRICT 4 (www.mahad4.org) 3-4 M.A.H.A. District 4 Council 5 M.A.H.A. District 4 Directory 6 Association Contact for 2008-2009 6 Registrars Contact Information 7 Supervisor-of-Officials Information 7 2008-2009 CHECKLIST OF KEY DATES 8 2008-2009 DISTRICT 4 PLAYOFF HOST’S 9 2008-2009 REGISTRATION PROCEDURES 10-13 PLAYER RELEASE INFORMATION 14 DIVISION CLASSIFICATIONS (Definitions and Rules) Division Classification Requirements 15 Game Count Limitations 15 2008-2009 AGE CLASSIFICATIONS (Youth/Girls) 16 REQUIREMENTS FOR COACHING Coaching Education / ACE Program 17 Other Coaching / ACE Information 18 Coaching Certification Requirements 19-20

  2. HANDBOOK INDEX (cont.) Page Game Scoresheets 21 ASSOCIATION HOUSE LEAGUE DRAFT PROCEDURES Association ‘B’ League Drafts 22 Draft Rules Submission 22 Conducting the Draft 22 DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS Players, Team Officials, Leagues, Others: All Divisions 23-24 DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS 25 SITUATIONS: COMMON QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 26-28 S.T.A.R. HOCKEY PROGRAM Parent/Legal Guardian Code of Conduct Agreement 29 Conduct Subject to Discipline 30 FORMS INCLUDED Player Release Form 31 Catastrophic Injury/Spectator Injury Incident Report 32 Game Log 33 MAHA Rules Change Proposal Form 34 Supplemental Goaltender for District/State Playoffs 35

  3. ABOUT DISTRICT 4 • MISSIONSTATEMENT • - M.A.H.A. District 4 is the local governing body for the sport of ice hockey within the district boundaries as defined by the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association, an Affiliate of USA Hockey, Inc. • - As such, the mission is identical within the District, M.A.H.A., and USA Hockey: To promote the growth of ice hockey in America and to provide the best possible experience for all participants by encouraging, developing, advancing, and administering the sport. • PURPOSE • The purposes of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association are: • - To develop and encourage sportsmanship between all players for the betterment of their physical and social well-being. • - To encourage and improve the standard of ice hockey within the State of Michigan. • - To affiliate with the USA Hockey and other hockey associations. • - To conduct ice hockey tournaments and to select representatives for other tournaments. • - To do any and all acts desirable in the furtherance of the foregoing purposes. • DISTRICT 4 COUNCIL • - The District Council works closely with the USA Hockey Sub-Registrars and the District Referee-In-Chief in administering hockey within the District. • - In addition, the Council works with the M.A.H.A. Executive Board and the other District Councils in order to promote consistency of administration throughout the State. • -District Directors also work on assigned statewide committees to discuss and develop concepts for the betterment of hockey throughout the State.

  4. ABOUT DISTRICT 4 • THE DISTRICT 4 COUNCIL, ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES -The size of the Council, as determined by the current District Directors, will be limited to 13 members. 7 Directors and 6 Council Members. Contact the District Chairperson, see “District Council Elections” on page 22 of this Handbook, or refer to the MAHA Annual Guide for information on how to join the District Council. -Directors are elected to office as per the procedures outlined in the MAHA Annual Guide. CouncilMembers are appointed by the Directors. CouncilLiaisons may be appointed by the Associations within the District. -Directors vote on all matters at the District and State level. -Council Members vote on all matters at the District level. -Council Liaisons are for communication purposes only and do not vote. -Directors are expected to attend a minimum of 60% of all scheduled District meetings and the MAHA Winter and Summer Meetings. Failure to do so may result in their removal from the Council. -The District Directors will determine which Council Members will be reimbursed for attendance at the Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings of the MAHA. This will be determined by participation in District activities.

