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ESJ Business Solutions Overview Presentation.ppt PowerPoint Presentation
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ESJ Business Solutions Overview Presentation.ppt
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ESJ Business Solutions Overview Presentation.ppt

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  1. ESJ Business Solutions Training Presentation Your solutions partner

  2. Agenda • Welcome • Expectations • Online Environment • Marketing Environment • Affiliate Environment • The Products • Setting Goals • Marketing the products Your solutions partner

  3. Welcome • Welcome to today’s training • We hope that this training will assist you to get more knowledge about our business in a positive manner Your solutions partner

  4. Expectations • You must have heard about this training. • What were you thinking about it? • Telling us why you are here- will help us to concentrate on certain topics and facilitate learning • Tell us now why you are here Your solutions partner

  5. Our business • ESJ Business Solutions is a South African company which operates internationally. • We are marketing • Web services • Software products • Training Products Your solutions partner

  6. Our Purpose • All companies exist to make a profit. • This company exist to provide affordable products and income opportunities to small companies and individuals • We exist because • Many people are unemployed • Still many people aren’t earning enough to do many things • Social and charity organizations need money • Little use of online technology Your solutions partner

  7. Today’s Situation • Little opportunities • Lots of unemployed people • Normal salary not enough to go on your dream vacation • Not many are educated in the finance and investment Your online partner

  8. Available Options • Take out policies • Change careers • Save money • More education • Generate income from God-given assets Your online partner

  9. Online Environment Your solutions partner

  10. Online Environment • ESJ operates both in the online and offline environments • Following will facilitate of the online environment • The Internet & Email • Your Website • Marketing • Payments Your solutions partner

  11. Website basics • Normally, the following is associated with a website: • Internet Access • A domain or IP address • Hosting • Email Your solutions partner

  12. Internet Access • The internet is a network of connected PC’s. • You can find virtually any information on the Internet • Identification of devices is via IP addresses • To make it more human like- IP address are linked to a domain names. • When you type: – the network management software will check the IP address and will route it to the destination. • You need a user-id and password from an ISP to access the Internet or you can use an Internet Cafe Your solutions partner

  13. Domains • When accessing a website you normally type: • http: stands for hypertext transfer protocol (it represents the rules by which communication take place) • www: stands for world wide web-which is a graphical environment to display text, pictures, movies, sound etc • is the actual domain • means that support is a sub-domain of the main domain Your solutions partner

  14. Hosting • Hosting is a service whereby a client rents space on a web server on a monthly basis. • How space is measured • Byte: A byte consists of eight bits. • Kilobyte: A kilobyte (KB) consists of 1024 bytes. • Megabyte: A megabyte (MB) consists of 1024 kilobytes. • Gigabyte: A gigabyte (GB) consists of 1024 megabytes. • One page of text can be about 25 KB Your solutions partner

  15. Hosting Terminology • Space • Bandwidth • Email addresses • FTP accounts • Programming support • Control Panel Your solutions partner

  16. Email terminology • You are sending an email to • Freddy is one of the usernames on the domain • The software will first route the message to the domain. • Secondly it will look for an email address named freddy and place the message inside the mailbox • An autoresponder is an email address which gives an automatic response when messages are send to it. • A mailing list is an email address which contains client addresses to send regular updates. Your solutions partner

  17. Recap • Candidates to write down their understanding of the following terms • Domain • Bandwidth • Autoresponder • Mailing list • Internet Access • Explain what happens when sending an email to Your solutions partner

  18. Marketing Environment Your solutions partner

  19. Marketing Environment • Marketing Orientation • Market segmentation • Marketing channels • Marketing communications • Sales Process • Competition • Customers • Methods • Promotion Techniques • Online Marketing • Offline Marketing Your solutions partner

  20. What is marketing • Marketing is a process where products are exchanged to customers to satisfy their needs. Your solutions partner

  21. Market Segmentation • Segmentation has to do with identifying specific attributes to get focus. • Attributes can be age, social status, income etc. • After identifying segments- you need to position your products Your solutions partner

  22. Marketing channels • These are the methods to distribute your product to the specific segment. • Retailers • Wholesalers • Affiliates • Collaboration for advertising, discounts, point of sales displays Your solutions partner

  23. Marketing communications • Marketing Communications has to do with the messages you send to the customers which can be via adverts on television, radio and pamphlets. • Informing • Present or potential customers are being informed about a product • Persuading • Concentrate on persuading customers to buy a certain product • Reminding • To remind customers about the product benefits Your solutions partner

