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Handbook Talk

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Handbook Talk
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  1. HandbookTalk

  2. We promise to… • Base all decisions on “What’s best for students.” • Work collaboratively with students, parents, & staff to maximize student achievement. • Listen to you, care about you, and do whatever I can to support you. • Make sure that Dueitt Middle School is a safe learning environment. • Enforce federal, state, district, and campus policies in a fair manner aimed at improving behavior and developing character. • Every day, do more than we have to do, treat others as we want to be treated, try to become better people Our Commitment to you…

  3. Follow this pledge: Today, I will do more than I have to do. I will treat others as I want to be treated, and I will try to become a better person. Every moment of every day, 100% in every way! Our Expectations for You:

  4. Attend all classes daily and promptly • Be prepared for each class with appropriate materials and assignments • Be properly attired • Respect the rights and property of others • Act responsibly • Pay required fees and fines unless they are waived • Refrain from offenses of the Student Code of Conduct • Obey all school rules including safety rules • Care for the property of the school Student Responsibilities

  5. Seek changes in school rules and district policies in orderly and responsible manner through appropriate channels • Give school information to parents • Visit other schools only when it is appropriate to be there • Acknowledge that the use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession and use of alcohol is wrong and harmful • Cooperate with staff in investigation of disciplinary cases and volunteer information relating to a serious offense • Wear photo identification tag to school and at school activities. A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged identification badges. • Contact information – all home, work, cell, and emergency contact information must be kept current throughout the school year Student Responsibilities

  6. “The district has jurisdiction over its students during the regular school day and while going to and from school on district transportation. Within the district’s jurisdiction is any activity during the school day on the school grounds, attendance at any school-related activity, regardless of time or location, and any school-related misconduct, regardless of time or location. The district’s jurisdiction also includes any student whose conduct at any time and in any place interferes with or obstructs the mission or operations of the district or the safety or welfare of students or staff members.” • SISD Student Handbook, pg. 8. • All students are subject to searches pursuant to district policy, state law, and Supreme Court precedent. Jurisdiction

  7. DMS has a full-time campus officer assigned • The officer is a certified peace officer with the state of Texas and maintains jurisdiction over the entire Spring ISD district • DMS maintains a ticket-arrest policy • If you commit a ticketable offense such as fighting, class disruption, or disorderly conduct, you will be arrested and taken to the Spring ISD police station Spring ISD Police

  8. Bullying is repeated behavior that establishes a pattern of one person trying to gain power over another person either through verbal, physical, or written threats or electronic means • All instances of bullying will be investigated • Follow basic rules of good conduct • If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all • Keep your hands to yourself at all times • Be a person that would make your parents and family proud Bullying

  9. You must be at school in order to succeed!!! • If you must be absent, your parents must call the attendance office to report the reason for the absence. • If you are absent too many days, you will be placed on an attendance recovery plan. • Students who accrue more than 3 unexcused absences will be reported to the SISD Truancy Officer Attendance

  10. Being Prepared Every 1st period, you will be checked for: • ID / Dress Code • Binder • Notebook Paper • Writing Utensil

  11. MAJOR CHANGE: Transportation will no longer be offered to students who live within two miles of the school. This includes Activity Buses. • The vast majority of you will be walkers, car riders, or bike riders • No skateboards or scooters will be allowed • Students who are eligible to ride the bus must exhibit impeccable behavior; otherwise, consequences will ensue. Transportation

  12. Activity Bus Rules - Only students who are eligible for bus transportation under the 2 mile transportation rules and who have a pass filled out and signed by the teacher, coach, or sponsor with whom they stayed may ride the activity bus. • Activity bus runs are at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm • Area drop offs, not door to door service • Drop offs: Ciderwood and Treehouse Treehouse and Hirschfield Carl Road and Treaschwig Activity Bus

  13. Supervision is not provided for students on campus until 8:20 AM. Students should not arrive on campus earlier than 8:15 AM. Students must stay on campus after arriving at school. • School begins promptly at 9:00 AM. Plan your trip to school accordingly. • Students should not linger on campus after school. You are expected to leave campus within 10 minutes after the school day ends unless you are participating in an activity after school, supervised by an adult. Students can be subject to a ticket for trespassing. Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  14. Classroom phones are not for student use • In an emergency, students may ask for permission to use the phone in the Assistant Principal’s office • The adult in the office will make the determination of whether or not it is appropriate for the student to use the phone and/or let them know when an appropriate time to use the phone would be. School Phone Usage

  15. Students are not permitted to use their personal electronic devices at any time during the school day. Devices must be turned off. • This includes cell phones, MP3 players, IPOD’s, DS’s, PSP’s, etc. • We expect that IPOD’s, MP3 players, DS’s, PSP’s, cell phones, and ear buds will not be seen or heard during the school day. Any devices/ earbuds that are seen or heard will be confiscated and returned to parents. • Per SISD policy, cell phones that are confiscated will be turned over to the SISD police department. Confiscated cell phones will be released to a parent or guardian with proof of ownership at the police station after a 5 day waiting period and a $15 administrative fee. If the cell phone is confiscated from a student on a second or subsequent occasion, the cell phone will not be returned until the end of the school year. • Because electronic devices are brought at a student’s own risk, theft, damage, or loss of such items will not be investigated by campus administration or the SISD police. Electronic Devices

  16. You must have your ID on all day, every day • If you forget / lose your ID, you must get your temporary ID in the cafeteria before school • Temporary IDs - $2.00 each • Replacement lanyards - $2.00 • Replacement faceplates - $3.00 • Replacement badge - $15.00 • Must have ID badge to attend before and after school activities (Games, Dances, Celebrations, etc.) ID Badges

  17. Passing periods are 5 minutes long • You are expected to walk and talk your way to your next class – do not stop and hang out in the hallway • Passing periods should be orderly which means no standing around, running, play-fighting, or horseplaying. • Voices should be kept to a conversational level with no loud talking, shrieking, or screaming in the hallways or stairwells • Passing periods are also the time to use the restroom and take care of personal business Passing Periods

  18. If you are tardy, you will be “swept” to the Tardy Sweep in Room 1702 • Once you arrive, sit in the appropriate area • Wait silently until an adult calls you to the computer • Once your paperwork is completed and you have received a pass, report directly to your classroom • 1st tardy - warning • 2nd tardy = lunch d-hall • 3rd tardy = lunch d-hall & 1 hour after school d-hall • 4th tardy – lunch d-hall & 2 hour after school d-hall plus parent conference • More than 4 tardies = administrative consequence • Failure to comply with instructions or disorderly conduct in the tardy station will result in students receiving an office referral in addition to tardy consequences Tardies

  19. Behavior Intervention • Family Leader • Assistant Principal • Principal Types of Offenses • Class A = expulsion • Class B = expulsion/ Removal to HP North • Class C = In-School/ Out-of-School Suspension/ Removal to HP North • Class D = Verbal warning/ D-halls/ In-School Suspension/ Out-of-School Suspension/ Removal to HP North Student Code of Conduct

  20. Family Leader • Lead Teacher for your grade level • Teachers may refer discipline incidents to the family leader before a referral is given to the assistant principal • Family Leaders may assign consequences 3-Step Discipline System

  21. To be the first secondary campus in Spring ISD to earn Exemplarycommendations! • 6th grade – Math and Reading • 7th grade – Math, Reading, and Writing • 8th grade – Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Science Our Goal for DMS

  22. Think Exemplary!