  5. ABOUT DISTRICT 4 • M.A.H.A. District 4 Council NamePhone#AddressPosition Jim Boloven 734-464-0371 37848 Bloomfield Dr. Director Livonia, 48154 -Chairperson Kim Gearns 586-201-8730 46065 Frederick Director Northville, 48167 Bruce Gilgallon 248-303-0051 2145 Rosemont Director Berkley, 48072 Larry Marshall 734-404-5018 14057 Shadywood Dr #118 Director Plymouth, 48170 Rick Rogow 248-737-8797 6704 Watercroft Court Director West Bloomfield, 48322 Chris Tucker 734-239-4489 37852 Howell St. Director Livonia, 48154 Myra Zolynsky 248-476-9127 38686 Southfarm Lane Director fax:248-478-9177 Northville, 48167 Mark Biggings 517-548-4355 970 Grand Oaks Drive Council Member Howell, 48853 Harold Pagel 313-255-0522 15715 Ryland Council Member Redford Twp., 48239 Bill Smith 734-425-8536 34882 Middleboro Council Member Livonia, 48154 (Open) Council Member (Open) Council Member (Open) Council Member

  6. ABOUT DISTRICT 4 M.A.H.A. District 4 Directory Chairperson…………………………………..Jim Boloven Coaching Education Program………………Kim Gearns District Handbook……………………………Larry Marshall District / State Playoffs………………………Jim Boloven District Website………………………………Kim Gearns Hearings……………………………………...Jim Boloven OneGoal Michigan…………………………..Mark Biggings Registration…………………………………..Myra Zolynsky / Mary Gilliland S.T.A.R. Program……………………………Chris Tucker Treasurer……………………………………..Larry Marshall Association’s Primary Contact for 2008-2009 Birmingham…………………………………..Bruce Gilgallon Canton………………………………………..Myra Zolynsky Farmington Hills……………………………..Chris Tucker Kensington Valley……………………………Chris Tucker Lakeland……………………………………...Mark Biggings Livingston…………………………………….Kim Gearns Livonia………………………………………..Harold Pagel Novi…………………………………………...Kim Gearns Orchard Lake………………………………...Rick Rogow Plymouth……………………………………...Bruce Gilgallon Redford………………………………………. Larry Marshall Southfield……………………………………..Larry Marshall USA……………………………………………Rick Rogow Suburban, Seniors, Independents………….Myra Zolynsky AAA……………………………………………Bill Smith

  7. ABOUT DISTRICT 4 DISTRICT 4 REGISTRARS Name Phone Address Myra Zolynsky 248-476-9127 38686 Southfarm Lane fax: 248-478-9177 Northville, 48167 email: mzolynsky1@aol.com Mary Gilliland 248-674-1592 2959 Loonlake Shores Waterford, 48329 email: marylvt@sbcglobal.net DISTRICT 4 SUPERVISOR OF OFFICIALS Kevin Hall 248-446-0356 12044 Brooke Court South Lyon, 48116 email: ihlref@yahoo.com DISTRICT 4 WEBSITE……www.mahad4.org

  8. CHECKLIST OF KEY DATES Key Dates, 2008-2009 2008 August 1 (See MAHA II.B.2) Association/Club By-Laws are due to the D4 Council. August 15 Association Draft Rules due to the District Chairperson. August 15 First day of player signings to Regular Season rosters. September 1 Regular Season begins. (No games played prior!) November 15 Last day to submit Request for Team/Player Exceptions for District/State Playoff Eligibility to the District Playoff Director. November 15 Letters of intent to enter District Playoffs are due. December 10 Last day to submit MAHA Rule Change Proposals through the District Council. December 15 Last day to submit MAHA Rule Change Proposals. December 31 Last day for roster changes for all classifications. December 31 All coaches without proper certification are removed from rosters. 2009 January 4 District Playoff Credentials Check January 4 District Playoff Scheduling January 4 – 25 District Playoff Round-Robin Eliminations. January 23-24 MAHA Winter Meeting / Southgate Holiday Inn January 28 District Playoff Quarter/Semi-Finals (Begin) February 1 District Playoff Quarter/Semi-Finals (Finish) February 1 Nominees for District Directors due to MAHA Secretary February 8 District 4 Championship Games (D4 Hockey Day) March 1 - 15 MAHA State Finals (Dates TBD) March 15 First day of player signings to Post Season rosters. April 1 Post Season begins. July 9 -12 MAHA Summer Meeting, Boyne Highlands August 1 (See MAHA II.B.2) Association/Club By-Laws are due to the D4 Council.

