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PLAYING GAMES ON THE. INTERNET Curtis Jordan, Jr. MWF 1:00 Table of Contents. Origins of Internet Games Growth of Internet Game Industry Popular Games Interview Bibliography. Origins of Internet Games.

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playing games on the



Curtis Jordan, Jr.

MWF 1:00

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Origins of Internet Games
  • Growth of Internet Game Industry
  • Popular Games
  • Interview
  • Bibliography
origins of internet games
Origins of Internet Games
  • In the beginning there were only the simple games, such as Pong and Donkey Kong which were played on the Atari.
  • Companies such as Nintendo and Sega quickly came along and changed the game industry with the introduction of the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo Family System.
  • The next big leap for gamers was to the PC, with games that could be played across networks.
origins of internet games4
Origins of Internet Games
  • The web only requires that you have a connection to the internet, a web browser and the Flash Player in order to play online.
  • Flash is the de facto plug-in for all web browsers and is installed on every new PC.
  • Before flash, one would have to buy CD-ROMS in order to create large media files which connected to the internet and passed information online.

origins of internet games5
Origins of Internet Games
  • The core competency of flash is to deliver broadband experiences of over dial-up connections. history

growth of the internet game industry
Growth of the Internet Game Industry
  • Online game usage is based on the forecasts of broadband growth.
  • DFC intelligence forecasts that the number of worldwide households with broadband will grow from about 55million today to 190 million by 2008.
  • Forecasts show the number of online games increasing from 73,000,000 in 2002 to 198,000,000 in 2008.

growth of the internet game industry7
Growth of the Internet Game Industry
  • By 2008 DFC forecasts the usage of online games will be 35 billion hours a year.
  • The number of broadband households in Europe increased 140% in 2002.
  • In South Korea alone, the market has almost reached the saturation point with about 70% of households having a broadband connection.

growth of the internet game industry8
Growth of the Internet Game Industry
  • The Korean company NCsoft will go down in history as the first company in history to make $100,000,000 dollars a year on online games.
  • In North America an estimated 25.5 million households had broadband at the end of 2003
growth of the internet game industry9
Growth of the Internet Game Industry
  • The main drivers of growth for the online game business are 1) increased consumer usage and 2) more average per consumer revenue.
  • By 2009 Asia will still be the largest market, but Europe will be the fastest growing market for online games.

types of gamers
Types of Gamers
  • Casual Gamer
  • Moderate Gamer
  • Hardcore Gamer

Casual and moderate gamers are expected to

go from 65% of usage in 2003 to 73% of

online game usage in 2009

popular games
Halo 2

Doom 3


The Sims

Metroid Prime 2

Metal Gear Solid

Everquest II

Star Wars Knights of the Republic

Madden 05

Online Poker

Asheron’s Call

The Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth online

Dungeons and Dragons online

Popular Games
  • Turbine Inc. is the largest privately held online games company in North America.
  • The President and CEO of Turbine Inc. is Jeffrey Anderson
  • Trademark Games: Asheron’s Call Dark Majesty, Fallen Kings, Turbine Engine, Asheron’s Call: Throne of Destiny, and Asheron’s Call 2
  • Headquarters are in Westwood, Mass.
  • Interview: Turbine Inc. (781) 407-4010