  24. Sales Process • Portray trust building attributes • Develop a selling strategy • Initiate customer relationships • Enhancing customer relationships Your solutions partner

  25. Promotional techniques • Online • Mailing list • Search engine submission • Paid advertising • Offline • Pamphlets • Notice boards • Flyers Your solutions partner

  26. Recap • You are going to sell a web hosting package to students. Explain how you would go about to: • Segment your market • Position your product • Develop a flyer • Channel to distribute your product • Explain how you would sell a domain to a small business Your solutions partner

  27. Affiliate Orientation Your solutions partner

  28. Affiliate Orientation • Important things to store • Network Marketing • Affiliate Software Your solutions partner

  29. Make note of the following • Your affiliate link • Affiliate id • Joining date • Email address • Support details Your solutions partner

  30. Network Marketing • It is a way of distributing your products to the market • Usually in a form of a matrix with different levels • You will receive a % commission from each person in your downline Your solutions partner

  31. Affiliate Software • PostAffililiate Pro does the following • Provides a cookie for an affiliate link • View each product linking code • Link to recruit affiliates • Automatically calculate monthly commissions from your sales and downline Your solutions partner

  32. Recap • Calculate the commission for each person in the following scenario: • Product Cost is R100 • Level1 commission is R30 • Level2 is R20 • Level3 is R10 Your solutions partner

  33. Product Knowledge Your solutions partner

  34. Product Categories • Personal Wealth • Web Services • Training Products • Software Products Your solutions partner

  35. Personal Wealth Your solutions partner

  36. Personal Wealth • To provide regular income opportunities with little or no investment • Joining the programme • As a free affiliate • A community affiliate • Network affiliate Your solutions partner

  37. Network Marketing • Network marketing is an acceptable way to distribute your products to the customers. • It works on the basis that you recruit new members and earn commissions from their sales. • The more members in your down line – the more commission you earn. • ESJ has developed three programmes with different goals in mind and is also promoting other reputable programs Your solutions partner

  38. Free Affiliate • Product features • Absolutely free • Access to affiliate software • Access to membership site • Product benefits • No financial risk • No investment required • Great income opportunity Your solutions partner

  39. Community Affiliate • Product features • $35 one-time investment required • Membership to affiliate program • Access to members site • Product benefits • Guaranteed income of $1368 • Possible income of $5000 per month • Opportunity to market the programme Your solutions partner

  40. Network Affiliate • Product features • Three options: $30, $50, $70 • Includes a readymade website • Includes a domain • Product benefits • Quick way of earning money • Receive a regular monthly income • Easy way of downline commissions Your solutions partner

  41. Recap • How many members do you need to recruit to break even on the network options? • How would you present the community option to your colleague? • Explain your approach to recruit an unemployed person Your solutions partner

  42. Web Services Your solutions partner

  43. Web Design • Description • Standard FrontPage development to advertise your business or idea • Product features • 1,3 or 6 page options • Free sub-domain and email address • Product benefits • Use it for advertising • Plenty of space for other content Your solutions partner

  44. Web hosting • Description • Monthly or annual renting of space on a web server • Product features • Has a ControlPanel • 50, 100 and 200 MB, 300 and 1 GB options • Product benefits • Flexible options for different needs • Easy to use website builder Your solutions partner

  45. Combo Packages • Description • Integrated packages, tailored for specific industries, with lots of freebies • Product features • Free training, autoresponder, ebooks • For churches, SMME’s, social organizations • Product benefits • Access to the Small Business Website • Integrated solution Your solutions partner

  46. Email Services • Description • Easy to use services that uses an email address • Product features • POP3 email addresses • Email addresses, autoresponder, mailing list • Product benefits • View mail offline and online • Affordable for any size of small business Your solutions partner

  47. Domain Services • Description • Giving your business a name on the Internet, etc. • Product Features • South African domains • International domains • Product benefits • Your own identity • Buy separate or part of package Your solutions partner

  48. Design Templates • Description • Ready to use websites that can be customized to your liking and content • Product feature • HTML can be modified • Comes in packages • Product benefits • Wide choice • Easy customization Your solutions partner

  49. Recap • Scenario • You encounter a customer who has a budget of R5 000 for technology • Tell us how you would market the web services products by indicating • Recommended products • And how the customer can use the products Your solutions partner

  50. Training Services Your solutions partner