  9. 2008-2009 District Playoff’s Host Associations Quarters/Semi Finals, games to be played Jan 28 - Feb 1, 2009 Squirt B…..………..……………..Livingston Squirt A…..…...………..…………Plymouth Squirt AA……………..…………Birmingham PeeWee B……...…………..…….Lakeland PeeWee A……….………..…..........Canton PeeWee AA…….………....………..Livonia Bantam B…………………Farmington Hills Bantam A………………………….……Novi Bantam AA……………..……Orchard Lake Midget B …….............................Southfield Midget BB……..…………………USA/DSC Midget A………………..………...Suburban Midget AA…………………...……Suburban KVHA, Redford……Association byes

  10. 2008-2009 REGISTRATION PROCEDURES The following needs to be given to your District 4 Associate - Registrar: • 1). USA Hockey Roster Form signed by player with their name as it appears ontheir birth certificate. Coaches and Assistant Coaches and Managers signatures. After you have all signatures you will need to make 3 additional copies to give to the registrar. (Total 4) If you are with an association they will provide this for you. If you are not with an association contact a D4 Registrar for your team roster. • 2). It is now mandatory that all players and coaches register online with USA Hockey. Your association registrar can manually register the team manager as they are free and there is not an option for this at www.usahockey.com. Pre-register at www.usahockey.com. All confirmation pages or confirmation numbers must be collected by your individual team and forwarded (by email or fax or dropping off) as a complete team to Mary or Myra to create an electronic USA Hockey Roster that will be emailed to you for signatures (if you are not with an association). If you are with an association, they will provide the electronic roster to you once you provide the confirmation pages or confirmation numbers. • 3). MAHABackground Screening Online Confirmation Page All Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers must go to maha.org and complete an online background screening form. After successful completion of the form you will be able to print a confirmation page that you can be forwarded or printed. This confirmation needs to be collected by the team and presented with completed roster package for roster certification. • 4). Signed USA Hockey Coaches Code of Ethics Agreement for each coach listed on the roster. • 5). Signed USA Hockey Consent to Treat (Medical Release) Form for everyone listed on your roster (including coaches and manager). REV. 03/08 • 6). USA Hockey Membership Online Confirmation for each player and coach listed on the roster. The USAHockey.com registration confirmation page will serve as your waiver. EXCEPT managers will need a signed USA HockeyWaiver • 7). Signed USA Hockey Participant Code of Conduct Agreement for each player listed on the roster. REV. 03/08 • 8). Signed S.T.A.R. Parent Conduct Agreement for each players parent/stepparent/guardian.

  11. 2008-2009 REGISTRATION PROCEDURES (cont.) • 9). You will need a copy of Government issued Birth Certificates for all players on your roster. (Hospital Certificates are unacceptable) A copy of the player’s proof of citizenship must accompany all Non US Birth Certificates. If a player is not a US citizen then you must have a signed by USA Hockey Written Transfer Form and proof of US Residency (the list of allowed documents is on the written transfer form) a) USA Hockey Written Transfer Form signed by USA Hockey for all Non US Citizens. If the NON Citizen has a permanent resident card or a USA Passport they do not need a USA Hockey Written transfer even if they have a non us birth certificate. • Required forms 4 through 8 and 9a. are available at www.maha.org • YOU ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP THE ABOVE LISTED FORMS TOGETHER IN A BINDER IN A SAFE PLACE AT ALL TIMES. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CARRY THESE FROMS WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. EXCEPT THE CONSENT TO TREAT FORMS SHUDL BE AT ALL HOCKEY FUNCTIONS • Note: Adding a player/coach to the roster the procedure is the same. Deleting a player/coach you cross off them off your roster and date it. • District 4 Registrar - Myra Zolynsky • 38686 Southfarm Ln., Northville, Mi. 48167, • Work: 248-476-9127 / Fax: 248-478-9177 / E-Mail: Mzolynsky1@aol.com DIRECTIONS TO Myra’s: I-275 to 8 Mile Road East, to Lujon St. (about ¼ Mile) before Halstead/ Newburgh Rd., turn Left, to Southfarm Ln., (1st Street), turn Left, down one block on Right. • District 4 Registrar - Mary Gilliland • 2959 Loon Lake Shores. Waterford, MI 48329 • Phone/Fax: 248- 674-1592 / E-Mail: marylvt@sbcglobal.net • DIRECTION’S to Mary’s: From Dixie Hwy.: Enter Farner St. from Dixie Hwy. (This is between Hatchery and Sashabaw Rd.) Take Farner to Seebaldt and turn left. Follow Seebaldt to Rosemound and turn right (this turns into Loon Lake Shores) • From Walton Blvd.: Enter Loon Lake Shores from Walton Blvd. (This is between Sashabaw Rd. and Clintonville Rd.) • ***** Note: While visiting our homes please don’t knock on our doors or pull in our driveways after 10:00PM or before 8:00AM.

