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"Playing Games." PowerPoint Presentation
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"Playing Games."

"Playing Games."

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"Playing Games."

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  1. "Playing Games." By C. J. Gray. Look!! I have a game. I like this game. It’s fun. What is it called? It is called the ‘Word Game’. The Children like playing games.

  2. This game has ‘letter tiles’. They are thin. They are not fat. They have letters. Do they have pictures? t k s No. No, pictures. tiles thin This game has four, green ‘stands’. They are long not short. The letter tiles stand on the green stands. This game has a blue ‘game board’. Stand on long

  3. Look! I have a game. I like this game. It has beautiful pictures. What’s it called? It’s called the… This game has letter blocks and cards. The cards have pictures. Wow! The pictures are beautiful.

  4. I have a game, too. This is the ‘ABC Puzzle’ game. It has puzzles. Are there pictures? Yes! Are there letters? Yes, yes, yes, yes!

  5. The Children have a problem. What game will they play? We have three games. Which game do you want to play? I want to play the ‘Spell Game’. I want to play the ‘Word Game’. I don’t know. We can have a vote.

  6. The children have a vote. Do you wantto play the ‘Spell Game’? Put your hand up. votes votes vote Do you want to play the ‘Word Game’? Put your hand up. vote votes votes votes Do you want to play the ‘ABC Puzzles’? Put your hand up. vote The ‘Word Game’ has four votes. The children like this game the best.

  7. O.k. Let’s play the ‘Word Game’. I’ll play first. 1st. I’ll go second. 2nd. I’ll go third. 3rd. I’ll go forth. 4th.

  8. I’m first. May I have a long, green stand? Yes, you may. Here. May I have some letter tiles? take Yes, you may. Here, take seven letter tiles. Put them on the green stand. small big They are small not big.

  9. Good play! It’s my go. I’m second. Look! I can make ‘dog’. Look! I can make ‘girl’. Can you see? I like this game. It’s fun. Good! Well Done! It’s my turn. I can make ‘rabbit’. Yes, I can help you. You can make ‘doll’. Look, here. No problem. It’s my turn. I have a problem. I cannot make a word. Can you help me?

  10. A boy walks to the Children’s table. He wants to play the Word Game. Hello. My name is Russell. Can I play this game? Hello, my name’s Claudette. Yes, you can play this game. Do you understand how to play? No, I don’t understand how to play. Can you be a teacher? Can you teach me? Yes, I can teach you.

  11. First, you take seven letter tiles. Second, you put the tiles on the long, green stand. Like this? Like this? Yes! Yes! Good. Do you under-stand? Third, you make a ‘word’ and put it on the blue game board. Yes, I understand. Thank you for teaching me. Look, here. I can make ‘game’.

  12. It’s time to stop. It’s time to pack up. Pack up! Put the letter tiles, stands and game board into the box. ? ? ? box time I don’t understand. clock Stop! Do not play the game. Oh! I understand. Shaking hands Thank you, thank you, for teaching me. I understand.

  13. YOU’RE WELCOME! But my handhurts. O-o-ouch! O-oh!! sorry, sorry!! Poor Claudette. She is a good teacher but her hand hurts. The End!

  14. "Playing Games." By C. J. Gray.