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Language and Communication

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Language and Communication The most important languages while you are at KTH are English and, to some extent, Swedish . At KTH you can practise both languages on a daily basis. How? u Language and Communication English: All courses in English.

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Language and Communication

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language and communication
Language and Communication

The most important languages while

you are at KTH are English and, to

some extent, Swedish.

At KTH you can practise both

languages on a daily basis.


language and communication2
Language and Communication

English: All courses in English.

Student communication in English

Teacher-student communication in


Most Swedes speak good English.

Participation in English language


And Swedish?u

language and communication3
Language and Communication

Swedish:There are taught courses with a

limited number of places.

NB. Exchange students have priority to the taught courses!

There are online courses with no

limits - SWELL


swell swedish 1 for elementary learners
SWELL SWedish 1 for ELementary Learners
  • SWELL OPEN is available to all KTH foreign students for practice purposes. Log in through the Bilda

platform with your KTH-SE account, Events, Catalogue

  • The SWELL on-line elementary DS150N Swedish course is open to all foreign students, 7,5 credits. 7 assignments, teacher’s assistance, final exam.
  • VILLE, the interactive pronunciation programme


we suggest that you
We suggest that you…

…during your first term only work with the SWELL OPEN course.

IFYOU THEN find that you really want to take the time and effort to learn Swedish you can apply for either

  • the regular SWELL course, DS150N or
  • the Swedish 1 taught course in January

(application deadline 15 November)

More informationu

language and communication6
Language and Communication

Swedish classes are divided into 5 levels:

  • Swedish 1, elementary (SWELL)
  • Swedish 2, advanced beginners

3. Swedish 3, intermediate

4. Swedish 4, advanced

5. Written and Spoken Swedish (5)

Timetable, etc.u

language and communication7
Language and Communication
  • All Swedish 1-4 courses are 7,5 credits
  • Timetable: Late afternoon courses 16–20 and

evening courses 17-21 once a week

or twice a week 17-19

  • 52 lessons, 13 x 4 hrs (54 in the intensive summer courses in June, July and August)
  • Academic courses (presentations, essays) , grammar, vocabulary)
  • Some Swedish culture

More informationu

language and communication8
Language and Communication
  • Choose the right level - previous studies

- placement test

  • It takes a lot of time and is not easy.
  • Stay with the course, take the exam! Both you and we need the credits !!
  • Practise your Swedish – tandem training
  • Read Metro, comics, watch TV, sports, etc.

And English?u

language and communication9
Language and Communication

English classes are divided into 3 levels:

  • Technical English, Lower Intermediate, 6 ECTS credits – daytime class – 56 lessons
  • Technical English, Intermediate, 9 ECTS credits – daytime classes – 56 lessons
  • Technical English, Advanced, 9 ECTS credits- evening class – 56 lessons


  • English Report Writing, Intermediate, 9ECTS credits - daytime class – 56 lessons
  • Placement test BEFORE YOU APPLY u
other language courses at kth
Other language courses at KTH
  • Elementary – Advanced Beginners’ courses in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese (minimum level Swedish 3 required)
  • Intermediate and advanced levels in Technical German, French and Spanish

(no Swedish required)

  • Summer evening courses (August) in German, French and Spanish (language, culture and social studies)


language and communication11
Language and Communication


What is a language tandem?

A language tandem is made up of two people

of different countries who meet informally to:

- learn the other person's language,

- find out about each other's country and


- exchange information about interests, study

or work.

language and communication12
Language and Communication
  • All course information
  • All placement tests
  • All current information


tel. 790 9633/9634 administration


Visiting address:

Lindstedtvägen 24, 4th floor, KTH Campus

language and communication13
Language and Communication

Learning a new language is fun!