  12. 2008-2009 REGISTRATION PROCEDURES (cont.) • Recommended Organization of Paperwork: 1). Have signed USA HockeyRoster with 3 additional copies. (all together) These will be signed by Registrar & one copy will be kept by the team. 2). The following required forms Grouped together by player, but NOT in one page saver. 1 - Birth Certificates - Certified Written Transfer from USA Hockey if necessary. 2 - Consent to Treat 3 - USA Hockey Waiver or USAHockey.com online registration confirmation 4 - Participant Code of Conduct 5 - S.T.A.R. Parent Conduct Agreement Form - Parents These forms should be grouped together by player. Put the player’s forms in the same order as the roster which is alphabetical order player first then adults. Put in the Binder. 3). The following required Coach/Manager forms: 1 - MAHA Background Screening online confirmation - All adults on roster. 2 - Coaches Code of Ethics Agreement – All coaches on roster 3 - Consent to Treat These forms should be grouped together by adult. Put the adult forms in the same order as the roster. Put in binder. • No Team is eligible to play until you have PICKED UP your registration packet and it is has been Certified by the Associate Registrar.

  13. 2008-2009 REGISTRATION PROCEDURES (cont.)

  14. PLAYER RELEASE INFORMATION PLAYER RELEASE FORMS • A PLAYER SIGNED TO A CERTIFIED TEAM ROSTER, MUST SECURE A RELEASE IN WRITING FROM THAT TEAM BEFORE SIGNING WITH ANOTHER TEAM. A PLAYER RECEIVING A RELEASE MUST BE SIGNED TO THE NEW TEAM ROSTER, AND CERTIFIED BY THE USA ASSOCIATE REGISTRAR, AT LEAST 72 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF PLAYING IN A GAME. The 72 hours does not begin until the required paperwork is received by the Associate Registrar. • A player requesting a release must be granted that request if he/she does not owe any fees and/or equipment to the team. The District Council has the authority to release a player who is refused a release by his/her team or association. • The Player release form is available from the Associate Registrar. • In order for a player to leave one team and move on to another, the top portion of the player release form must be completed and signed and dated by both the player and a registered rostered official (Head Coach, Asst. Coach, Manager) of the releasing team. This top portion of the form must be filled out completely. • The middle portion (“Association/Program Release) only needs to be filled out if the team official refuses to sign the top portion. Independent Teams are exempt from filling out the “Association /Program” portion of the release form. • THE TEAM OFFICIAL OF THE RELEASING TEAM MUST KEEP THE LAST COPY. It is important that the releasing team keeps this copy. Each release form reduces the team roster count by one player. Therefore, in the event the team had a full 20 player roster, they cannot add another player to the team unless the team produces a copy of the release form. Once the releasing team has removed the last copy, THE PLAYER IS TO BRING THE REMAINING COPIES TO AN OFFICIAL OF THE NEW TEAM. • The new team official will then fill out the following areas only: “Team, Team Roster # (USA team number that’s on the team roster registration form, not association team number), and Team Class (i.e. Midget AAA). This now completes the form. • The new team brings a completed and signed team roster form, along with the completed release form and all other required registration paperwork (birth certificate, waiver, participant code of conduct, STAR form and Consent to Treat, you can use the same paperwork that was submitted with previous team) to the Associate Registrar for Certification. A team can enter as many players, up to the team limit, on an amended roster form. • The player CAN practice with the new team during the 72 hours but cannot participate any type of game or scrimmage until after the 72 hour waiting period and the team has picked up the completed paperwork from the Associate Registrar

  15. DIVISION CLASSIFICATIONSDefinitions and Rules / 2008-2009 SEASON 1. DIVISION CLASSIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: "AAA“ (Tier I) (Squirt thru Midget) No limitation on out of district players. "AA" (Tier II) (Midget) Maximum of six (6) out of district players. "AA" (Tier II) (Squirt thru Bantam) Maximum of three (3) out of district players. "A" (Midget) Maximum of six (6) out of district players. "A" (Squirt,Pee Wee,Bantam) Maximum of three (3) out of district players. No player’s in their last year of eligibility. "BB/B" (Midget "House“) Maximum of six (6) out of district players. No limit on the number of (17) year old players. "B" (Sqt. thru Bantam House) Maximum of three (3) out of district players. Governed by Sliding Scale shown below. Mites Maximum of three (3) out of district players. Sliding Scale: (for "B" Divisions) (does not apply to Midgets) # of players on team: 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 Maximum # of 2nd yr. players: 13 12 11 10 10 9 9 8 8 7 6 2. GAME COUNT LIMITATIONS: "AAA" and "AA" 75 games per season * "A" 75 games per season MIDGET "B" & "BB" 40 games maximum prior to February 1.** BANTAM “B” 35 games maximum prior to February 1.** PEE WEE “B” 35 games maximum prior to February 1.** SQUIRT "B“ 35 games maximum prior to February 1.** MITE 40 games maximum per season. * Excluding USA Hockey National Championship Games ** Excluding MAHA District Playoff Games *** This total may include a maximum of four (4) tournaments.

  16. 2008-2009 AGE CLASSIFICATIONS The classification of a player shall be determined by: (1) Youth classifications: Age at midnight on December 31. (2) Girls classifications: age at midnight on December 31. For 2008-2009 Regular Season: Youth Boys/Men Classifications: Adult-eighteen (18) or older at date of registration & play Junior-twenty (20) or under as of December 31 2008 1990 & 1991 Midget 17-18 Youth-eighteen (18 or under) 1992 & 1993 Midget 15-16 Youth-sixteen (16 or under) 1994 Bantam Youth-fourteen (14 or under) 1995 Bantam Youth-thirteen (13 or under 1996 Pee Wee Youth-twelve (12 or under) 1997 Pee Wee Youth-eleven (11or under) 1998 Squirt Youth-ten (10 or under) 1999 Squirt Youth-nine (9 or under) 2000 Mite Youth-eight (8 or under) 2002 & later Mini-Mite Youth-six (6 or under) USA Hockey Initiation Program (any age) Girls/Womens Classifications: Women's – eighteen (18) and older Girls - nineteen (19) or under (born during or after 1989) Girls - sixteen (16) or under (born during or after 1992) Girls – fourteen (14) or under (born during or after 1994) Girls - twelve (12) or under (born during or after 1996) Girls - ten (10) or under (born during or after 1998) Girls – eight (8) or under (born during or after 2000)

  17. COACHING EDUCATION/ACE PROGRAM Association Coaching Education (ACE) COACHING PROGRAM CONTACTS • Michigan Coach-in-Chief: Jack Witt (616) 957-5334 (JWitt1@comcast.net) • District 4 Coach-in-Chief: Kevin Ahern (734) 675-7025 (Kahern321830@comcast.net) • District 4 ACE Director: Kim Gearns (586) 201-8730 (kimgearns@comcast.net) ACE Directors An ACE Director shall be appointed by each local association, club and independent team. The ACE Director is designated to provide a critical link for the administrative and coaching functions that will deliver the programs, and implement the objectives, taught in the CEP coaching clinics. The ACE program assists the associations in creating roles, responsibilities and performance criteria for their coaches. Finally, the ACE Director provides the essential communication link to the coaches at the local level. Each association, club or independent team needs to submit an Affiliate Agreement completed and signed each year along with their By-laws (or a letter stating that their By Laws are the same as approved the previous season). In addition, a list of all officers of the Association, Club or Independent Team, including the ACE Director,with names, addresses, phone number and e mail addresses is required. Coaching Clinics Registration for all coaching clinics is done at www.usahockey.com. If you may created a username and password on www.USAHockey.com prior to the launch of our new online coaching clinic registration system (IntraLearn) on February 25, 2008, you may encounter a log-in error when you attempt to register for a clinic.  This will result in problems trying to register for a coaching clinic, even though you may be eligible for the clinic.   If you are encountering a log-in error on the IntraLearn page, you will need to create a new profile on www.usahockey.com. Please create a new username using your last name, date of birth, and zip code as it appears on the online certification list and/or your USA Hockey Participant card. To create a new profile, select “Create Profile” from the top right corner of the www.usahockey.com homepage. For any other questions about registering for a USA Hockey Coaching Clinic, please view our Coach’s User Manual here: http://www.usahockey.com/uploadedFiles/USAHockey/Menu_Coaches/user%20manual%20for%20coaches(3).pdf.

  18. Other Coaching/ACE Information PROOF OF COMPLIANCE • Coaches are required to note their CEP number on the score sheets and should carry their CEP card with them whenever they are participating in a USA Hockey activity. • Coaches are responsible to assure they have the necessary Coaching Education level. • Compliance with the certification requirements are verified at credential checks for District & State Playoffs. This is done by presenting your Coaching Certification Card (not your U.S.A. Hockey Coaches card that shows that you are insured). • In lieu of the CEP card, a receipt from the clinic or from the on line renewal with the coaches name may be used. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE RULE • If any of the team personnel, on the bench during a game, does not have their proper level of coaching certification by Dec. 31 of the current playing season, the person in non-compliance shall be removed from all hockey coaching activities at that level. USEFUL COACHING LINKS Replacement Coaching Card – wwa.usahockey.com/LinkedDocs/d/2/3/d234ca88-adfd-428c-8385-99cebb112bc9.pdf Coaching Background Check - www.maha.org/CoachingBackgroundCheck.aspx Coaching Temporary Card - www.maha.org/Handlers/File.ashx?FileId=206 Online Level 3 Recertification -wwa.usahockey.com/Template_Usahockey.aspx?NAV=CO&id=19518&USAHockeyType=ICE

  19. Coaching Certification Requirements

  20. Coaching Certification Requirements

  21. Game Scoresheets

  22. ASSOCIATION HOUSE LEAGUE DRAFT PROCEDURES • ASSOCIATION ‘B’ LEAGUE DRAFTS • Association House League drafts must comply with M.A.H.A. Rules IV. 4., IV. 5., IV. 6., and IV.7. • Note that all players registered for the draft must be placed on a team. • Associations may end their pre-draft registration process when the number of registrants exceeds the limits of ice available. An Association waiting list can be created. However, no player from an Association “waiting list” can be placed on a team until all players in the draft pool of players have been drafted to a team. • The main point of the draft is to insure balance among the ‘B’ League recreation teams. Selective choosing of which players will be on the list of registered players in the draft is not allowed. Protecting more than (1) player per team is not allowed. • There are absolutely no trades allowed. • DRAFT RULES SUBMISSION • All Associations must submit a copy of their draft rules to their assigned D4 MAHA Director by AUGUST 15th of each season. The rules will be reviewed and approved or denied by the District Council. • CONDUCTING THE DRAFT • The assigned D4 MAHA Director is to be notified of the dates and times of all association drafts. This information is required a minimum of twoweeks in advance of the draft. • A member(s) of the District Council must be in attendance at all drafts; this includes being in the room during selection of players. • At the completion of the draft, the assigned MAHA District 4 representative shall sign and date the original copy of the draft and retain for submission to the District Council.

  23. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS The following circumstances deal with the most common disciplinary actions that have come before our District 4 Council in recent years. These are not inclusive. Refer to Section XVII of the M.A.H.A. Annual Guide for the complete list. • PLAYERS, TEAM OFFICIALS, LEAGUES, OR OTHERS ( EXCEPT REFEREES ): ALL DIVISIONS • It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to review the game scoresheet, after signature by the game officials, for any Game Misconduct, or Match penalties. The Head Coach is responsible to take any necessary action based on the scoresheet review. (If the Head Coach is not at the game, the acting Head Coach and/or Team Manager are responsible.) 2. All Match penalties must be reported by the Head Coach (team staff member in his absence) as follows: - The coach must report the penalty within (24) hours following the incident, by phone, to the District Council Chairperson in the District where the team is registered. Violation of this rule may result in additional suspension of the team official. • A player, or team official, receiving a Match Penalty is automatically suspended from all amateur hockey activities until a hearing is held by the District Council. • A coach or manager, upon the findings of the District Council, who knowingly allowed the participation of an ineligible player or coach in any game shall be subject to a recommended suspension of not not less than one year. A player or coach receiving a game misconduct is ineligible to participate in the next game. Not sitting out the next game, and noting that on the scoresheet, will constitute allowing the participation of an ineligible player or coach. • A player, upon the findings of the District Council, who knowingly participated in a game as an ineligible player, shall be suspended for not less than thirty (30) days. A player receiving a game misconduct is ineligible to play the next game. Not sitting out the next game will constitute participating as an ineligible player.

  24. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS (cont.) 6. If, as the result of a hearing, the allegation of deliberate assault on a game official (referee, linesman, official scorekeepers, game timekeepers, penalty timekeepers, goal judges, statisticians, and public address announcers) is sustained , the player or team official shall be suspended for a minimum period of one (1) year, followed by probation for a period to be determined by the District Council. • When a player, coach, or manager receives a game suspension(s), he/she shall not be eligible to participate in the next game(s) that were already on the schedule of that team before the incident occurs. (The reason for this change is to stop a team from scheduling a “midnight game”, real or phantom, to circumvent the suspension.) • When a player is ejected for receiving a second major penalty in a game, he or she shall be suspended for the next two originally scheduled games. • The head coach (or acting head coach) of any team accumulating fifteen (15) or more penalties during the same game, will automatically be suspended for the next originally scheduled game his / her team plays. ( USA HOCKEY – Playing Rule 404, Misconduct Penalties) • A player or coach who receives a game misconduct penalty will be suspended for one game. Upon receipt of a game misconduct, the player or coach must immediately proceed to the locker room and either: 1) remain in the locker room for the balance of the game, or 2) dress and leave the arena premises. • Any player who receives five (5) penalties during the same game, shall receive a game misconduct penalty. Suspension to be determined by the subsequent game misconduct rule. ( USA HOCKEY Playing Rule 404, Misconduct Penalties). 12. Conduct “detrimental to hockey”: Any other conduct that is not in the best interest of promoting the mission and purposes of amateur hockey, that is brought to the attention of the District Council, will be investigated. A subsequent hearing will be conducted, if warranted by the information gathered during the investigation. (Reference M.A.H.A. Annual Guide: section XVII, Disciplinary Actions.)

  25. DISTRICT 4 ELECTIONS • ELECTION OF DISTRICT DIRECTORS • Term of office for all Directors is two years. • The next election will be conducted in February, 2009. • Written nominations will be accepted by the District Chairperson through January 30, 2009. • Nominees must have been a member in good standing for the prior year. • The list of nominees will be forwarded to the MAHA Secretary • by February 1, 2009. • The MAHA Secretary will conduct the election. • Ballots will be mailed to the Head Coach of each team within the District, one vote per team. The ballot must be returned, with both signed and printed name, to the MAHA Secretary by the date indicated on the ballot. • The MAHA Secretary will record the votes and submit the results to the MAHA Executive Board for certification. • Newly elected Directors take office following the conclusion of the M.A.H.A. Summer Meeting in July. • Refer to the MAHA Annual Guide, Article Six, section B., for further information.

  26. SITUATIONS & COMMON QUESTIONS & ANSWERS • Do I have to become an expert in all of the rules in order to coach and/or play hockey? • No, but you should read and become familiar with them. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for failure to abide by them. Every effort is made to distribute the rules to the staff of each team within the District. It is your responsibility to make the rules known to each of your players. • Who handles comments about officiating? • All comments about officiating should be handled through the District 4 Supervisor of Officials. The best way is to put the facts (not emotions) in writing, with copies to the M.A.H.A. Referees Committee and the U.S.A. Hockey Referee-In-Chief for Michigan. Their addresses are in the M.A.H.A. Annual Guide. • What happens at a suspension hearing? • If a player or coach receives a Match Penalty, a hearing is conducted to determine what, if any, further action is warranted. • At the hearing both the suspended individual and the reporting referee testify as to the facts of the case. Additional witnesses, who have direct, relevant information to the incident may also attend and testify. A decision is made by the District Council, normally directly after the conclusion of the hearing. • If suspended, the player or team official has the right to appeal to the M.A.H.A. Appeals Committee. (See the M.A.H.A. and U.S.A. Hockey Annual Guides for procedure.) • All hearings are tape recorded so that the facts of the case can be reviewed by the M.A.H.A. Appeals Committee, if necessary. • How can I get the M.A.H.A. rules changed? • Submit a rule change proposal to the District Council by December 10. All rule change proposals will be forwarded to the M.A.H.A. Rules Committee Chairperson for the recommendation of that committee and for a vote by all M.A.H.A. voting members at the Winter Meeting. If the Rule Proposal is voted forward, final approval / denial will take place at the M.A.H.A. Summer Meeting in July.

  27. SITUATIONS & COMMON QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (continued) • When does the regular season end and post season begin? • The regular season runs from September 1st through March 31st. Post season runs from April 1st through August 31. However, before March 31st, you must obtain written permission from the regular season coach to approach the player for your post season team unless the player’s regular season team has disbanded prior to March 31st. • Tampering with rostered players, what is legal/illegal? • No coach, manager, or other team official, connected with a registered team may directly or indirectly entice, influence or contact a player registered on another registered team without the written approval of the coach or manager of that team. (Potential one year suspension.) • Reports of possible violation of this rule must be submitted in writing to the District Chairman. • As post season nears, many teams desire to contact players on other teams to play for them during Post season. Do not contact the player without first contacting the coach or manager. Get their permission in writing. • A player’s first obligation is to his / her regular season team; until that team disbands. • Ethically, it is wrong to have the player lose concentration on his winter team, typically during the team’s league playoffs, because a spring league coach is trying to form a team. You want your players to complete their season with you; respect the interests and goals of other teams as well.

  28. SITUATIONS & COMMON QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (continued) • How do I report an injury sustained by one of my players or team officials? • ALL TEAMS: PLAYER / COACH EXCESS MEDICAL or CATASTROPHIC INJURY: • Immediately complete the Catastrophic Injury/Spectator Injury Incident Report. Send, or fax this report to: Erick Perry, (616) 372-4674 , MAHA District 4 Risk Mgr. FILING A CLAIM: • To report a claim for USA Hockey Excess Accident insurance coverage: • File with your primary insurance carrier. If uninsured, disregard this step. • Contact K&K Insurance Claims Center at (800) 237-2917, select option 2 • What is a USA Insurance covered event? • A competition, game or event which is sponsored or sanctioned by USA Hockey and includes pre-competition activities and practice sessions which are authorized, organized, and supervised by the coach or other adult designated by the coach to supervise and coordinate such activities. • M.A.H.A. & USA Hockey require that all teams schedule registered referees for all scrimmages and games. Games and scrimmages that do not have a registered referee are not sanctioned, therefore, the USA Hockey insurance is void for both teams. • If either team has an unregistered player participating, the insurance is void for both teams. • Who is an insured person? • A registered player, coach or referee. The coverage also extends to volunteers of USA Hockey while acting within the scope of their responsibilities on behalf of USA Hockey.

  29. S.T.A.R. Agreement

  30. S.T.A.R. Conduct Subject to Discipline

  31. Player Release

  32. USA Hockey Incident Report Form